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Speaky Review: 5 Awesome Things You Should Know

September 17, 2021

There is no denying that being able to practice speaking with a native speaker can boost your skills in your target language. In this Speaky review, we will walk you through the language exchange feature of the app and provide you with an unbiased review of whether this platform is worth your time, money, and effort or not. So, for foreign language enthusiasts out there looking to upgrade their learning process through a language exchange program, then you have come to the right place.

In order to stay competitive in today's market, one should always consider upskilling and honing their skills even better. For some, this might mean that they should learn programming or graphic designing, while for others, this means mastering some of the most in-demand languages. In fact, the latest study suggests that having expertise in a second language can even bump up your salary by at least 10 to 15%!

Given that the corporate world is looking at foreign-language speakers in a whole new (and very positive) light, even schools are actively adding foreign languages as an elective subject with the goal of enticing students to start language learning. Fortunately, if you are out of school already, there are still different language learning apps and resources that you can use today. There are thousands of apps out there, and choosing the perfect app might prove to be a challenge, right?

To help you get started in narrowing down your list, allow us to give you our insights on Speaky so that you can check it out and set your expectations straight. After all, this language exchange app has been making buzz online, so it would be wise to know its features so as not to fall into the hype. But, if you are up for that, then let's dive right into it.


Speaky Review: What Is Speaky All About?

Speaky Review What Is Speaky All About

Theories and research in education and language learning suggest that every student is special in a way that he or she may learn in a uniquely different approach than others. For example, suppose you will go back to the time when you were studying for an exam. In that case, you might see that every classmate of yours has a way to review stuff- some likes to listen to music while reading reviewers, others may even want to constantly look for paper and re-write everything to reinforce what is being learned. But for others, they might enjoy experiential learning where they get to expose themselves freely on the topic being learned.

For the case of Speaky, the experiential learning here is when you as a student will find a language partner (who is a native speaker) who will talk to you using the language you want to learn. So, instead of focusing on memorizing words, the focus of Speaky is to help you experience the language first-hand and help you become more confident in a specific language. And since you do not ever want to disappoint your language partners, you might end up motivating yourself in studying (which is a good thing).

Speaky is a Belgium-based language exchange app that has been around since 2014 with the goal of creating a social media-like app geared for native speakers and other language learners. Since its existence, its language exchange community has significantly grown, which is why there is no surprise why its app has been downloaded by over a million users. Judging from the comments on the Google PlayStore and Apple AppStore, there are users who even branded it as the best app there is for those looking to find native speakers and language partners.

With all this considered, we can say that this is an ideal app for those who are interested in learning through the concept of language exchange partners only. However, please be mindful that the app does not have structured content like in Lingualift not does it have a tutor feature like Tandem (where you can connect with native language professionals). So, if you are looking for an app where you can truly learn languages starting from the very basic, then this might not be the best one out there. It is only good for practicing languages and meeting like-minded individuals.

How Does The Speaky Language Exchange Partner Feature Works

speaky review

Learning languages is fun, especially if you can find language partners who are truly passionate about helping you learn their language while you help them learn yours too. To get started in using Speaky, you simply sign up for a free version of their platform first and use it online or through their app. Once you are inside, you will be asked to choose which languages you are interested in and will be prompted to accept the pledge.

Their pledge is involved the basic rules so that you will be reminded that there should be no harassment or spamming on the app. It also has a no flirting rule to remind learners that the app must only be used for language exchanges and nothing more.

Once you have signed up, you will then pick your interests from their list so that their app will help you get connected to users with the same interests. This will make your whole conversation with native and non-native speakers flow much easier.

After all that, you will then see four main tabs, including the language community, messaging, goals, and your profile. Once you click on the first tab, that is where you can choose your partners and see their level, what language they are learning, age, picture, and bio. It's pretty much like a dating app to look at. Once you have selected a partner, you can send them a message and start learning from each other.

The message section currently has a built-in translation tool and correction tool. Unfortunately, you also can't send pictures, doodles, or voice notes which is why the app is truly just like a public version of Facebook Messenger.

Target Language Selection

Whether you are learning Spanish, Mandarin Chinese, or Arabic, Speaky has something just for you! Since it does not offer any courses at all, the number of languages within the app depends on the number of people who can speak a certain language. So given that it is used by over a million people across the globe, it is safe to assume that it has language speakers for over 150 languages, just like Hello Talk.


Right now, Speaky has two types of subscriptions: paid and the free version. There is not much difference between the two but please do note that the free one will only allow you to use the translation tool just five times per day. If you want unlimited translation within the app, you should pay the premium version which costs around $6 per month.


5 Awesome Things About Speaky

speaky review
  1. The free subscription which comes with an unlimited correction feature is already enough to help language learners easily.
  2. Language exchange programs like Speaky are good for nonnative professionals looking to practice and develop confidence.
  3. Having a good partner in the app can help you train yourself on the common slang used by speakers.
  4. Speaky is flexible and can be accessed using their website and mobile app.
  5. Speaky has a cute little pledge on the screen which is a good reminder to users that they must behave positively in the app.


Our Best Recommendation For Language Learning

Are you going to subscribe with the Speaky app today? Let us know in the comment section below! As we reach this part of the post, we hope that you were able to learn all there is about Speaky and that you'll be guided on whether it is worth it or not to pay their paid version. If you are seriously passionate about expanding your knowledge in a foreign language, we highly recommend that you check out our most recommended platform today!

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