LingQ Vs Drops: #1 Best Language Platform?

Have some free time and wonder if it is possible to learn a new language? Learning a foreign language is never easy, and there’s no shortcut to it. But if you are genuinely passionate, then it is time to consider using new learning resources. Are you curious which one of these two apps (LingQ VS Drops) is the best language learning platform to use today? Let us find out in this post!

LingQ Language Learning App: A Short Review

LingQ Language Learning App

LingQ is a language learning application that helps language learners learn a target language at their own pace and style. A learner can have a language exchange tutor, choose audio lessons, select reading materials and online courses that they desire.

The main focus of LingQ is to assist language learners by using one of its features, the machine-learning algorithm, that provides interactive lessons based on their learning styles. LingQ is one of the best language applications among other language apps with a behavior-based approach to teaching new words.

Can LingQ Helps You Become A Native Speaker?

Like other language learning apps, LingQ cannot help language learners to become native speakers of a particular target language. For this reason, this app has limited features in teaching new languages like listening skills or listening practice.

How To Use LingQ

Learners will choose what materials they want to use. The reading material depends on the genre and materials like e-books, podcasts, online video lessons, news, or other media that a learner wants to study.

If you are a learner and want to read other materials not available in LingQ, you can search outside the app and copy and paste it on the app. After that, you will see a blue color highlighted word that means those are the unfamiliar words you need to study and master. By clicking the highlighted word, the app will provide a short and simple description.

You should need to make all those unfamiliar words, or blue color highlighted words turned into yellow with no highlight at any rate. This teaching method will significantly help most language learners quickly master new words.

Features Of LingQ

Below are the great features of LingQ:

  1. LingQ offers 14 foreign languages like French, Italian, Korean, Chinese, Japanese, Polish, Spanish, and 7 others. In addition, some languages have beta programs, including Arabic, Hebrew, Latin, Romanian, Slovak, Ukrainian, and Turkish. You can choose how many languages you want to master.
  2. Has language exchange partners or online tutors that teach language courses and online lessons.
  3. Provides audio recordings from various native speakers like most language apps.
  4. Offers interactive games to master the vocabulary of a specific target language.
  5. Provides reading materials to improve reading skills.
  6. Provides simple definitions and short vocabulary notes.
  7. Has spaced repetition system and speech recognition to assess proper pronunciation.
  8. Equipped with a machine learning algorithm that observed the learning styles of users

Is LingQ A Free App?

Yes, LingQ has a free version but has limited features, unlike the premium version.

LingQ Premium Version And Subscription

Below is the premium subscription of LingQ:

  • The monthly subscription costs $10 in premium account
  • The monthly subscription costs $39 in premium plus account
  • The annual subscription costs $107.88

Pros And Cons Of LingQ

Create your own words (reviewer) and study plan based on your learning styleDisorganized language activities
You can oversee your performance while learning a languageThe complicated graphic user interface in teaching learners
Language exchange partners and online tutors can be reached out through video callsLanguage courses and online lessons from language exchange partners are uneven

Drops Language Learning App: A Short Analysis

Drops Language Learning App

Drops is one of the best language learning apps that concentrate on teaching a particular target language vocabulary. This app has a user-friendly and aesthetic graphic user interface that is excellent for complete beginners.

In short, using this language app is like playing a game while learning your second language and other languages.

Can Drops Help You Become A Native Speaker?

Since Drops is a language learning app that only aims to teach the vocabulary of a specific target language, this might not help learners or even advanced learners to become fluent like native speakers. Aside from that, there are no grammatical activities like speaking practice like conversational skills and listening skills, writing skills that can help improve their language proficiency.

How To Use Drops

You can choose your native language as the default language in learning a foreign language. But suppose you want to start learning vocabulary and proper pronunciation of your target language right away. In that case, you can directly choose your target language as the default language in the app. You can also decide which of these three levels are you in learning a foreign language: Beginner, Intermediate or Advanced level.

Moreover, you can advance to the next level by mastering a new vocabulary and correctly answering some of your flashcards.

Features Of Drops

Below are the fascinating features of Drops:

  1. Scripts app is available in the premium version, which is the alternative and partner language app of Drops. This app provides and teaches different writing systems and writing corrections in a particular target language.
  2. Droplets app is another partner language app that is best for children. This version has a more child-friendly user interface and activities and provides simple learning styles that are appropriate for kids. This app is also available in the premium version.
  3. Offers 43 foreign languages like popular languages and minority languages.
  4. Provides audio recordings and samples of vocabulary words with English translation.

Is Drops A Free App?

Drops have a free version wherein you can only use it for at least 5 minutes every 10 hours. You can also encounter dozens of ads while using this version.

Drops Premium Version And Subscription

Drops offer various promos and discounts sent on your email for you to avail of the premium version. If you subscribe to the premium version of the app, you can access the following:

  • 43 foreign languages are all accessible
  • Ad-free experience
  • Can used without an internet connection
  • Unlimited time in using the application
  • Several lessons are available to choose from
  • The monthly subscription costs $8.49 
  • The annual subscription price costs $69.99
  • The lifetime subscription price costs $159.99

Pros And Cons Of Drops

Pleasing aesthetic design for beginnerProvides easy language activities (does not improve language proficiency)
Easy-to-use language learning appLearning a language is just for a complete beginner
Has adaptive algorithm in learning new vocabulary wordsLimited usage for the free version (5 minutes every 10 hours)

LingQ Vs Drops: Final Thoughts

After giving honest reviews about the two language learning apps, LingQ VS Drops, let’s talk about my final thoughts.

LingQ Vs Drops: Final Thoughts

I will choose the Drops language learning app because, in my opinion, this app is more engaging and user-friendly than the LingQ language learning app. Aside from that, it is more affordable than LingQ.

However, these two language apps are limited in teaching grammatical skills like sentence structures and proper pronunciations. Either of these two apps cannot be used alone to learn languages. You need other language resources and access to alternative language platforms to become a native speaker of your target language. That’s why I recommend you to use one of the best alternative language learning apps.

Best Alternative Language Learning App: Ling App

If you are looking for an alternative language learning application, I suggest you try and download Ling App. Learning languages is made easy using this app.

LingQ Vs Drops Ling App

Ling App by Simya Solutions is one of the best language learning apps in Appstore and Playstore. This user-friendly language app is the best for learning a native language because it provides interactive language activities to learn a new language and vocabulary words. Language activities like mini-games, engaging quizzes, and flashcards are available to teach languages that you like to master since this app offers 60+ different languages.

You can also learn a new vocabulary by reading an educational blog post about your target language written by various native speakers and languages specialists, including topics like culture, history, grammar skills, writing systems, famous vocabulary words, and other language skills. Aside from that, you can read new articles about honest reviews concerning other language applications like FluentU Vs MangoTandem Vs Drops and Ling App Review.

Ready to learn languages in a new way? Hurry and download Ling App now!

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