LingQ Review: 6 Reasons Why It’s A Crazy Good App

There is no denying that now is the best time to take a few online lessons related to a foreign language. With lots of language resources, it’s almost impossible not to find something that will suit your needs, expectations, and learning styles. In this LingQ review, we will discuss whether this app is “the one” for you and what makes it a highly recommended platform.

Are you looking forward to a productive week? You might wonder what activities you can do when you’re done with your work or school. Perhaps, some of you are looking to take a few lessons on computer programming, enter culinary school, or earn a new professional certificate. But if you are interested in something that can help you grow personally and professionally, we highly recommend that you consider language learning.

Now, if you are genuinely interested in starting to learn a language during your free time, you can look for free online resources online or enroll in paid language learning programs (online or on-site). One example of a website quickly becoming one of the most recommended ones is LingQ by Steve Kaufmann. LingQ is a platform equipped with unique features built to help users of all levels. This app got you covered from podcasts and excerpts of news articles to quizzes and other fresh learning materials! Let’s learn more with this LingQ review. 

What Is LingQ All About?

LingQ Review logo

LingQ (pronounced as link) is an app built to help you progress your language skills correctly without having to commit to actual classes or language teachers. It will also not require you to use or purchase textbooks as it aims to be your all-in-one app. Furthermore, by subscribing to their service, you will have instant access to their diverse collection of written and audio content that is guaranteed to help language learners quickly.

Aside from the language learning features, it also allows learners to connect with a language exchange partner. Through this, learners can practice all the lessons they learned from the app and how it is used in real-life interactions through the exchange program with a 100% real native speaker. But if you are not confident in your language skills, you will be surprised by LingQ’s lessons. It targets reading, speaking, writing, listening, and vocabulary building.

From the way we see it, this app is perfect for beginner language learners interested in training themselves in reading and listening. Of course, this might not work for many, but if you start from scratch, focusing on these two areas can help you position yourself for language learning success.

What Is It For? LingQ is a language learning app focusing on extensive activities and reading materials. You’ll learn languages differently that won’t make the lessons boring.

Languages Offered: 42 languages

The selection of languages you can learn from LingQ is expanding but still lacks a few languages, which means that it might not work for everyone. As of writing this LingQ review, you can start learning a language from this app if your target languages are:

Portuguese (Brazilian and European)Mandarin ChineseRussianSwedish

LingQ Beta Languages

Traditional ChineseCantoneseMalayGujarati

Level: Upper Beginner And Intermediate Learners


  • Learning with videos enhances visual learning skills
  • Use LingQ to learn from topics you love
  • Wide variety of languages to learn than other language learning tools
  • Sharing your knowledge with the LingQ community
  • Import or export your vocabulary
  • Help other learners by importing your lessons


  • Too much going on in the interface
  • Some features are only available on the desktop version
  • Lack of practice elements for writing and speaking skills
  • LingQ is too expensive
  • Lack of grammar tips

How Does LingQ Work?

Before we give you the best part of this LingQ review, we have to zoom in on how the app works. You just need to sign up for an account, choose a language you want to learn, and you’re good to go. Using the app to register shows you a fun and interesting definition of what LinQ (link) means. Upon registering, you’ll be prompted with an introduction on which topics you want to hear or study. You can choose which lesson to work with or listen to podcasts, videos, and audio files. The topics’ language level is flexible to suit what you can understand. 

If you’re familiar with the platform FluentU and Lingopie, it uses almost the same style in learning a new language. But we’ll look more into that later.

An Overview Of LingQ Design And Interface

LingQ Review Desktop version

The desktop and the premium version have the same content and settings you can look around and play with. At first glance, you’ll find all the lessons according to which level you selected when signing up. You’ll also have a separate section for “Continue Studying” according to “Lessons” or “Courses.”

The standard sections of LingQ include trending videos, which are user-tailored and popular videos. Next includes mini-stories or bite-sized short stories about travel, health, family, and more. Lastly, it includes the complete guided course for the language you want to focus on.

The next sections depend on your chosen topics: news, entertainment, music, culture, and more. You’ll also keep track of your goals using their activity streak and statistics dashboard.

Versatile Features Of LingQ: Our 6 Best Picks

LingQ Review Additional Features

You may not know where to start with a huge platform such as LingQ. Certain features are loved by its loyal subscribers that you can enjoy. There is much to talk about, from their vocabulary systems to their use of a credible learning system. With these six exciting features, find out how you can use LingQ to expand your language learning journey.

Uses Comprehensible Input

Inevitably, conversations with a local speaker are so fast that you don’t understand every word. But did you know that this is a natural way to learn a language? LingQ seeks to immerse its users in what an actual conversation sounds like. Comprehensible input is convenient as LingQ’s ways to help you get used to language acquisition. Their lessons enable the students to acquire a native-sounding pronunciation, develop a language ear, and hear words and phrases spoken in real situations.

