6 Best Serbian Online Courses Available In 2023!


Choosing a Serbian language course that suits you can feel like an uphill struggle, as there is so much on offer. We at the Ling app understand this completely, which is why we’ve been checking out the best Serbian online courses currently available in order to do the heavy lifting for you.

Let’s kick things off by saying what an excellent choice you have made in choosing to learn the Serbian language. This South Slavic language is spoken across Serbia and its neighbors Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and Montenegro, which is quite a large chunk of the Balkan Peninsula. Even if Serbian is not the easiest language to master, it’s certainly up there as one of the most rewarding.

Why Learn Serbian

By learning the Serbian language, you will become a member of an elite group of around 12 million European language speakers who are ‘diagraphic.’ This means you will use both the Latin and Cyrillic alphabets. Although this may seem strange, these writing systems are interchangeable, as neither alphabet predominates the other (except in a legal context, where Cyrillic is always used).

Currently, it is a matter of personal preference, and up to the individual to decide which alphabet they want to use. When you visit Serbia, you are likely to find that the Latin alphabet is viewed as the more cosmopolitan choice, and the Cyrillic alphabet is associated with more traditional sentiments. Unfortunately for the government and those with nationalist sentiments, Cyrillic might be fighting a losing battle against its rival because the Latin alphabet is easier to use on smartphones and computers.

The whole dual alphabet thing makes learning Serbian a challenging language even before we get into the complex grammar structure, the seven cases, and the gender of nouns. But don’t let that put you off; most languages have tricky quirks that take a bit of time and effort to get the hang of, but isn’t that what makes learning them so much fun?

That is why we at Ling have sifted through the Serbian language courses available online. We want to make it easier to find the one that will have you speaking like a native in no time!

Best Serbian Online Courses

Here are our picks of the best courses out there to help you learn Serbian online:

CourseWhy Is It Best?Price
LingBest All-Round CourseStarts at $14.99 per month (Free Trial Available)
CudooBest Certified CourseFrom $12.99 per course.
DropsBest Graphics-Based CourseStarts at $13.00 per month.
iTalkiBest Conversational CourseFrom $5.00 to $40.00 per hour.
MangoBest Personalized CourseFrom $7.99 per month.
TandemBest Immersive Learning CourseFree to sign up and use. Tandem Pro subscription costs $13.99 per month.

The Ling App: Best All-Round Course

First up is the Ling app. With this app, you will learn Serbian by listening to native speakers, so your pronunciation will be perfect from the get-go. An AI chatbot also gives you the opportunity to practice your conversation, which allows you to build up a bank of words and phrases you can then use when speaking to real people.

A focus on gamification means the Ling app always adds a fun aspect to the language learning process. You’ll find plenty of interactive games and quizzes that guide you through different topics, test your ability, and assess the progress you are making on your quest to speak Serbian.


  • Interactive chatbot to improve your pronunciation and conversation.
  • Tools to help you improve all aspects of the language including reading, writing, and comprehension.
  • Free blogs that cover every aspect of Serbian society and culture.
  • Mini-games and amusing quizzes that will encourage you to keep learning and let you know how well you are progressing.

Customer Review

★ 5.0

“This is an incredible app. I consider myself to be language-challenged (even in my native tongue, sometimes!), but the programmers have made this app fun, and challenging, but possible. I don’t plan on mastering Thai by any means, but this will help me understand and speak better if I have my way and get to visit someday. Thank you, the Ling app developers, for your time spent in creating this fun application.” – Megan Kizer

Devices: Android, iPad, iPhone, and Web.


  • Monthly subscription: $14.99 per month (free trial available).
  • Annual subscription: $79.99 ($6.67/ month).
  • Lifetime subscription: $149.99.

Cudoo: Best Certified Course

Cudoo offers three levels of Serbian courses plus one for business Serbian, and there is also an option to get all four of them as a bundle. You’ll find that when completing each course, you will receive a certificate to share on your CV or social media. What’s more, their courses are completely self-paced, so they are suitable for both fast learners and those who wish to take their time.


  • Tailored to language learners who want to master Serbian at their own pace.
  • Focuses on pronunciation, vocabulary, and learning phrases for key topics.
  • On completion of the course, you will be sent a certificate.
  • Cudoo provides access to their library of courses to some charities, nonprofits, and public libraries for free.

Customer Review


“Amazing, just Amazing. Cudoo is great and fun platform. because of it, I have been able to keep learning languages online while on the move. It’s so amazing how many courses are available and are very interactive. I highly recommend it.” – Anna

Devices: Web.


  • Individual Serbian courses: $12.99 each.
  • Bundle with all four courses: $24.99.

