#1 Easy Guide: Country Names And Nationalities In Irish

Ever wondered what An t-Sìn or Braiseal means for the Irish people? In today’s post, we will walk you through the correct translations for the names of countries and their citizens so that you can answers critical questions like cad as duit? (where are you from?) or cén náisiúntacht atá agat? (what is your nationality?) like a pro!

Ireland is a country situated in Western Europe and is famous for its food, drinks, arts, and landscape. It was even ranked as the 23rd best country globally, which is why there is no wonder why there is an interest in mastering the native language of this country.


Common Country Names And Nationalities In Irish Language

Country Names And Nationalities in Irish Language

Contrary to common belief, this category of vocabulary words under the Irish language is not as challenging to master as you think it may be. In fact, many of the ones you will learn here today are not that different from the English counterpart. You simply have to get used to the spelling and pronunciation. Another thing you should know is that the Irish language has two types of names for countries: with article and one without a definite article “an.”

Here, the article “an” automatically alters the sound of a consonant when pronounced. So, for instance, when a country begins with the letter s, there will be a phonetic change so that it may sound like the letter t. And as a rule of time, do remember that this rule is the same for all the Irish nouns of feminine nature. To get to know further how it works, let’s review the translations below for the most commonly visiting nationalities in the country:

Brazil / Brazilian

Based on population studies in Ireland, there are over 10,000 migrants that came from Brazil or Braiseal. The Brazilian nationals or Breatannach have influenced the country in different aspects such as in cuisine, language, and even the way of life.

Morocco / Moroccan

Morocco or Moroco is one of the closest Arab countries to Ireland, so they share a history of bilateral trade and are pretty much involved with each other’s growth affairs. The Moroccan people, or simply Moroccanin Irish language, are some of the people who are actively traveling to the country.

Poland / Polish

The Irish people know the country as an Pholainn, and its citizens are best known as Polainnis. Nevertheless, the countries are very much connected, especially when Ireland willingly accepted Polish immigrants way back in early 2004.

Finland / Finnish

This country is best known by the Irish as an Fhionlainn and is one of the most popular foreign countries since their football teams are usually playing against each other. The nationalities of the people who come from this country are known as Fionlainnis.

Switzerland / Swiss

The country is known by the Irish as An Eilvéis, and its people are fondly called Eilvéiseach. Based on reports, the number of citizens coming from both countries increases with about 8,000 Irish people in Switzerland and about 88,000 Swiss tourists coming to Ireland.

Italy / Italian

An Iodáil or Italy is one of the closest political allies or Ireland, and they have shared this relationship for centuries. With this being said, both countries have influenced each other, especially in terms of cuisine. In fact, recent reports show that Italian or Iodáilis food is the most popular international cuisine.

Russia / Russian

The country An Rúis or Russia is another close ally of Ireland since they are both full members of the Organization of Security and Cooperation in Europe and the Council of Europe. So the direct translation for Russians is Rúiseach.

Belgium / Belgian

The Kingdom of Belgium is known by the Irish people as An Bheilg, while its citizens are called Beilgeach. As of today, both countries have a massive number of immigrants, with about 30,000 Irish living in the country and about a few thousand Belgians in Ireland.

China / Chinese

The Republic of China is known as an t-Sìn, and its people are known as Sínis. The two countries have deep connections, but given the current aggressive stance of China, Ireland is still on the rut on how their relationships will be in the near future.

Spain / Spanish

Spain is known as an Spáinn, and its people as Spainnis. Among all the countries, the history of these two is deeply connected as they are allies in terms of military, economic, political, and even religious forces.


Other Translations For Country Names And Nationalities

CountryIrishNationality Irish
AmericaAimeireagaAmerican Meiriceánach
WalesAn Bhreatain BheagWelshBreatnais
DenmarkAn DanmhairgDanishDanmhairgis
EgyptAn ÉigiptEgyptianÉigipteach
HungaryAn UngáirHungarianUngáiris
TurkeyAn TuircTurkishTuircis
GermanyAn GhearmáinGermanGearmáinis
SwedenAn tSualainnSwedishSualainnis
AustraliaAn AstráilAustralianAstrálach
IsraelIosraelIsraeli Iosrael
KoreaAn ChóiréKoreanCóiréis
PakistanAn PhacastáinPakistaniPacastáine

As we reach this part of the post, we hope that you were able to discover the correct translation and that you may be able to use any of these when introducing yourself. You can simply use the basic formula like:

Tá mé as + the country to express what country you are from. Also, you may say, “Is Meiriceánach mé” If you want to say that you are an American.

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