5+ Spookiest Haunted Locations In Slovakia You Should Visit

When visiting the mountainous central European nation, be aware that you might end up wandering into some scary places and haunted locations in Slovakia. A long and turbulent history due to its position in Europe means Slovakia has more than its fair share of beautiful haunted houses, castles, and buildings.

Easy To Visit Haunted Locations In Slovakia

As one of the smaller countries in central Europe, visiting several haunted locations in Slovakia is a relatively easy thing to do. In this blog, we will explore just a handful of the spookiest places to visit when on a trip to Slovakia.

Čachtice Castle

Once the home of Elizabeth Bathory, or the Blood Countess, Čachtice Castle is situated in a remote corner of Slovakia, perched on the steep side of a mountain overlooking scattered villages below. Although it is now in ruins, its crumbling walls have witnessed a multitude of past horrors.

The towers of Čachtice Castle were put up in the 13th century and have been added to by its many distinguished owners over the subsequent centuries. Possibly the most notorious of its tenants was Elizabeth Bathory, who received the castle as a wedding present in 1575. It is said that Elizabeth was fond of brutally torturing young girls in the dungeons in the depths of the castle. She is said to have drunk and bathed in their blood, believing that doing so would keep her young and beautiful.

The stories and rumours earned Elizabeth the epithets Countess Dracula and Blood Countess. The Guinness Book of Records lists her as the number one serial killer of all time, with the number of her victims estimated at around 650. However, some believe the tales were conjured up by those who were envious of her for being a rich and powerful widow.

Whatever the truth, Elizabeth was eventually arrested for her crimes, charged with being a witch, and condemned to being locked in one of Čachtice Castle’s towers, where she would be incarcerated for the remaining years of her life.

Visitors to Čachtice Castle claim to have witnessed the faceless ghost of Elizabeth wandering the halls. The spectres of her victims are also said to haunt the castle, and witnesses claim to have heard the sobbing of small girls and encountered shadowy apparitions.

If you would like to visit one of the scariest places in Slovakia, Čachtice Castle, and its museum, are situated just outside the quaint town that gives the edifice its name. There are several charming hotels and eateries for those who dare to spend the night.

Haunted Locations In Slovakia

Likava Castle

Likava Castle is another of the spookiest castles to visit while in Slovakia. Built during the 12th century, Likava was later used as a prison for enemy soldiers. The prison was not a nice place to be incarcerated, and the spirits of the murdered soldiers are said to haunt the corridors and underground tunnels of the castle still.

The Black Lady Of St Michael’s Tower

Situated in Bratislava, St Michael’s Tower is best visited at night if the scary stories are to be believed. It is said that, during the darkest hours, the ghost of Ursula, or the Black Lady, can be seen haunting St Michael’s Tower. Legend has it that Ursula was a lady who accused her best friend Agata of being a witch after a falling out over a mutual love interest. As punishment, her friend was burned at the stake. Unable to live with what she had done, Ursula killed herself, and her guilt-burdened soul has haunted the tower ever since.

Those visiting Bratislava should put a trip to St Michael’s close to the top of the list of things to do.

The Executioner’s House

Also located in Bratislava is the spooky Executioner’s House. The locals are wary of walking past the house because it was traditionally the former home of the city’s executioners. Its most notorious resident was Augustin Splinder, who was said to have killed many of the condemned up until 1849.

Haunted Locations In Slovakia

Bratislava Town Hall

Another of Bratislava’s spookiest places is the Town Hall. Among the many stories associated with the building is the tale of a widow and her children who had part of her property taken away by a rich landowner. The man claimed that the widow’s husband had agreed that the land would be returned following his death. The widow is said to have demanded that the landowner swear that this agreement had been made on the bible. He agreed, but as soon as he perjured himself, a demon flew in through the doors of the Town Hall and dragged him away. A portrait of the man can be found on the wall of the Town Hall to this very day.

The Handprints Of St Martin’s Cathedral

The spirit of Johann Klement Zwespenbauer was said to have appeared more than 100 times to Regina Fischer, a teenager from Hallstatt who was staying with her aunt. Johann had been a crook and a thief and had even been involved in a murder while alive. Because of his crimes, Johann’s soul was stuck in Purgatory. His ghost appeared to Regina and asked her to persuade his widow to give up his ill-gotten gains and spend the money on a statue of Mary cradling her son Jesus after he had been taken down from the cross.

Johann’s widow was dubious, so Regina asked him for proof. Angered by the situation, Johann burned his handprint into a beam at St Martin’s. A statue of Mary and Jesus was immediately commissioned and has since been the centerpiece of the Cathedral’s altar. Johann’s handprints can also be seen to this day.

Spooky Words In Slovak

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cacklechichotať sa

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