How To Order Food In Irish: A Basic 5 Step By Step Guide

how to order food in Irish

Today we’re bringing you a guide on how to order food in Irish. This is one of the key skills you need to know regardless of the language you’re learning. It needs to be said that if you order food in English at an Irish pub, the staff will understand you perfectly; however, if you go to a more traditional place and want to impress the people that work there, this will come in handy.

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How To Order Food In Irish- Step By Step

Step 1- Choosing A Restaurant

One thing is for sure. If you’re dining out in Ireland, you’re spoiled for choice, particularly in big cities like Dublin.

Dublin is home to cuisine from all over the world. However, if you want traditional Irish food, your best bet is to find a pub (teach tábhairne) that serves traditional meals.

This might include soda bread, Irish stew, or boxty. Note: boxty are Irish potato pancakes, and they will undoubtedly fortify you against the weather if you visit Ireland in the winter

how to order food in Irish - vegetable

Step 2- Making A Reservation

After deciding where you want to go, it’s necessary to make a reservation. It may sound counter-intuitive to make a reservation at a pub; after all, it’s short for public house. Still, we live in a time where the best pubs are overcrowded, and if you want a table, especially during a holiday period, it’s best to ring ahead. Here are some basic phrases in Irish to do that:

Customer: Hello there, can I make a reservation- Dia duit ann, an féidir liom áirithint a dhéanamh

Manager: When do you want to make a reservation?- Cathain ar mhaith leat áirithint a dhéanamh?

Customer– Tonight at 8 o’clock, please- Anocht ag a 8 a chlog, le do thoil

Manager: How many people is the reservation for?- Cé mhéad duine a bhfuil an áirithint dó?

Customer: It’s for two people- Tá sé ar feadh dhá daoine

Manager: Can I get your name?- An féidir liom d’ainm a fháil?

Customer: Yes, it’s Doherty- Sea, is é Doherty é

Manager: Ok, we’ll see you tonight at 8- Ceart go leor, feicfidh muid anocht ag a 8 thú

Step 3- Looking At The Menu

So the first thing you want to do is ask for the menu, which in Irish is An féidir liom an biachlár a fheiceáil?

Next, you’ll want to know the names of the dishes. Take a look below:

  • Appetizer- Appetizer
  • Main dish- Príomh-mhias
  • Salad- Sailéad
  • Soup- Anraith
  • Vegetables- Glasraí
  • Pie- Pióg
  • Irish stew- stobhach Gaelach
  • Beer- Beoir
  • Drinks- Deochanna
  • Dessert- Milseog
  • Chips- Sceallóga
  • Gravy- Gravy
  • Bill- Bille
how to order food in Irish - beverage topped with whip cream

Step 4- Ordering Food In Irish

Now, you’re feeling hungry, and it’s the most critical moment of all. Here’s how to order food in Irish.

Waiter: Have You decided yet, sir?- An bhfuil cinneadh déanta agat fós, a dhuine uasail?

Customer: Yes, I’d like to order the Irish stew, please- Sea, ba mhaith liom an stobhach Éireannach a ordú, le do thoil

Waiter: Certainly, would you like any side dishes with that?- Cinnte, ar mhaith leat aon miasa taobh leis sin?

Customer: Yes, I’d like the chips, please.- Sea, ba mhaith liom na sceallóga, le do thoil.

Waiter: Ok, your food should be ready in 20 minutes- Ceart go leor, ba chóir go mbeadh do bhia réidh i 20 nóiméad

Step 5- Asking For The Bill

Now for the unfortunate part. Time to pay the bill. But, I’m sure you won’t mind if the food was great!

Customer: Can I get the bill?  An féidir liom an bille a íoc, le do thoil?

Waiter: Yes, how was your food?- Sea, conas a bhí do bhia?

Customer: Great, thank you very much- Go hiontach, go raibh míle maith agat

Wrapping Up

Irish pubs are welcoming and warm places that serve food along with big smiles. Dublin is extremely cosmopolitan, and if you want the traditional Irish experience, I’d recommend visiting somewhere like County Kerry or County Clare, where Irish cuisine really comes into its own. These phrases will add a whole new depth to your Irish culinary experience and endear you to anyone your meet.

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If you enjoyed this blog, think about checking out a few more from the Irish collection, such as words to the Irish national anthem and Irish phrases for St. Patrick’s Day.

Thanks for reading, and we’ll see you next time.

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