10+ Sweet & Easy Slovenian Terms Of Endearment

Slovenian Terms Of Endearment

Terms of endearment are ways to show affection to a person we care about. There are many terms that melt hearts and bring smiles to faces, whether you’re talking to your partner, friends, family, or even pets! These are words full of warmth and affection.

Buddy, sweetheart, dude – in English, we use these words without even realizing that they’re terms of endearment. In today’s post, we’ll go through some adorable and sweet Slovenian terms of endearment for when you want to express your feelings of love and admiration. When you learn these Slovenian terms, you’ll notice them being used in real life more often than you might think! Let’s go!

Using Diminutives As Slovenian Endearments

Firstly, let me explain diminutives in Slovenian and how terms of endearment are created. They’re like sprinkles of affection in everyday speech, turning ordinary words into endearing expressions.

Take sonce (sun), for example. Adding the diminutive suffix “ček” transforms it into sonček, which turns it into a friendly little sun. This is a commonly used term of endearment for children or someone you simply find absolutely pleasant, as they just brighten up the room with their presence.

Similarly, mama (mom) becomes mamica. It’s like saying dear mom, or mommy in a very sweet way. These small changes make talking in Slovenian feel like a warm, cozy chat with people you love.

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Slovenian Terms Of Endearment

In Slovenian, a term of endearment is called izraz naklonjenosti. They play an important role in expressing affection and closeness in relationships. Many Slovenians speak basic English but always appreciate it when someone they’re close to makes an effort to learn at least some romantic Slovenian language phrases.

Let’s have a look at some heartwarming terms of endearment that will make your loved ones feel cherished and appreciated.

Terms Of Endearment For Family Members

In Slovenia, there are many affectionate nicknames used for family members which show a deep sense of love. While some are common all over the country, others are special regional dialect variations, adding a unique flavor to how people talk about their families.

For example, while the standard Slovenian word for mother is mati and for father is oče, in certain regions, you might hear mami, mama, or mamica for mom, and oči, očka, ati, tati, or ata for dad!

When Slovenian families talk about grandpas, they also use different endearing words depending on where they live. While the standard word for grandpa is dedek, or stari oče, which is more formal, people call their grandpas nono or dedi, which sounds really sweet.

Similarly, when people refer to their grandmas, they won’t call them babica, which is the standard Slovenian, but rather babi, bica, or nona.

You might call your teta (aunt) more endearingly by saying tetka, and your stric (uncle) by saying striček.

Terms Of Endearment For Your Friends

People in Slovenia like to assign nicknames to the people they’re close to, especially the people they hang out with most often. Here are some of the most common terms of endearment you might call your friends in Slovenia:

Kolega Or Kolegica

You will use this term to refer to someone you see as a buddy and with whom you regularly hang out.

Frend Or Frendica

Basically, words derived from the English word friend are how you refer to people in your close social circle.

Car Or Legenda

You call this someone who you admire, or you think they have done something cool.


Stari can be a term of endearment in Slovenian slang, often used among close friends. It basically translates to dude in English, but it can be said in a more laid-back way. It shows a strong bond and friendship.

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Terms Of Endearment For Your Significant Other

Slovenians have a bunch of endearing nicknames that come from moments spent together, trips, or other special memories. Along with learning some Slovenian romantic phrases, here are some examples that you can add to your Slovenian vocabulary:

Dragi Or Draga

This means “dear” or “darling” and is a classic endearment used between romantic partners. Dragi is used for men, and draga for women. Definitely a term you might want to add to your Slovenian relationship vocab!

Ljubi Or Ljubica

“Ljubi” is a sweet term that comes from the Slovenian word ljubiti, which means to love. It’s commonly used between romantic partners and has a similar meaning to “dear” or “darling” in English as well. Ljubi is used for a man, and ljubica for a woman.

Ljubezen Moja

Simply meaning “my love,” this is a term used in a loving and passionate relationship.


A term of endearment meant specifically for a woman, to convey that she is beautiful. If you want to take the sweetness a step further, you can use lepotička, which will for sure make your Slovenian partner blush!

Mali or Mala

This term means ”my little one”, and is a cute term of endearment that you can call your partner.


As noted before, in Slovenian, adding “ček” to srce (heart) turns it into srček. This makes it sound more adorable, like saying “little heart.” It makes the words sound softer and more loving, adding a sweet note to the conversations, and is a common way to refer to someone special to you.

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Using the terms of endearment that you’ve added to your Slovenian relationship vocabulary today will come in handy when trying to express your admiration and feelings to your loved ones.

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