7+ Apologies In Slovenian With Useful Examples

Are you interested in learning about apologizing in the Slovenian language? In this blog, we will walk you through some of the great ways in which the Slovenian people apologize after they commit a mistake. Be it a personal or a public apology, you will learn some amazing apologies in Slovenian.

While you’re also learning Slovenian, you’ll discover the culture and the characteristics of the Slovenian people. So let’s get started!

Žal Mi Je

The first and most common way of apologizing in Slovenian is by saying Žal mi je which literally translates to “I’m sorry”. You can use this phrase anywhere and anytime without worrying about the usage because it will most probably be right. The reason why this can be used anywhere is that there are no formality issues, and it is easy for any language learner.

You can also consult the Slovenian dictionary to find other related words.

Prevzamem Polno Odgovornost

Let’s say you are a manager of a Slovenian restaurant, and one of your employees has committed a mistake that could offend the customers somehow. Saying prevzamem polno odgovornost as a manager will be a great way to take responsibility for the entire situation. This will elevate your status in the eyes of the customers.

You should also say this in any situation in which you want to end the dispute since it can help the other person to know that you own the responsibility and are not throwing the blame on the other person. This takes us to our next apology in Slovenian.

Globoko Obžalujem

Suppose you have committed a mistake in which you know that you were at fault. You are not just aware of your mistake, but also you regret that you committed that mistake. In such a situation, you should let the other person know that you deeply regret what has happened, and you can say “Globoko obžalujem”

The word Globoko refers to “deep” in Slovenian, whereas obžalujem means “I’m sorry” and can also be used in situations in which you want to show feelings of regret for something that you have done. A Slovenian person would prefer you to let them know to their face when you regret something instead of hiding your feelings and feeling sad.

Se Opravičujem

Se opravičujem means “I apologize” in English. This is a formal way of apologizing to someone. There are several situations in which using this would be most appropriate. Some of those situations are when you have to make a public apology, then you can say use this phrase.

You can also use this apology if you are sitting in a meeting and your phone rings. It is a Slovenian business etiquette to turn off phones while on important meetings. Or maybe if your actions result in causing some loss to the company, then you can say this as well.

Dolžan Sem Ti Opravičilo

Dolžan sem ti opravičilo means “I owe you an apology.” While talking to someone that you have wronged, you should use Dolžan sem ti opravičilo with them. When you tell someone that you owe them an apology in Slovenia then there would be more chances of that person to forgive you as compared to an apology without explanation.


Oprostite is a Slovenian word that means “excuse me” in English. You can use this as a minor apology. If you are meeting a stranger and you need them to tell you something, then you can say “Oprostite” before continuing what you are trying to say.

You can also say this when you are interrupting someone while they are talking. Let’s learn another way how to apologize for interrupting someone.

Oprosti, Da Te Motim, Ampak…

Another way of getting someone’s attention while they are already talking to someone else is by saying “Oprosti, da te motim, ampak..”. This means “I am sorry to interrupt you but…”. This is a very polite way of stopping someone in the middle of a sentence without offending them.

Please be mindful of interrupting someone only if the thing that you are going to talk about requires urgent attention, like an emergency. If that can wait, then you should let the other person talk


Here is a table for you to look at someone’s sentences as examples which can help you to make apologies in Slovenian.

Slovenian ApologiesEnglish Translations
I’m sorry I lost the page.Žal mi je, da sem izgubil stran.
I forgot to note that, please forgive me.To sem pozabil opozoriti, prosim, oprosti mi.
I apologize since I could not collect further information about this issue.Opravičujem se, ker nisem mogel zbrati dodatnih informacij o tej zadevi.
The android company apologized to apple.Android podjetje se je opravičilo applu.
Excuse me, they are calling you.Oprostite, kličejo vas.
I apologize for the inconvenience.Opravičujem se za nevšečnosti.
I am sorry but your account has been deactivated.Žal mi je, ampak vaš račun je bil deaktiviran.
Sorry, but your search history cannot be deleted.Žal vaše zgodovine iskanja ni mogoče izbrisati.
Sorry but you cannot use these phrases here.Oprostite, vendar teh stavkov tukaj ne morete uporabiti.
I am sorry but you cannot use a dictionary.Oprostite, vendar ne morete uporabljati slovarja.
I apologize for letting you get the wrong meaning.Opravičujem se, ker sem dovolil, da razumete napačen pomen.
I am sorry, I don’t know the English word for that.Oprosti, ne poznam angleške besede za to.
Can you give me some examples of Slovenian apologies?Ali mi lahko navedete nekaj primerov slovenskih opravičil?
We apologize for not giving you a Slovenian dictionary.Opravičujemo se, ker vam ne damo slovenskega slovarja.

Wrapping Up

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Happy Learning!

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