Animal Names In Latvian: 10+ Fascinating Vocabulary

No matter which place you visit, be it in your native country or a foreign, the serene feeling of awe and love will always be attached to the beauty of animals. The love for flora and fauna will always hold an exalted position in our hearts, from domestic pets to wild animals. And if you are planning to visit Latvia anytime soon, you ought to learn some animal names in Latvian.

Approximately 25,000 thousand species of Latvian animals exist in this beautiful Baltic country filled with mother nature’s blessings of inspiring greenery and waterbody. The Latvian forest is especially a dear home to thousands of squirrels, arctic foxes, rabbits, deer, beavers, and other exciting mammals. If you are looking for the native pronunciations of these wonderful living things, then this lesson is just the right material for you. Under different sections, we will discover animal names with brief interesting facts about the Latvian wildlife. Be ready to explore the enchanted beauty of the Latvian animals!

The Latvian Wildlife

Once you land in Latvia, just within your surroundings, you will be able to experience authentic and pure wildlife! Latvia is a small Baltic country blessed with over 3000 lakes, abundant wetlands, and huge coastlines that habitats millions of wild animals. In fact, for most Latvian natives, foraging for food has become a popular hobby, and the breathtaking hiking trails and mountain biking routes have gained immense attention, even for tourists.

Beginning with small animals like rabbits and badgers, the nature of Latvia also provides services of habitation and livelihood to humungous creatures like wild boards, bears, and wolves. The security services of the forestlands have always been a priority check for the wildlife officials. It has been accounted that no dangerous animals, harmful to human presence, are present at the reach of visitors.

Since more than half of the country remains forested, concerned officials regularly maintain the quality of the wildlife and keep preservation techniques relevant to its core. Because of such decent and disciplined acts, the locals are constantly engaged with proffering resources to wildlife and forest conservation.

Moreover, native birds like woodpeckers, owls, quails, hedgehogs, and weasels have connected the Latvian people culturally with their existing nature. The wildlife and forests are a sign of the sacred connection amongst the natives and give out a pure intention of accountability and responsibility towards the innocent creatures. Thus, let us begin with our lesson concerning animal names in Latvian and acquaint ourselves with the beauty of the Latvian language itself!

Animal Names In Latvian

Animal names in Latvian

As mentioned earlier, wildlife in Latvia can be pretty amusing. Learning some of the animal vocabularies in the native language will help you engage with the culture of Latvia more precisely, and not to mention, you are sure to gain a massive amount of love and respect from the locals with this vocabulary knowledge.

So, to enable you to experience the wonder in a native style, in this lesson, we will discuss some animal pronunciations in the Latvian language, along with some fascinating facts and tales.

Pet Animals In Latvian

Dog (Suns)

The word for “Dog” is Suns in the native language, and Latvia is completely a dog-loving country. From chihuahua to a german shepherd, every dog breed is of utmost importance in Latvia. If you visit a local’s house, you are sure to come across their pet dogs with unique dog names like Dadzis, Brenda, or even Dora.

Moreover, the Latvian Hound is a small-sized dog native to Latvia. It is not usually seen much outside Latvia but is quite popular by its name and generally known in European countries. Other than the Hound, Yorkshire Terrier and Jack Russel Terrier are some of the favorite dogs of Latvian families.

Cat (kat)

Other than Suns, cats are also loved by many families. Kat is the Latvian form for “Cats,” and Minka, Mikus, and Bella are some of the popular cat names used by the locals.

For your information, there is a famous Cat House in Riga, the capital of Latvia; It is a building with two cat sculptures that has a historical legend attached to its architecture.

Cow (Govs)

Next comes Govs. Govs refer to “Cow,” and it is another pet animal seen commonly in Latvian households, especially on farmhouses.

Latvia is also known for its cultural symbol, the blue cow, which cannot be found easily anywhere else. It is a hardy breed, and a new record of the blue cow population has been reached in the recent Latvian report.

Horse (Zirgs)

Horses, known as Zirgs in Latvian, are the next big thing. We get to see Latvian horses, a specific purpose-bred warmblood breed you cannot find anywhere else.

Most people in Latvia fantasize about horse riding, and there are numerous horse riding tours for tourists that you can enjoy once you visit the Latvian land.

Sheep (Aitas)

Sheep are also immensely popular in Latvia. Known as Aitas, sheep farming is extensively practiced throughout the country.

Sheep are kept under strict check to determine their proper health and protect them from disease. Latvian Dark-sheep is a native breed with a strong bone structure and a long body.

Wild Animals In Latvian

Animal names in Latvian

Tiger (Tīģeris)

Tiger in Latvia is known as Tīģeris. The Riga zoo in Latvia has recently accommodated several tigers in their compartment and has sincerely participated in breeding Amur tigers, mainly to proffer a steady population.

Bear (Lācis)

Bears in Latvia are known as Lācis. On a negative note, despite having suitable conditions for bear habitats, the forests of Latvia are slowly inclining towards bear extinction, with only 20-30 bears currently. However, there has been a decent rise in the population of Lācis as well.

Wolves (vilki)

Wolves or vilki in Latvia is another exciting view to see. The wildlife of Latvia accommodates around 670 wolves. However, there has been a sharp fall in its population.

Elephant (Zilonis)

Although quite low in population, Elephants are another beloved animal in Latvia. Zilonis means “Elephants” in Latvian, and consider yourself lucky if you get to see one.

Bird (Putns)

Birds are known as Putns in Latvia, and there is a reason why we account for birds as wild animals in this lesson. Latvia’s unspoiled forests are among the best places to find wild birds such as black storks, Ural owls, and spotted eagles extinct in other countries.
The White Wagtail is the National bird of Latvia and is hard to be spotted in other countries.

Moose (alnis)

The next popular wild animal in Latvia is the moose, known as alnis. It is quite common to see alnis in Latvian forests and is, in fact, a popular site for tourists.

Deer (Briedis)

Just like moose, deer or Briedis is also quite commonly seen in the wildlife of Latvia. Red deer and roe deer are the breeds found primarily in the country.

More Latvian Animals Names

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Having some idea of the Latvian animal vocabulary will surely come in handy once you land in the beautiful country. Filled with numerous species of birds, insects, wild animals, pets, and even aquatic animals is a sure sign to utilize the vocabulary lesson and genuinely enjoy nature. Animals are the most admirable creations of god, and the sacred forests of Latvia are a valid link of serenity between mother nature and us!

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