Tutors For Feedback and One-On-One Lessons

Suppose you are more interested in getting real-time feedback from someone who understands the language you are learning well. In that case, LingQ offers tutoring services, an ad-hoc tutoring program for verified LingQ members. Similar to language learning platforms like iTalki and Verbling, LingQ allows other tutors to have one-on-one language lessons with other students.

Of course, depending on your budget and availability, you’ll have to sift through the tutors and find the right person. There’s also no guarantee that the quality of the teaching is the same as other online language teaching platforms.

An Interactive Page Using Vocabulary Building Tool

LingQ Vocabulary Learning Tools

The cream-of-the-crop in LingQ’s program revolves around their vocabulary-building tool. Their main learning points focus on how to learn unknown words through context clues. You can select the blue words and choose what it means. Known words are those you have already heard and will not be part of your vocabulary data.

Many experienced language enthusiasts feel that LingQ excels in its effective use of banking words for you to create a list of it. With a premium subscription, you’ll unlock more LingQs so you can save more words for your next learning session.

Authentic materials From Native Speakers

Authentic language learning comes in different forms. But, you don’t need to always risk yourself in finding new language partners on the internet. With LingQ, they include every material available on the internet and incorporate it into their platform. You’ll get news straight from the country of your desired language. If you’re a beginner, you can choose to learn from cartoons or read children’s books instead.

Control How You Listen To the audio files

I feel that many language apps forget this significant feature in audio lessons. LingQ takes advantage of this feature by allowing you to fast-forward an audio 10 seconds after or go back 10 seconds before. It is beneficial for people that need to listen to the words more precisely, especially the tone and pronunciation.

Help other learners by importing your lessons too

Helping others learn languages is a great way to keep yourself motivated too. So, what if your native language is Serbian and the LingQ app lacks a better explanation for some lessons? You can import your lessons about specific grammar rules and pronunciation that others will surely enjoy.

Yet, this feature is both an advantage and disadvantage. It will be excellent if the users review their lessons before sharing them with others, as there are reports of inconsistencies and grammar mistakes that may hinder the potential of this feature.

Who Is LingQ For?

Do you need a language learning platform that provides you with all the necessary tools for learning? Do you like listening to podcasts or listening to short stories? How about creating your learning path using a list of words from your vocabulary? LingQ is an all-in-one language learning app that encourages everyone not to limit themselves with flashcards or memorization techniques. Suppose you like audio files to listen to while on the go; you can do it with LingQ. They also incorporate plugins to help you understand the context of what you read, such as news articles and reports. You can even use LingQ to study using Youtube videos as it will translate words and pinpoint vocabulary you encounter while watching. 

How Much Does LingQ Cost?

With an expanded and versatile app comes the cost, so the biggest question remains – is LingQ worth it? It may sound too good to be true initially, but LingQ is convenient to use as a free language app. The free version of LingQ contains thousands of hours of audio scripts, videos, and reading materials. As we all know, everything related to “language learning” can be on a pricier spectrum since it is considered highly specialized. Unfortunately, LingQ does not have a free trial version to unlock their Premium or Premium Plus.

If you’re willing to invest in learning your target language, here are the prices you’ll encounter with LingQ Premium and Premium Plus.

MonthPremiumPremium Plus
1 Month$12.99 / Month$39.99 / Month
6 Months$11.99 / Month ($71.94 / 6 Months)$38.99 / Month ($233.94 / 6 Months)
12 Months$8.99 / Month ($107.88 / 12 Months)$35.99 / Month ($431.88 / 12 Months)
24 Months$7.99 / Month ($191.76 / 24 Months)$34.99 / Month ($839.76 / 24 Months)

They also have ongoing discounts for their Premium and Premium Plus subscriptions. You can also get a referral code or discount coupons to buy their premium services. So, if you have a friend who uses LingQ or you want to share your learning experience with them, you can give away that code.

Why LingQ Excels As A Language Learning App

Learning With Videos That Enhances Visual Learning skills

Opposite HiNative, LingQ has various visual learning skills to try. Do you want to use the same videos for your learning pattern? LingQ enables users to have a playlist to keep track of words they need to memorize. You’ll find the audio version in this interface, but you can select “Open Lesson” for the vocabulary-building tool.

Visual learning tools are one of the hottest approaches for learning something new. Almost every content creator right now maximizes video streaming as part of giving back to the community the skills they’ve learned. And as such, learning through video clips with LingQ is not an exception.

