Easy Ways To Read Latvian Addresses: #1 Guide

Knowing how to read Latvian addresses can play a vital role in relieving your stress if you are soon going to visit or stay in Latvia.

To write and read Latvian addresses, you should know basic addressing guidelines, formatting rules, sub-building information, and digital postal codes. You take a significant step when you move internationally. A lot of things change, which results in temporary or permanent anxiety. Your anxiety reaches its peak when you don’t know places, towns, and cities. So, if you are traveling to Latvia, you should learn to read Latvian addresses first.

Latvia is a former Soviet republic. It means that in some parts of the country, Russian is spoken and understood. Like most other European countries, Latvians increasingly acquire English as a second language while speaking Latvian at home. You can learn Latvian through the Ling App, a fantastic language learning app offering more than 60 foreign languages.


Important Terms To Read Latvian Addresses

For writing or reading Latvian addresses, learn some standard terms that form the basics of any address. The address required by the local post office consists of a house or apartment number, village city, town, region, country, postal code, and sub-building information, if any.

Further, a post office box may be included in the address, and the item may be addressed to a post office and delivered on-demand. The following are the terms and their Latvian translation that will help you understand more about Latvian addresses.

English WordsLatvian Translation
House numbermājas numurs
Street nameielas nosaukums
Town namePilsētas nosaukums
Sub building InformationInformācija par apakšbūvi
Country nameValsts nosaukums
Postal codePasta indekss
Domestic mailvietējais pasts
City namepilsētas nosaukums
Box numberkastes numurs
Websitemājas lapā


What Is Postal Code? – Read Latvian Addresses Easily

Before going onto the actual addressing guidelines, let’s talk about an essential component of the Latvian address. To the right of the city, the postal code is written. A sorting number indicating the post office may be included in the address for a number of the major cities. Sometimes, the digit postal code is put before the municipality name.

Latvia has four digits numeric with a country code abbreviated as LV in front. The general format is “LV-NNNN.” Following is the list of postal codes of some cities. Some street addresses and their postal codes are as follows.

Street NamePostal Code
Preču ielaLV-5401
novembra ielaLV-5413
Ciema ielaLV-5422
Gaujas ielaLV-5418
Jāņa ielaLV-5404
Tautas ielaLV-5417
Apšu ielaLV-5414


Read Latvian Street Addresses By Learning The Following Format

Read Latvian Addresses

After learning the basics of Latvian addresses, it is time to understand the addressing guidelines and address format. Read the instructions, and formatting rules below to write and read Latvian addresses.

  • You should write each address component in a separate line.
  • Write the street name, house number, and apartment number, if any. Use hyphens to separate flat and House numbers. In some cases, you can see the building number written before the thoroughfare name.
  • Use abbreviations instead of writing the full name. For example, to write the region in Latvia, is written as “nov.” for novads.
  • Two capital letters (LV) and four numbers separated by a hyphen make up the postal code.
  • In the last line for cross-border mail address, write destination country in block or Capital letters after the postal code.


Some Examples To Write And Read Latvian Addresses

1. Address no.1

Addressee’s Name: Andris Lapa

House number/ Apartment: 1

Street address/Building name: Liepu iela

Village/City/Town: Ērberģe

Parish: Mazzalves pag.

Amalgamated Municipality: Neretas nov.

Postal Code/ Zip Code: LV-5133

You can write the above address in roman letters as,

“House no.1, street Liepu iela, Village Ērberģe, Parish Mazzalves pag., Amalgamated Muncipility Neretas nov., Postal code LV-5133, L atvia”

The above Latvian address can be written as follows in the Latvian language.

“Māja nr.1, Liepu iela, Ērberģes ciems, Mazzalves pag., Apvienotā pašvaldība Neretas nov., Pasta indekss LV-5133, Latvia”

2. Address no.2

Addressee’s Name: Andris Lapa

House number/ Apartment: 5

Street name/Building name: Jelgavas iela 

Village/City/Town: Aizpute

Amalgamated Municipality: Aizputes nov.

Postal Code/ Zip Code: LV-3456

In roman letters:

“House no.5, street Jelgavas iela, City Aizpute, Amalgamated Municipality Aizputes nov., Postal Code LV-3456, Latvia.”

In the Latvian Language,

“Māja nr.5, iela Jelgavas iela, pilsēta Aizpute, apvienotā pašvaldība Aizputes nov., Pasta indekss LV-3456, Latvija.”


Latvian Post Office

If you encounter any difficulty in finding a post office, you can search it online. Input your address or town in the Post Office Map on the homepage of Latvian Post to discover the nearest post office or postal box. Not only are letters posted through the Latvian post office, but they also transfer payments both abroad and domestically. The Latvian Post office also offers rental of PO boxes, redirecting mail, international mail, express mail, and other financial services.


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