Best Pimsleur Vs Mango Languages Review – Pick The #1 App

Do you want to learn a new language? There are several language learning apps for that. This Pimsleur Vs Mango languages comparison will help you to choose an app that suits you the most.

These apps to learn your target language are also cost-effective, especially compared to traditional schooling or other language learning resources. Many have speech recognition, which is essential for good pronunciation, as in Rosetta Stone. Others have spaced repetition and several language selections, which is good for learning more than one language. To select a language learning program that suits you, read this Pimsleur Vs Mango languages review carefully.

Note: You can use the Ling app if neither of these appeals to you.


Pimsleur Vs Mango Languages – An Honest Comparison

Pimsleur is one of the oldest apps through which you can learn languages. In comparison, Mango languages focus on intuitive language construction through a conversation-based technique. Before making a conclusion about these two apps, let’s study each app individually.

Pimsleur Review

Pimsleur Vs Mango Languages

Pimsleur is a foreign language e-learning service based in the United States. The language courses and audio-based lessons are grouped by language, category, and level for beginners or intermediate learners. The main focus is on repetition-focused recollection, vocabulary, and learning basic words and phrases. This app is far more beneficial for developing speaking skills than verbal comprehension or writing.

  • Pimsleur today offers new ways of learning a native language that is more exciting and valuable at the same time. The additional features for language learners are as follows: This technique is way better than learning from public libraries. 
  • Unlike several other programs, you will get skill badges for completing a course. After a placement test and learning new words, phrases, and vocabulary, you will assess yourself through this app. You will be able to handle real-life situations like native speakers.
  • Like other resources, it also has a game-based system that will let you learn all the languages in an entertaining environment. 

Languages Available On Pimsleur

You can learn about 50 languages through this app including German, Italian, French, Russian, Arabic, and more. 

Pimsleur Pricing Plan

If we compare Pimsleur Vs Mango Languages, Pimsleur is a free language learning app in the sense that it offers a seven-day free trial. But after seven days, you can’t use free resources. You have to pay $19.95/month to learn different foreign languages without any hassle.

Uses scientifically proven methods  The basic subscription only focuses on speaking and listening exercises.
Concise lessons packed with relevant words that make learning the basics a breezeThe app doesn’t always remember where you left off in the lesson.
Well-structured to help you learn quickly like a native speaker. 
For on-the-go learning, use the driving mode. 

Mango Languages Review

Pimsleur Vs Mango Languages

Mango languages has well-structured video lectures, units, chapters, and lessons. Each chapter starts with a short explanation of the words you’ll encounter. Each session has approximately 50 tasks (interactive flashcards).

  • Mango has a voice-recording feature. Listen to a native speaker utter a word and see the waveform that corresponds to it. This will help you to develop speaking and conversational skills at your own pace.
  • Watch videos that include feature films as well as some shows.
  • Like other resources, Mango’s mission is to assist language learners in achieving practical conversational skills using scientifically proven approaches. You will go from being a non-speaker to having meaningful conversations with native speakers.
  • Cultural notes add context to what you’re studying, allowing you to have a deeper grasp of your chosen language.

Languages Available On Mango Languages

If we compare Pimsleur Vs Mango Languages, you can learn more than 70 languages through Mango languages. For example, Danish, Arabic, Bengali, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Hebrew, Indonesian, etc. Whether it is your first language to learn or your second, you will find almost every language through this app. 

Mango Languages Pricing Plan

Along with the app, you can get free resources through your local library, organizations, and schools. For one language, a Mango membership costs $7.99 per month while you have to pay $17.99 per month to access all the languages. Learning English or any other language is just a step ahead of you.

It offers more than 70 languages.The instructions are quite boring.
Inexpensive to use.You cannot assess yourself due to the lack of a scoring system.
It is user-friendly.  
Cultural notes to learn about the culture of your target language. 


Pimsleur Vs Mango Languages – Which App To Choose?

Pimsleur is great for people who are just getting started with language learning. If you are already good, Pimsleur is for you. On the contrary, Mango Languages isn’t very adaptable. There is no way to trace your progress. You can’t even keep track of which words you learn.

If you want to explore more apps, you can read our blogs on “HiNative Vs. Memrise” and “Busuu Vs. Mosalingua“. 


Ling App – A Great Alternative

Pimsleur Vs Mango Languages

If you can’t decide which language learning app to choose, you can consider the Ling app. Simya Solutions developed it with many fun and creative features. Students of any age can practice their skills. From game-based systems to quizzes and tasks, you will learn a foreign language at your own convenience. Assess yourself through exercises and ultimately develop speaking, writing, and conversational skills. Search the Ling app in your browser and start your language learning journey with us. 

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