100+ Easy Country Names In Slovenian

Interested in conversing with locals about where you are from or the places you want to visit? One of the surefire ways to impress the locals is by mentioning the držav or country names in Slovenian language. If you are up for learning something truly interesting, then this post is for you! Continue reading below to find out more!

It is not every day that we get to hear of countries changing their official names. More often than not, the official name of every country is already set in stone, and if ever there will be changes, it is usually due to political reasons. But if there is one country out there that has changed its name quite a lot, then that would definitely be Slovenia.

Known to many as the “land of the Slovenes,” Slovenia has always been regarded as one of the best scenic travel destinations tucked within the heart of Europe. Since it is surrounded by countries like Italy, Hungary, and Croatia, the country attracts over 6 million travelers, which are all mostly just passing through. But aside from its rich cultural tourist spots and delicacies to die for, there is one thing you should know…

Throughout the years, Slovenia has also be known as Federal Slovenia (during World War II in 1945-1946), People’s Republic of Slovenia (1946-1963), Socialist Republic of Slovenia (the name used back when they were a constituent republic of Yugoslavia in 1963-1990), and the Republic of Slovenia (1990 to present). That’s a lot of changes as compared to other European countries like France, Spain, Bulgaria, and San Marino. Let’s learn more about Slovenia in the next part below.


Country Names In Slovenian

Country Names In Slovenian

Now that we have some idea of the names that Slovenia was known for, let us now draw our attention to the translations of the country names in the Slovenian language. Get to know more about this in the table below.

Country NamesSlovenian
Afghanistan         Afganistan         
Albania         Albanija         
AmericaZdružene države Amerike         
Argentina         Argentina         
Armenia         Armenija         
Australia         Avstralija         
Austria         Avstrija         
Bangladesh         Bangladeš         
Belgium         Belgija         
Bolivia         Bolivija         
Brazil         Brazilija         
Brunei         Brunej         
Bulgaria         Bolgarija         
Cambodia         Kambodža         
Canada         Kanada         
Chile         Čile         
China         Kitajska         
Colombia         Kolumbija         
Croatia         Hrvaška         
Czech Republic         Češka         
Denmark         Danska         
Ecuador         Ekvador         
Egypt         Egipt         
El Salvador         Salvador         
Fiji         Fidži         
Finland         Finska         
France         Francija         
Germany         Nemčija         
Greece         Grčija         
Haiti         Haiti         
Hungary         Madžarska         
Iceland         Islandija         
India         Indija         
Indonesia         Indonezija         
Iran         Iran         
Iraq         Irak         
Ireland         Irska         
Israel         Izrael         
Italy         Italija         
Japan         Japonska         
Kazakhstan         Kazahstan         
Kuwait         Kuvajt         
Kyrgyzstan         Kirgizistan         
Laos         Laos         
Latvia         Latvija         
Lebanon         Libanon         
Libya         Libija         
Lithuania         Litva         
Malaysia         Malezija         
Maldives         Maldivi         
Mali         Mali         
Malta         Malta         
Mexico         Mehika         
Monaco         Monako         
Montenegro         Črna gora         
Morocco         Maroko         
Myanmar         Mjanmar         
Nepal         Nepal         
Netherlands         Nizozemska         
New Zealand         Nova Zelandija         
Nicaragua         Nikaragva         
Niger         Niger         
Nigeria         Nigerija         
North Korea         Severna Koreja         
Norway         Norveška         
Pakistan         Pakistan         
Palau         Palau         
Panama         Panama         
Papua New Guinea         Papua Nova Gvineja         
Paraguay         Paragvaj         
Peru         Peru         
Philippines         Filipini         
Poland         Poljska         
Portugal         Portugalska         
Qatar         Katar         
Romania         Romunija         
Russia         Rusija         
San Marino         San Marino         
Saudi Arabia         Saudova Arabija         
Serbia         Srbija         
Singapore         Singapur         
Slovakia         Slovaška         
Slovenia         Slovenija         
Somalia         Somalija         
South Africa         Južna Afrika         
South Korea         Južna Koreja         
Spain         Španija         
Sri Lanka         Šrilanka         
Sweden         Švedska         
Switzerland         Švica         
Syria         Sirija         
Thailand         Tajska         
Turkey         Turčija         
Turkmenistan         Turkmenistan         
Uganda         Uganda         
Ukraine         Ukrajina         
United Arab Emirates         Združeni arabski emirati         
United Kingdom         Združeno kraljestvo         
Venezuela         Venezuela         
Vietnam         Vietnam         


What Makes Slovenia Interesting?

What Makes Slovenia Interesting

Whenever we think of chasing after our wanderlust and going to central Europe, what usually comes to mind are the more popular countries like France, U.K, and Switzerland, and not many will instantly think of Slovenia.

However, there are tons of places in the country, which makes it popular among the locals. In fact, if you are a mountaineer or a skiing enthusiast, the Julian Alps will charm you! Are you a history buff? The Slovene littoral will make your jaw drop! If you are interested in large bodies of water, then the Adriatic Sea (Mediterranean), Lake Bled, underground rivers, and the Thermal Pannonian Plain will delight you!

But before you book a ticket and try to reach out with a Slovene national in an instant, let us first give you a brief discussion about the country and what to expect once you are there.

Unlike other countries, Slovenia is considered a highly-developed country which means that the Slovenian economy is among the world’s bests! For this reason, a huge number of people are looking to migrate to the country and become an official part of the country’s population. Furthermore, since it also has a strategic location, much of the population can easily travel back and forth in neighboring countries. There are also people in the border regions who speak different languages.


Wrapping Up

Country Names In Slovenian

As we reach this part of the post, we sincerely hope that you had a lot of fun learning about the basic translations for some of the country names in the Slovenian language. If we have missed any countries and you’d like to learn more about them, feel free to send a comment down below, and we’d get back to you in an instant.

In addition, we highly recommend that you check out our previous language learning posts, which can significantly help you get a grasp of Slovenian. Some of our latest posts include the best ways to greet someone with a happy birthday and our exclusive review on whether Slovenian is actually hard to learn.

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