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Epic Mango Languages Review: The #1 Easiest App?

October 22, 2021

Planning to learn a new foreign language but unsure of what resources to use? In this Mango Languages review, we will walk you through the quality of this platform and provide you with our honest opinion on whether it can truly help you improve in your target language. If you are up for some brutal truths about this language learning app, then you have come to the right place! Continue reading below to learn more about what Mango Languages has to offer.

With the sudden rush of excitement in learning a new language, there is no surprise that there is also a rise in the number of available language resources for some of the most popular languages today. In fact, even language tutors are surprised to see that they are fully booked as there seems to be a shift in how we perceive learning languages. Back then, we used to think that language learning was just a hobby, but that proves to be a twisted notion today. Why?

Presently, having proficiency in a foreign language positions you in a much better place professionally. There are seriously tons of companies who are actively growing their team with the hopes of having someone who can help in ensuring that the languages used by the company are on point. After all, there are obscure languages out there with very few speakers, and it is quite difficult to reach out to them if they do not understand your language. For cases like this, having a native speaker who understands the literal translation of words, grammar rules, and contextual meaning of certain expressions is deemed important.

Since you landed in this post, there is a high chance that you probably want to also challenge yourself with other languages which may or may not even be close to your mother tongue. But as you probably know, not all the resources online and those expensive language schools are even worth your time. Only a few will live up to your expectations... could Mango Languages rick all the boxes for your needs? Let's find out today!


Mango Languages Review: What Is This Language Learning App All About?

Mango Languages Review

Mango Languages is an online language learning program that seeks to provide access to incredible lesson content for so many languages. It is an ideal tool for total beginners as it comes equipped with non-overwhelming language courses that are easy to follow and are guaranteed to help you understand new words and expressions based on culture. Mango Languages has been around since 2007, and what makes it different is that it capitalizes on the concept of teaching language learners not just words but also a few cultural-based points to consider.

The app also has a really cool learning process as it has a technology wherein the whole study will be based around your unique learning behaviors. This means that some may instantly face advanced words while others will be supported from the basics to the advanced words. Perhaps, its developers are seriously interested in helping you not just improve your listening skills and conversation skills (using complex sentences) but also develop confidence in speaking.

On top of that, Mango Languages has some type of specialty courses! For instance, you can learn Shakespearean English, Biblical Hebrew, Latin American Spanish, Ancient Greek, and even Haitian, Medical Spanish, and Iraqi Arabic! In short, this language resource has some really good courses under its belt.

One drawback though is that the app does not really provide enough grammar practice. This is a big deal for us, as you cannot really expect to learn languages fully without understanding how to use learned concepts in a complete sentence.

Best Features Of Mango Languages

Mango Languages Review: best features

What makes Mango Languages really cool is that it offers a very structured way of learning most languages. Instead of just providing you with a local library of lessons, it has divided all the lessons into units and chapters to ensure that you are learning items sequentially (using their Learning Pathway). Within the app, you can also see the grammar (known as grammar notes) and conversational goals so that you can prepare yourself with what you are going to learn.

To check for your understanding of the words and phrases discussed in the lesson, you will have to pass the chapter quiz before you proceed to the next chapters. While using the app, you will also be prompted to do certain items tasks using the keyboard or the buttons where you can record your voice and listen to the audio files. You will also have to do the quizzes, which are somewhat similar to Duolingo and Memrise.

Without going outside the app to translate a few words, Mango Languages has also embedded the Google Translate function for its machine translations. However, please never rely on this tool alone, as we all know that the translations from Google are not really as polished as we want them to be.

There are also certain languages that have a movie premiere function. This function is a film-based language learning tool where their team hand-picked films to provide authentic content where your learned words and expressions are also used.

Language Coverage Of Mango Languages

You can unlock only course options based on your subscription. If you choose to pay for the single language version, you will have to choose the language, and you will not have access to all the other languages. But if you do choose to unlock everything, you will get free unlimited access to over 70 languages, including the following:

HindiMalayalamFlamenco DancingKorean
HungarianNorwegianSoccer CelebrationAcademic Study
IcelandicPashtoLatin American SpanishLatin
IndonesianPolishLegalScottish Gaelic
IrishBrazilian PortugueseMedicalSerbian
St Patrick's Day IrishHospitality & TourismRomanceShanghainese
ItalianRomanceSpanish for LibrariansSlovak
Carnival of VeniceSoccer CelebrationText TalkCastilian Spanish
Horse Race of SienaPotawatomiSwahiliTurkish
RomancePunjabi (Pakistani)SwedishTuvan
English LoanwordsRussianTamilUrdu
Mimetic WordsSlangTeluguUzbek

How Much Is Mango Languages?

Wondering about Mango Languages' pricing? Well, it would be a relief to know that this application is available at $7.99 per month for one language or $17.99/mo to unlock all languages. If you do not want to dip your toes right away, it would be best if you sign up for a trial account to get free access to their content and see for yourself if their app is really suited to your needs.


Final Thoughts

fluentu review

Being a native language speaker of another language is great, but having some sort of expertise or at least the basic knowledge in a particular language can seriously help you out in the future. Based on our review, we really enjoyed using Mango Languages, but we do understand that it is not really aligned with the needs of other people looking for something more specific. Aside from that, its pricing is pretty steep, and not many can really afford it right away.

If you are looking for an app that ticks all the boxes and will provide you with amazing lessons created by real native speakers and language professionals, then the Ling App by Simya Solutions will never let you down. So download it today and start learning the right way.

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