Idyoma Review: Language Chat App With 5 Amazing Features

Are chatting apps as effective as taking paid online courses with a personal tutor? In this Idyoma review, learn how a free language exchange app helps improve your linguistic skills.

Technology has helped us learn more skills without signing up for paid regular classes. Today, anyone can watch what they want to learn via Youtube or online. If you’re a language enthusiast like me, you’ve probably encountered many language learning apps promising to reach fluency in just a few months.

Although it’s not impossible to achieve, you’ll need to improve the language skills that you’ll use if you’re traveling to that country. Hence, you should choose a language learning app that will keep you speaking, reading, writing, and listening with enough motivation throughout your journey.

Idyoma promises to deliver quality chats from people you might want to spark some language learning conversations. But, how does Idyoma stand out from similar online language apps today? Let’s find out with this detailed Idyoma review.


What Is Idyoma?

Idyoma review logo

There are many boring language translators that you’ll find on many online teaching platforms. If you want to meet real people and practice speaking like a native, Idyoma is your innovative friend to learn new languages. Idyoma is a chatting app for learning languages. It’s perfect for everyone who wants to chat with a native speaker whenever, wherever.

What is it for? A language exchange app that helps develop your reading and writing skills. You’ll improve your conversational skills by meeting different people globally.

Languages offered: 47 languages.

Level: Beginner to Advanced.

Who Is It For? (Target Audience): Those interested in learning a second language or want a free language learning app on the go.

You can chat with anyone right awayOnly five free chats per month
A verified users badge keeps the app safeNeeds more countries to choose from
You can avoid chatting with chatbotsAdd filter chats for men and women
Find people that speak your target languageA pop-up error shows when someone deletes your conversation

How Does Idyoma Work?

Language exchange apps are mostly chatting apps. Browse local users and start chatting with them right away. Idyoma connects language learners nearby when you grant permission with your phone’s location.

You can talk about each other’s country, culture, and food. Teach your new friends grammar tips or learn new vocabulary. Idyoma is available on both Android Play Store and iOS App Store.

Idyoma: Design And Interface

Idyoma review design and interface

Right off the bat, you’ll get prompted by a minimalistic and clean design that instantly lets you register or sign in by skipping the tour. In many apps that I use, I’m always a fan of apps that immediately lets you use their features. There are three tabs you’ll see at the bottom of the screen: “You,” “People,” and “Chats.” By clicking the tab “You,” you’ll see your profile, languages you know and want to learn, and blocking people.

Idyoma doesn’t have a steep learning curve, so even older users that want to find friends or locate users locally can do it in just a few clicks.

Idyoma Features: What We Like About It

Idyoma review features

Eager to reach fluency in a few months? With reading and writing, you’ll be able to think directly in your desired target language. Remove the language barrier when using Idyoma and its user-friendly interface.

Here are the key features of the Idyoma language app:

Send Message To Your New Friend Instantly Wherever You Are

Stuck in your room and can’t go out to meet new people? Or, you can’t travel to your dream destination? You don’t have to go through many requirements to chat with someone new. You can swipe to the left to see other people available to chat. If you swipe right, you’ll open the chat box to start a new conversation. You can also choose not to be seen by users worldwide by enabling this filter option on the top left of the “Users” screen.

Has Verified Users Display

As promised by Idyoma, you’ll avoid conversations that will not help you learn languages or will make you feel uncomfortable. By having a blue verified badge, you’ll know that you’re talking to a real person and passed the verification process of Idyoma. So far, I haven’t encountered any creepy messages from language learners nearby or other people from around the globe.

Similar language learning apps that allow you to chat with other people globally are also starting to implement this feature. But, not all of them work flawlessly. So, protecting yourself from people you meet in these language exchange apps is still best.

Choose what you want to speak and what you can teach

Are you learning Spanish or Korean for the first time? 

You can select your proficiency level to connect with language learners who want to learn with you. The app allows you to choose at least one primary language (your mother tongue), one secondary language, and one tertiary language. 

On the other hand, if you want to become friendlier with other users, you can also help them learn your native language too.

Instantly Translate Messages From Users

English speakers who want to learn Japanese, Mandarin, Korean, Russian or Arabic will find the in-app translation helpful. But, it doesn’t translate what you say in English into the languages mentioned earlier or those with a different alphabet.

Push notifications from people who replied or want to chat with you

Another feature of Idyoma is a preview of someone who replied to you. You’ll also know if someone started a conversation and wants to practice speaking your target country’s language. You can easily turn these notifications off on your phone’s settings.

Who Should Start Using Idyoma?

Anyone can use Idyoma to learn more about a person’s culture and language and find new friends along the way. You can even use Idyoma if you want to improve your native language. Use Idyoma to talk with foreigners in English, German, Mandarin, Farsi, or whatever language they hope to learn. If you can’t travel anytime soon, practice with Idyoma!

Idyoma: Should You Stick With Free Version Or Pay The Subscription?