Drops: Best Graphics-Based Course

Drops uses eye-catching graphics and fast-paced lessons to teach vocabulary quickly. The idea is that through visual association, words and expressions will quickly become burned into your brain. Drops also provides high-quality audio recorded by native speakers, so you will ensure perfect pronunciation from your very first lesson. For premium subscribers, the Drops mobile app works even if you are offline, meaning you can continue learning wherever you are.


  • Exciting graphics and sounds get you hooked and keep you interested while learning loads of vocabulary.
  • The review Dojo, once unlocked, keeps track of the words you are having difficulty with so you can concentrate on getting them right.
  • A handy feature helps you master the script, which is particularly useful when learning Serbian.
  • You can access the Serbian course for 5 minutes every 10 hours, so you can get a feel for it before committing any cash.

Customer Review


“I love this app! Absolutely love this app, it is a great way to learn a language by keeping it simple yet interactive at the same time.” – Drops user

Devices: Android, iPad, iPhone, and Web.


  • Free version: Restricted to 5 minutes every 10 hours.
  • Monthly: $13.00
  • Yearly: $69.99
  • Lifetime: $159.99

iTalki: Best Conversational Course

By connecting students with a Serbian language teacher, iTalki provides the means to tailor your lessons with a tutor to suit your schedule, your level of learning, and your budget. There are hundreds of teachers available, so you can find the one that is right for you. You’ll find many available teachers for Serbian, with different backgrounds, ratings, certifications, and prices.


  • Hundreds of teachers to pick and choose from, so you are guaranteed to find a tutor you click with.
  • Access the iTalki Community to ask questions and chat with other students and tutors outside the classroom.
  • You will find a wide range of lessons, from conversation practice, reading, writing, business, lessons for kids, and many more.
  • Teachers speak different languages aside from the one you’re learning, which can be an advantage to learners from different backgrounds.

Customer Review


“My first experience on italki. I have heard about italki million times before I tried it. Teachers and students recommend it for learning languages. Now I know it is worth it! The platform offers lots of teachers and tutors, classes and opportunities that make your linguistic journey much more comfortable. I could find a great teacher for my purpose surprisingly quickly and now I have individual classes. One day we needed to reschedule our lesson that was easy to do. I would say that a classroom in italki is absolutely awesome!” – Natalia

Devices: Android, iPad, iPhone, and Web.


  • The cost ranges from $5.00 to $40.00 per hour, depending on the tutor.

Mango: Best Personalized Course

Mango Languages teaches Serbian through algorithms designed to offer a personalized language learning experience. Lessons are tailored to the current skill level of each student, and a review system helps them reinforce their progress. Lessons are a mix of reading and listening activities, and a conversation-based methodology helps users learn all aspects of the language.


  • Native speaker recordings and AI-generated audio allow you to take part in conversations in a culturally correct context.
  • Mango’s Daily Review System adds key phrases and vocabulary to your deck of flashcards so you can review your progress.
  • Mango focuses on building the necessary skills for true language learning: vocabulary, grammar, pronunciation, culture, comprehension, and retention.

Customer Review

“This is great. Started on Duolingo but really wanted to learn more phrases in my language. This is excellent and what I was looking for. I have it as an app on my phone as well as my kindle. I get it free through my library, and I am really happy with it.” – RLF

Devices: Android, iPad, iPhone, Kindle.


  • Single Language: $7.99 / month
  • All Languages: $17.99 / month
  • Enterprise: Custom prices are available by contacting them.

Tandem: Best Immersive Learning Course

Although not necessarily a language course, Tandem is a great supplement for anyone serious about learning the Serbian language and culture. By joining the Tandem community, members are able to find native Serbian speakers to practice their conversation with. What is required in return is that you help your partner converse in your language. A vetting procedure ensures that only people interested in improving their linguistic skills are allowed onto the platform.


  • Allows students to practice their conversations with real-life Serbian speakers.
  • A large community of like-minded learners.
  • A safe and secure platform so members can communicate with complete confidence.

Customer Review


“This app is seriously the best! It’s so crazy to meet people from the other side of the world! It’s great for improving languages because you are talking to real people. 11/10 would recommend.” – Nimah

Devices: Android, iPad, iPhone, and Web.


  • Free version: access to the most important features.
  • Tandem Pro subscription: $13.99 per month, $31.99 for 3 months, or $79.99 for 12 months.

Have We Missed Any Of The Best Serbian Online Courses?

Although we at Ling app try our very best to keep up with the latest Serbian learning tools available, there may be some we have missed. Rest assured, we will keep an eye out for other courses as they become available.

If you are still looking for a Serbian online course that covers all the bases, why not start learning Serbian with the Ling app? It’s a tried and trusted language platform featuring more than 60 languages as well as Serbian. All of Ling’s lessons have been created by native speakers, and interactive games and quizzes make sure learning even a tricky tongue like Serbian is fun.

But don’t take my word for it; try the Ling app for yourself at Google Play or the App Store.

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