87+ Occupations in Slovak: Your Ultimate Guide

Slovakia is an absolutely stunning place to live, especially if you enjoy nature. There are snowcapped mountains, unspoiled lakes and countryside, and tons of winter and summer sports to enjoy. Who wouldn’t want to live here?! Well, if you’re thinking about living here, you should know what occupations in Slovak are to help you search for a job abroad.

In this article we’ll also discuss what it would be like to live and work in Slovakia and even look at how to get a job here.

Let’s begin with some common professions in Slovakia.

What Are Common Jobs in Slovakia

Well, because Slovakia is a modern country it also has all of the typical occupations and job titles that one comes to expect, so there won’t be any surprises here! This means that you could potentially apply for the same job or job field that you’re currently working in and use that work experience to help you stand out above the competition and continue your career.

While it is possible to do a job search in English, it will impress employers if you know a bit of the native language.

Below are translations of the most common jobs in the Slovak language.

Occupations in Slovak

Business Professions in Slovak

Jobs in Slovak
Business Related JobsSlovakPronunciation
Administrative Assistantasistent v administratíve
Business Operations ManagerObchodný prevádzkový manažér
Customer Service RepresentativeZástupca zákazníckeho servisu
Executive AssistantVýkonný asistent
Financial AnalystFinančný analytik
Financial ManagerFinančný manažér
HR SpecialistHR špecialista
Interpreter & TranslatorTlmočník a prekladateľ
Market Research AnalystAnalytik prieskumu trhu
Marketing ManagerMarketingový manažér
Public Relations Specialistšpecialista na styk s verejnosťou
Sales ManagerManažér predaja
Sales RepresentativeObchodný zástupca

Trade Jobs in Slovak

Trade jobs in Slovak
Trade JobsSlovakPronunciation
Auto MechanicAutomechanik
Cement MasonCementový murár
Maintenance & Repair WorkerPracovník údržby a opráv
Construction Managerstavbyvedúci
Construction WorkerStavbár

Technology Sector Job Names in Slovak

tech it jobs in Slovak
IT JobsSlovakPronunciation
Computer ProgrammerPočítačový programátor
Computer Systems AdministratorSprávca počítačových systémov
Computer Systems AnalystAnalytik počítačových systémov
Database AdministratorSprávca databázy
IT ManagerIT manažér
Web DeveloperWeb Developer
Software DeveloperVývojár softvéru

Therapy & Related Job Positions in Slovak

therapists jobs in Slovak
Marriage & Family TherapistManželský a rodinný terapeut
Mental Health CounselorPoradca pre duševné zdravie
Occupational TherapistPracovný terapeut
Physical Therapist AssistantAsistent fyzioterapeuta
School CounselorŠkolský radca
School PsychologistŠkolský psychológ
Social WorkerSociálny pracovník
Speech-Language PathologistJazykový patológ
Substance Abuse CounselorPoradca pre zneužívanie návykových látok

Medical Professions in Slovak

medical professions in Slovak
Medical ProfessionsSlovakPronunciation
Clinical Laboratory TechnicianTechnik klinického laboratória
Dental AssistantZubný asistent
Dental HygienistZubný hygienik
Medical AssistantZdravotnícky asistent
Medical SecretaryLekársky tajomník
Nursing AideOšetrovateľská asistentka
Personal Care AideOsobný asistent
Pharmacy TechnicianLekárenský technik
Physical TherapistFyzioterapeut
Physical Therapist AssistantAsistent fyzioterapeuta
Registered NurseRegistrovaná sestrička

Educational Professions in Slovak

medical professions in Slovak
Elementary School TeacherUčiteľka základnej školy
High School TeacherStredoškolský učiteľ
Preschool TeacherPredškolská učiteľka
Sports CoachŠportový tréner
Teacher AssistantAsistent učiteľa

Other Jobs in Slovak

professions in Slovak
Other ProfessionsSlovakPronunciation
Civil EngineerStavebný inžinier
Delivery Truck DriverVodič dodávky
Insurance AgentPoisťovací agent
Massage TherapistMasážny terapeut
Mechanical EngineerStrojný inžinier
Event PlannerPlánovač udalostí
Real Estate AgentRealitný agent
Restaurant CookReštaurácia Cook
Security GuardPríslušník bezpečnostnej služby

Working In Slovakia

work in Slovakia

Is Slovakia A Good Place To Work?

Slovakia is actually considered to be a high-paying country with a low cost of living.

The majority of high paying jobs are found in the capital city of Bratislava, however even though cost of living is low, it’s relatively higher in this major city.

There are plenty of new jobs available in the service and financial industries which account for nearly half of Slovakia’s economic output. You’ll find many vacancies in these areas.

You’ll also find there’s plenty to do! From excellent shopping to UNESCO world heritage sites (including castles) and lots of nature to explore, you’ll always have something to look forward to.

In addition, the Slovak people are warm and inviting (once you get to know them) and you’ll quickly feel a part of the community.

Highest Paying Jobs in Slovakia (With Salaries)

It’s important to know that if you’re a local, native Bratislavans will have a higher salary than those hired from outside the capital. Expats may command a higher salary as well, but it would help you immensely to be at least bilingual in Slovak or other European languages.

Here’s a list of the highest paying jobs in Slovakia 2022 with expected salaries in Slovakia:

Job TitleJob Title SlovakPronunciationSalary Range
1. Surgeons / DoctorsChirurgovia / Lekári 4,330 EUR to 12,700 EUR
2. JudgesSudcovia3,630 EUR to 10,700 EUR
3. LawyersPrávnici2,940 EUR to 8,660 EUR
4. Bank ManagersManažéri bánk2,770 EUR to 8,150 EUR
5. Chief Executive OfficersGenerálni riaditelia2,600 EUR to 7,640 EUR
6. Chief Financial OfficersFinanční riaditelia2,420 EUR to 7,130 EUR
7. OrthodontistsOrtodontisti2,340 EUR to 6,870 EUR
8. College ProfessorsVysokoškolskí profesori2,080 EUR to 6,110 EUR
9. PilotsPiloti1,730 EUR to 5,090 EUR
10. Marketing DirectorsMarketingoví riaditelia1,560 EUR to 4,580 EUR

How To Get a Job in Slovakia

Actually, to find a new job or position in Slovakia isn’t any different from other Western or economically developed nations. You can search online job portals to find available positions. Interested employers will reach you either directly, or through these websites.

Once you get a job, your employer will help with the visa and hiring process.

Visa Process For New Hires

Well, if you’re already a citizen of the European Union (EU), you have nothing to worry about because Slovakia is too! This means you can work there freely without a visa.

However, if you are from outside the EU, you’ll need your employer to apply for a work permit for you. Then you’ll need to apply for a residence visa to remain in the country.

What Taxes Can You Expect To Pay In Slovakia?

If you’re working in Slovakia, then you will have to pay taxes.* Taxation rates start from about 15% and go up to 50%. The amount depends on your annual wages and income and taxes are paid annually.

*Some tips:

  • Check to see if your home country has a taxation agreement with Slovakia. This means that if you pay taxes in one country, you don’t have to pay it in both.
  • Always keep signed proof that you paid taxes and of tax documentation
  • Be aware – you can’t leave Slovakia is you haven’t paid your taxes

Ways To Continue To Learn Slovak

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