Idyoma For Free

With Idyoma for free, you’ll get access to the features we’ve mentioned earlier. You’ll see a person’s profile with their preferred languages to learn and speak. However, you’ll only have five chats per month. So, you’ll need to choose carefully which people you want to chat with. This limited chat per person may prompt you to get the Idyoma subscription fee. If you’re a beginner and want to test chatting with new people, we suggest you get this option first.

Idyoma Subscription Price

Idyoma subscription price

There are some in-app purchase options for Idyoma. It offers $5/per month (or the equivalent in your currency) if you want unlimited chats. Becoming a verified user requires paying a fee to help Idyoma translators and the app’s developers. The cost may vary according to where you live.


Using Idyoma To Find A Language Partner: Idyoma Review

Creating the account is easy. You’ll be prompted with the get started page and take a quick overview of what the app is about. On the other hand, you can skip to the login to start right away. I immediately tried to find a language exchange partner nearby.

Don’t think of finding someone who can chat with you right away. Since everyone is in different time zones, it will take some time for others to reply to you. Once you find someone, you can start chatting with someone locally to practice your writing and reading skills. It will save you a chat if you look at the green online button at the lower left of their profile page.

After using Idyoma to find people of shared interests, here’s what I’ve encountered.

Pros Of Using Idyoma

You can avoid Chatting With Chat Bots

Have you tried similar apps that help you practice speaking and listening through chatbots? You’ll get some practice, but having a real conversation with any topic under the sun makes your sentences more natural. Using Idyoma as a chatting app will help you think directly in your target language and help you memorize sentence patterns easily.

You Can Chat With Anyone Right Away

Start a conversation with a language partner anytime, anywhere! However, you’ll also have to check if the user is online. It is indicated by a little green dot on the upper right of their profile page. You can also see if they are online right away when you’re looking for people.

Verified Users Badge Keeps The App Safe

Idyoma review app find users

If you want a safe space to chat and find real people that want to learn your language, then Idyoma has a verified users feature. As mentioned earlier, verified users display a badge that shows they’re real language learners. It will also help you save those limited number of chats.

Find People That Speak Your Target Language

Based on what you’ve selected on the “learning” tab, you’ll find like-minded language learners that are genuinely interested in practicing with you. You can choose from the list of chat partners from different locations that can speak the language you want to be fluent in.

In Which Ways Should Idyoma Improve?

Needs More Countries To Choose Native Speakers With

There are only limited countries you can specifically look for apart from the Worldwide option. Among these countries are Spain, the United States, the United Kingdom, France, Turkey, and Germany.

Even after swiping many people to the left, they still show on the available users to chat with. Either the app only has a limited range of finding available language learners, or there are not a lot of people using the app.

More Number Of Chats For Free Users

Although Idyoma’s goal is to limit clutter to find more quality chats, there are also quite a few people that reply to your conversations. So free users will feel the “limit” if you’ve unluckily stumbled upon users who aren’t active in the Idyoma app. Having more chats means you’ll find more local users or worldwide users that respond actively.

Filter Men And Women Chats

Even though you can connect with verified users, there’s only a limited number of men vs. women. You’ll often find yourself intuitively swiping with the same people, and it goes on a loop for some reason.
From a linguistic perspective, choosing to talk to a man or woman is crucial for proceeding with your progress.

You can’t choose if you want to speak with a girl or if you want to practice gender noun endings and pronouns in French, German, or Spanish. However, you’ll have to get used to referring to these grammar rules.
Moreover, having an option to filter men and women is very handy if learners are more comfortable speaking to the same sex. Mainly, you can’t control what other users will talk about.

If someone deletes your conversation, the app shows an error

One particular thing I’ve noticed when trying to chat with someone is their ability to delete conversations. Although that’s also a plus for me, a pop-up error shows and might irritate other users.


How Does Idyoma Fair For A Language Learning App?

From this Idyoma review, I can say this language chat app is very user-friendly for people who want to chat quickly with native speakers of their target language. Although I find pop-up errors now and then, it’s not very distracting when using the app.

Idyoma is an excellent start for beginners that want to find people to practice writing and reading without spending too much. However, Idyoma is not a language teaching app, so if you think you’ll learn new vocabulary or save words you see for the first time, you’ll have to write them down.

Idyoma is purely a chatting app, so if you want to learn more grammar tips or hear how to pronounce certain words, you’ll have to find another app to supplement your learning.


Want To Express Yourself Better? Review Your Vocabulary With Ling App

Ling App Foreign Vocabulary

Love this Idyoma review? We hope you’ll enjoy using it with Ling App simultaneously. Talking in other’s native languages will make you jumble many words, especially if you have difficulty expressing yourself in a foreign language. If you want a fantastic app that trains you to memorize vocabulary and develop your learning techniques, use Ling!

Ling App is an interactive language learning app that uses flashcards, puzzles, and mini-games to make learning fun and engaging. You’ll even hear native speakers’ pronunciations which is essential for memorizing words fast. 

Download the Ling App on Play Store or App Store to impress locals with the vocabulary of your chosen language.

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