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Looking for opportunities to learn skills as well as a new language can have many challenges. It is rare to find a platform that offers courses that are both accredited and provide certificates. In this Cudoo review, we’ll find out the details this venture has to offer, who it is meant for, and what features make it unique.

Offering language learning materials for up to 160 languages and online courses specific to building soft skills, the Cudoo learning platform seems like a one-stop center of learning. This should interest anyone out there who is working on improving themselves by learning new skills and popular languages.

Cudoo offers e-learning courses and has gained many positive reviews from its users. The skills and languages are offered in exclusive bundles with a certificate provided upon course completion. Cudoo aims to make learning accessible and convenient for individuals worldwide. The courses on the platform are designed to be self-paced, allowing users to learn at their convenience and progress through the materials at their preferred pace. It also offers interactive lessons, quizzes, and assessments to aid in the learning process.

But could this app be the best out there? Let’s find out!

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What Is Cudoo?

Cudoo is an e-learning platform that was created in 2016. Its purpose is to provide online courses and training in various subjects to help individuals acquire new skills and knowledge. The platform offers a wide range of courses across different categories, such as languages, professional development, computer skills, entrepreneurship, and more.

Cudoo was developed by, a US-based company that specializes in providing e-learning solutions. They create and offer various online learning platforms and products aimed at improving skills and knowledge in different areas. According to them, the purpose of creating this platform was to provide accessible and affordable education to individuals worldwide.

In March 2022, Edusity purchased Cudoo and now functions under it. The co-founders, Arvind Betala and Vishal Shah, believe in education equity and strive for that by providing language courses and highly recommended skills to equip people all over the world.

In this Cudoo review, we’ll take a look at what an e-learning institution looks like, including the language courses, Cudoo cost, and the quality of learning materials. The aim is to get a complete understanding of it and know if it’s meant for you.

What is it for? Learners and workers seeking to learn a new language or skill; several courses are certified, and some have accredited certification.

Languages Offered: 160 languages.

Level: Beginner to Advanced learners.

There are several potential benefits of using Cudoo to learn languages or soft skills. Here are some pros and cons:

Diverse selection of language courses and soft skillsLimited direct interaction with instructors or native speakers
Self-paced learningBundle courses not available in the app
Accessible and convenient with 24/7 online accessVarying depth of content and specialization across courses
Engaging learning experience with interactive elementsOccasional inconsistencies, errors, or outdated information in materials
Certifications provided upon course completionAdditional effort required for language exchange or networking outside the platform
Affordable option compared to traditional classes or in-person trainingRelies on stable Internet connection for effective usage

Who Is Cudoo For?

Cudoo can be beneficial for a wide range of individuals who are seeking to learn languages or develop soft skills. The format suits individuals who prefer learning at their own speed and have the discipline to manage their study schedule. Self-directed learners can benefit from the platform’s flexibility to tailor their learning experience according to their needs and availability.

Professionals with demanding schedules can also appreciate Cudoo’s flexibility and accessibility. They can fit their language learning or soft skills development around their work commitments, allowing them to enhance their skills without sacrificing their professional responsibilities.

Cudoo appeals to individuals with a passion for continuous learning and personal development. It offers diverse courses, allowing lifelong learners to explore new languages, acquire new skills, and expand their knowledge across various fields of interest.

Not to forget, Cudoo’s online nature makes it an excellent option for learners who face geographical constraints. Whether living in remote areas or lacking access to language or skill training locally, Cudoo provides an opportunity to learn from anywhere with an internet connection.

The platform’s affordability makes it a suitable choice for individuals who are seeking cost-effective language learning or skill development options. It provides access to a range of courses at a fraction of the cost of traditional in-person classes or workshops. Some may still feel it is too expensive, but looking at the vast amount of courses, the bundles, and lifelong accessibility make it an economical choice.

Cudoo’s courses often cater to beginner and intermediate learners, providing a solid foundation in languages and soft skills. It can be particularly valuable for those starting their language learning journey or looking to build a strong base in various skill areas.

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How Does Cudoo Work?

The name “Cudoo” has a playful and catchy quality to it. It’s short, easy to pronounce, and has a certain level of uniqueness that can make it memorable for users. As there is no free option, you sign up and pay for the course to even access your first lesson. There is a 14-day window for unsatisfied customers to get their money back if this is not for them.

The homepage brings you to a host of courses and languages to learn. This variety allows learners to choose from multiple languages or areas of personal and professional development, enabling them to acquire new skills or enhance existing ones.

You select your course for language or skill learning and then keep going on your time. This flexibility allows individuals to learn according to their availability and preferred learning style, accommodating busy schedules and different learning paces.

Courses are certified but do not say which level you have accomplished; it’s more like participation rather than evidence of proficiency or ability. Certifications can be included on resumes, LinkedIn profiles, or shared with employers and educational institutions.

