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Latvian Vocabulary About Transportation: #1 Easy Lists

June 4, 2021

If you want to travel to Latvia, some Latvian vocabulary about transportation is necessary to learn. After all, what else a tourist speaks more than vocabulary related to transports!

Did you know that an average native speaker who speaks Latvian uses only a small number of essential Latvian words and phrases daily? It means that you can learn the pronunciation and speak Latvian to a certain acceptable level simply by practicing these words and phrases.


Need Of Latvian Vocabulary About Transportation In Latvia

Latvia is a beautiful small country based in Baltics. Latvia has a landscape bordered by sprawling, dense, forests, as well as wide beaches. Do you want to visit this appealing country? Before leaving, at least learn some Latvian vocabulary related to transportation. After all, how can you visit a place without riding an autobuss (bus), mašīna (car), or a vilciens (train)? For that matter, you need to have an understanding of the Latvian language to communicate with Latvian people across your way.

Although Latvians may understand and speak other languages, including English, you should take time to learn Latvian for smooth communication. So, we have come up with some local Latvian vocabulary about transportation to make your visit to Latvia as smooth as we can. Learning the following Latvian vocabulary about transportation is enough to make a person at home if he visits Latvia. However, learning the whole grammar, punctuation, and translation of the language relies on a detailed language course.


Some basic Latvian vocabulary about transportation should be a part of your Latvian vocabulary.

Vicious (Train)

Latvian people love to travel by train as they are a cheaper means of transportation. So, if you are in Latvia, how can you not travel by train. If you happen to use the word "train" in Latvian, you say "vilciens."

Mašīna (Car)

Hiring a taxi or a car is what tourists need to do quite often. So, when you visit Latvia, you should know some basic vocabulary of the language to interact with the Latvians in their language. So, in Latvia, you say "mašīna" in place of the car.

Autobuss (Bus)

Like any other European country, Latvian public transport appeals the visitors to travel by. How can you stay there and not talk about buses? So, being in Latvia, how can you not talk about the bus when traveling? So, in the Latvian language, a bus is called "autobuss."

Some common Latvian vocabulary about transportation.

In the following, we are going to enlist down some commonly used Latvian vocabulary about transportation.


Vehicles In Railway And Air Transportation

Latvian Vocabulary About Transportation - Railway And Air Transportation

Latvian Vocabulary About Transportation - Railway And Air Transportation

Latvian words English translation
Metro Subway
šinobuss Shinobus
tramvajs Tram
vilciens Train
dirižablis Airship
helikopters Helicopter
lidmašīna Airplane


Road Vehicles

Latvian words English translation
skrituļdēlis Skateboard
kariete Carriage
Van Van
taksis Cab, taxi
Karavāna Caravan, Travel trailer
mašīna Car
motorollers Scooter
motocikls Motorcycle
velosipēds Bicycle


Vehicles In Water Transportation

Latvian words English translation
Zemūdene Submarine
Kanoe Canoe
kajaks Kayak
buru laiva Sailboat
jahta Yacht
motorlaiva Motorboat
laiva Boat
prāmis Ferry
kuģis Ship


Other Vehicles

Latvian words English translation
kombainu Harvester
traktors Tractor
iekrāvējs Forklift
bulldozers Bulldozer
ekskavatori Dredge, excavator
Piegādes furgons Delivery van
policijas auto Police car
ātrā palīdzība Ambulance
ugunsdzēsēju mašīna Firetruck


Other Useful Latvian Vocabulary About Transportation

Latvian words English vocabulary
luksofori Traffic lights
veloceliņš Bike path
velosipēdists Cyclist
gājēju zona Pedestrian zone
gājēju pāreja Pedestrian crossing
gājējs Pedestrian
ritenis Wheel(s)
benzīns Gasoline, (petrol)
Degvielas uzpildes stacija Gas station
garāža Garage
autostāvvieta Car park
Autobusa pietura Bus-station
vadītāja apliecība Driver license
automaģistrāle Motorway
šoseja Highway
ceļa Road(s)
biļete Ticket
vilciena stacija Train station
metro stacija Subway station
osta Port
lidosta Airport
pase Passport
vīzu Visa
ID karte ID cards
paražas Customs
bagāža Baggage, Luggage
tūristu tūre Tourist tour
ceļvedi Travel guide
tūrists Tourist(s)
ceļotājs Traveler(s)
ceļojums Travel, trip


Examples Of Using Latvian Vocabulary About Transportation

Examples Of Using Latvian Vocabulary About Transportation

Examples Of Using Latvian Vocabulary About Transportation

Vai jums ir velosipēds? (Do you have a bicycle?)

Es steidzos, ņemšu kabīni (I am in a hurry, I will take a cab.)

Ātrā palīdzība ieradās dažu minūšu laikā pēc zvana veikšanas. (The ambulance arrived within minutes of the call being made.)

Viņiem bija nepieciešams buldozers, (They needed a bulldozer to dislodge the rock.)

Manā automašīnā trūkst degvielas (My car is running short of fuel.)

Helikopters lido ļoti zemu (The helicopter is flying very low.)

 Lai klintis tiktu izstumts (I have never flown by airplane.)

Šī jahta ir ļoti dārga (This yacht is very expensive)

Es nezinu, cik daudz ir šis motocikls (I don’t know how much this motorcycle is)

Es gribu nopirkt motorolleri (I want to buy a scooter)

Viņš nopirka jaunu traktoru (He bought a new tractor)

Atbraucu ar autobusu. (I came by bus.)

These were some of the Latvian basic phrases and Latvian vocabulary about transportation that must be a part of your practice before visiting there. If you are a keen learner or want to learn the Latvian language, just the above phrases are not enough. Also, you can access our hands-on post about basic words and phrases or Love words and phrases in the Latvian language to improve your conversation and relations with Latvians.


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