10 Ways To Wish Someone Happy Birthday In Slovak

Last updated on November 16th, 2022 at 01:19 am

If you have a friend or family member from Slovakia and would like to know how to say Happy Birthday in Slovak or to write a birthday card, you are at the right place! In this blog post, you will have the opportunity to have a look at an exciting birthday and party vocabulary in the Slovak language.

Let’s dive into this story.


How To Say Happy Birthday In Slovak

In Slovakia, when it’s someone’s birthday, it is a big event. The birthday person usually organizes a party, and it’s a tradition that all of the guests bring a present. And now, let’s learn how to wish Happy Birthday in Slovak:

Slovenský jazyk (Slovak Language) Anglický preklad (English Translation)
narodeniny a birthday
meniny a nameday
Všetko najlepšie! All the best!
Všetko najlepšie k narodeninám! All the best for your birthday!
Všetko najlepšie! Happy Birthday!
Gratulujem! Congratulations!
Prajem ti všetko najlepšie! I wish you all the best!
zdravie a health
šťastie a luck
láska a love



Do you want to say or write to a person who is celebrating his or her birthday and convey your good wishes (or to literally, “may you have a happy birthday”)? If your answer is YES, you can find 10 ideas on how to do that:

Chcel som mu popriať všetko najlepšie. (I wanted to say happy birthday to him.)

Všetko najlepšie, princezná, prajeme všetko najlepšie. (Happy birthday, Princess, happy birthday to you.)

Oh, volám len aby som ti znova zaželal šťastné narodeniny a poďakoval za poslednú noc. (Oh, I was just calling to say happy birthday again and thanks for last night.)

Nechceš zavolať Sare a zaspievame jej dvojhlasne ” Všetko najlepšie “? (Do you want to call Sarah and sing ” Happy Birthday ” in a round?)

Ak niekto potrebuje všetko najlepšie, tak je to Michael. (If anyone ever needed a happy birthday, it is Michael.)

Všetko najlepšie, priateľ môj! (Happy birthday, my friend.)

Povedz jej, že som povedal všetko najlepšie k narodeninám. (Tell her I said happy birthday.)

Na blahoželanie je už príliš neskoro? (Is it too late for ” happy birthday “?)

A nezabudnite sa zastaviť u vášho otca a zaželať mu všetko naj k narodkám. (And don’t forget to drop in on your father to wish him happy birthday.) 

Dovolili by ste mi zaželať vám veľmi, veľmi šťastné narodeniny? (Would you allow me to wish you a very, very happy birthday?)


Words You Can Use On A Party In The Slovak Language

Slovenský jazyk (Slovak Language) Anglický preklad (English Translation)
párty a party
oslava a celebration
darček a present, a gift
pozvánka an invitation
torta a birthday cake
koláč a cake
sviečky candles
zábava a fun
hudba a music
tancovať to dance
nápad an idea
téma a theme
hra a game
grilovačka a grill party, a barbecue
grilovať to grill
jedlo a food

Here are some example sentences:

Kto prinesie niečo na jedenie? (Who brings something to eat?)

Kto prinesie niečo na pitie? (Who brings something to drink?)

Kto príde dnes večer? (Who is coming tonight?)

Kto kúpi darček? (Who is going to buy a present?)

Pozývam všetkých mojich priateľov. (I will invite all of my friends.)

In Slovakia, it’s a tradition that people bring flowers together with a present. Let’s see how to say few types of flowers in Slovak: 

Slovenský jazyk (Slovak Language) Anglický preklad (English Translation)
kvety the flowers
karafiát the carnation
gerbery the gerberas
ľalia a lily
levanduľa the lavender
orchidea an orchid
ruže the roses
tulipány the tulips


How to Say Cheers In Slovak

Slovaks are famous for being hard-working and ambitious people. However, they are also known for their interesting drinking culture. Slovaks like to say “Nazdravie!” every time they raise their glasses and with every single shot!

Slovenský jazyk (Slovak Language) Anglický preklad (English Translation)
Nazdravie! Cheers!
panák a shot
alkohol an alcohol
piť to drink
prípitok a toast
mať prípitok to have a toast


Example Dialog For Exercise

Let’s recap the words and phrases you read above through one dialog.

Peter: Ahoj! Ideš na Adamovu narodeninovú párty? (Hi, Are you coming to Adam´s birthday party?)

Anna: Áno. Kto ešte dostal pozvánku? (Yes. Who else got the invitation?)

Peter: Všetci jeho priatelia. Kto donesie jedlo a pitie? Budeme grilovať. (All his friends. Who brings the food and the drinks? We will grill.)

Anna: Ja prinesiem narodeninovú tortu a sviečky. A čo darček? Máš nejaký nápad? (I will bring the birthday cake and the candles. And what about the present? Do you have any idea?)

Peter: Fľaša alkoholu a nejaké kvety. Možno ruže a tulipány? (A bottle of alcohol and some flowers. Maybe roses and tulips?)

Anna: Súhlasím. Nemôžem sa dočkať oslavy. Mám rada hudbu, tancovanie a jedlo. (I agree. I can’t wait for the celebration. I like music, dancing and food.)

Peter: Aj ja. Vidíme sa tam! (Me too. See you there!)

Anna: Do skorého videnia! (See you soon!)


Happy Birthday Song In Slovak

Happy Birthday In Slovak - Happy Birthday song

This is how the Happy Birthday song looks like in the Slovak Language.

“Živijó, živijó, živijó, živijó.

Mnoga ljeta, mnoga ljeta, mnoga ljeta, živijó,

mnoga ljeta, mnoga ljeta, mnoga ljeta, živijó!

Živijó, živijó, živijó.

Mnoga ljeta, zdravi byli, mnogaljeta, živijó.

Mnogaljeta zdravi žili, mnogaljeta,

živijó, živijó, živijó, živijó.” 

Translated to English:

Live, live, live, live.

Many summers, many summers, many summers, live,

many summers, many summers, many summers, live!

Live, live, live.

Many summers, healthy ones, many years, living.

Many healthy veins, many years,

live, live, live, live.


Final Thoughts

So that’s all we have got for you this time. Please feel free to tell us how you liked the Happy Birthday song in Slovak and, more importantly, how your friends reacted to hearing those words.

If you have a friend or family member from Slovakia, it would be a great thing to learn how to wish a happy birthday in Serbian. If that person is young, it would be fantastic for you to remember some Party words and phrases. Trust me, that person would appreciate it very much. I hope that this blog post will help you with that.

Now you have all you need to start practicing your vocabulary. If you would like a little more help along the way, you should consider using Ling App and learn words about transportation or love words and phrases in the Slovak language (for example) in a fun and fast way.

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