Switch From Dark Mode, Sentence Mode, Or Full-Text Mode

Apps need to be handy and in-tune with graphical advancements. LingQ knows how to capture its audience through its settings. Besides, did you know that user experience affects the learning process? When learning vocabulary-building tools, you can quickly switch from sentence mode to full text for better reading and listening.

Wide Variety of languages to Practice

What more can you ask from LingQ when they have 42 languages you can switch to freely? Learn from Indonesian to Gujarati or try their other beta languages. The best part is you’ll not lose your progress in any of these lessons, so you can enjoy a seamless learning journey.

Sharing your knowledge with the LingQ community

Keeping yourself motivated alone is hard. If you want an active community that can help you learn languages for free, explore more with LingQ. Like Busuu, learners can give feedback to people that need help. Choose from Forums, Challenges, Writing Exchange, or become a LingQ librarian. You can even help translate some of the materials or suggest a language you want to learn.

Import or Export Your Vocabulary

Another advantage that LingQ has over its competitors, like FluentU and Lingopie, is that it incorporates features guaranteed to work according to research in language learning. For instance, using quiz formats (also known as Lingq’s vocabulary building tools) like multiple choice, cloze, flashcards, and dictation are perfect. Especially if your goal is to increase how many new words you know.

If you have trouble reviewing words with their platform and figure you want to learn from other websites, you can also export the vocabulary instantly!

Shortfalls That LingQ Needs To Work With

Too much going on in the interface

For an app that has pretty much everything on its plate, LingQ will inevitably look all over the place. I pretty much dislike how everything seems so cluttery and messy. Especially, their valuable feature, vocabulary tools, is hard to get used to. In general, many language learners feel that the app needs a better way to organize the sections. LingQ is aware of the matter and continues to make its app cleaner.

Some features are only available on the desktop version

You may think you’re experiencing a bug and ask yourself, “where are the community and tutors tabs on my LingQ app? Before you send that community support email, you’ll have to switch to the desktop version. This gap can be a hassle, especially when using the mobile version and traveling. Or if you don’t have access to a laptop or desktop.

Prices are too expensive

Many users feel that the LingQ platform is way too pricey, even if the features are worth it. It does not even give you the 7-day free trial without paying for the subscription first. Other language learning programs offer the same learning experience at a cheaper cost. LingQ ensures its features are constantly updated according to the user’s needs to compensate for the cost.

Practice Exercises For Writing And Speaking Skills Are Inadequate

LingQ excels in its various forms of language learning materials. Yet, they have too few resources for writing the scripts of certain languages like Korean, Japanese, Mandarin Chinese, and several beta languages. Understandably, these languages are not fully furnished. But, if you’re looking to practice the Serbian alphabet, you might have to look for an alternative to LingQ.

Furthermore, speaking exercises are not so evident. You may just have to repeat what you hear as there is no guide to practice your pronunciation in many parts of their lessons.

Lack of Grammar Tips

Grammar tips are not supposed to be bonuses in language lessons. Many language outlines include grammar tips as there will be many complete beginners in language courses. Although, as mentioned earlier, comprehensible input is their primary learning method. Hence, it may take time to get used to if you’re just a beginner and don’t have any ideas about what you’re looking at.

A Straightforward Reason On Why You Should Try Out LingQ

LingQ Review

Are you still stuck on whether this app is perfect for your needs? Coming from Steve Kaufman, the most excellent way to use LingQ is to develop your learning patterns. As the owner and inventor of the LingQ method, he knows how important it is to have a structured learning path. In this way, he guarantees that every session the users will have is productive. Aside from plainly answering questions from the LingQ courses, you will be challenged to master new words and focus on topics that matter to you.

What can be improved? Their dashboard set-up. If you like seeing everything on just one screen, then LingQ may be your pick. But, it is crucial to have only relevant topics and lessons on your screen. The distractions will make it hard to keep up with the pace.

Nevertheless, LingQ provides everything in one go. You’ll undoubtedly develop your reading and listening skills in a few months of daily practice.

Ready To Improve In Your Target Language? Boost Yourself With Ling!

LingQ Review by Ling App

As we reach this part of the LingQ review, we hope you were able to learn more about its features and whether it will work well for you based on your requirements. As we have highlighted here, the platform is excellent for accessing beginner lessons and if you are passionate about improving your vocabulary and listening comprehension. For example, a Thai podcast will help you speak, write, read, and think like an actual Thai native.

The free version is pretty good as a sampler, but you cannot rely on it alone. Tons of features are unavailable for the free account. What’s more, there are only a few lessons if you are not using the premium account. The paid version allows you unlimited access to premium lessons and exciting content. We firmly believe it is a great language learning software but not perfect.

If you are after learning multiple languages, the Ling App can provide you with a better range of lessons. Check us out on the App Store and Play Store, and start your new language lessons with Ling today!

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