The prices of courses start from just under $5. This affordability makes learning accessible to a broader audience, which was the Co-founders’ goal. Unfortunately, in-depth and advanced topics are unavailable for certain languages or skill areas, limiting the platform’s suitability for learners seeking specialized or advanced instruction.

In fact, for every purchased course, a course is offered or donated for free by Cudoo for anyone who requires it but cannot afford to buy it. But as Cudoo always needs the internet to continue the learning process, this may result in limited access.

A downside to Cudoo can be the lack of networking with instructors, peers, or professionals in the field, which can be valuable for language practice, feedback, and career development. Although it has several promising aspects, getting into community learning through the platform is not yet one of them.

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Cudoo User Interface And Design

Cudoo has a simple user interface with intuitive navigation, making it easy for learners to find courses, access materials, and track their progress. Clear and organized menus, search functionalities, and easy-to-understand icons add to the user experience.

The color schemes are simple and maybe a little bit back-dated, but they serve their purpose all the same. Graphics are also simple and may play a small part in enhancing user engagement and motivation.

The course information is clear, and everything is organized and logical. Accessibility of info is similar on the desktop as in the app. Purchasing options on the app are different; we will cover them in a bit!

6 Helpful Features In Cudoo

The fact that Cudoo is so focused on spreading knowledge across regions by providing so much information at a low cost is quite commendable. Here are some features that may make you say, “Kudos, Cudoo!”

  1. Diverse Course Catalog: A wide range of courses covering various subjects, such as languages, professional development, technology, business skills, and more. A rich course catalog allows learners to choose topics that align with their interests and professional goals.
  2. Interactive Learning Material: Engaging and interactive learning materials, including videos, quizzes, assessments, and interactive exercises, enhance the learning experience and promote active participation.
  3. Progress Tracking: Built-in tools track learners’ progress throughout the courses, providing feedback on completed modules, quizzes, and assessments. Progress tracking helps learners monitor their advancement and identify areas for improvement.
  4. Personalized Learning Paths: Customizable learning paths allow learners to set their goals, choose courses based on their skill levels and interests, and progress at their own pace. Personalized learning paths cater to individual needs and learning preferences.
  5. Mobile Accessibility: Availability of mobile applications or a responsive design that enables learners to access the platform and learn on various devices, including smartphones and tablets. Mobile accessibility offers flexibility and convenience, enabling learning anytime and anywhere.
  6. Certification: The perfect example is the TEFL Certificate, among many others offered in Cudoo. It is definitely a helpful feature in equipping the learner with proof of skill and knowledge.
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How Much Does Cudoo Cost?

Cudoo language courses and soft skills courses all vary in price. The lowest one is $4.99, and if courses are bought in bundles, the prices are much lower for a huge amount of content. The bundles will cost up to $199.00.

The TESOL/TEFL course is $240.00, as it also provides accreditation. The other courses on Health and Safety, Entrepreneurship, and so on are all at $24.99. Again, there is no free trial on Cudoo. You have to pay first, resulting in lifetime access to the material. There is an option for money returns in case this is not what you were looking for.

Overall, the prices seem reasonable for the quantity of materials and resources being offered.

3 Positives About Cudoo

My thoughts on Cudoo remain somewhat positive, not for the language skills but more for the soft skills platform.

  • As someone who’d like to try something new or learn a new skill, Cudoo is quite promising. It offers a lot of content on one topic, and entrepreneurs can benefit greatly from this.
  • I liked the humanitarian aspect behind this platform, which offers courses for free with each purchase. I feel like I am contributing to helping someone learn or gain knowledge for free.
  • It is good for beginners and pre-beginners to have lifetime access to the content. That way, you can go back and review the materials again over time.

3 Areas To Work On

  • For the serious learner, this is not the right platform. In-depth learning is not offered, and you will need to supplement this with other learning options to achieve your targets.
  • There are translation errors and also redundant and incorrect material. Basic information is covered. Language learners will not get a variety of information.
  • For those learners who are seeking a challenge, they may feel this platform is inadequate and overpriced for what it offers.

Cudoo Review: In Conclusion!

My overall experience with Cudoo is that it helps to start something you are unsure about yet but want to try. It is affordable and a good place to start a learning journey.

The bundles are great, and if you are trying to achieve a bucket list, this is an easy way to do so. You have a way to learn things you wanted to learn but never had the chance to. It also has great and positive comments from people trying to learn skills while being stuck at home during the pandemic. Additionally, its lifetime access allows you to go back and relearn skills that you want to retain but are not always using.

The excellent humanitarian side is, as we mentioned, that they donate a course for every purchased one. Therefore, those who cannot afford these courses still have a chance to learn a language or soft skills for a business.

It’s worth mentioning that you cannot purchase bundles on the app and that the TEFL certification has a 7-day money-back guarantee and has built quite some recognition.

In conclusion, it’s good to try out a new course for just US$19.99 and then see how it works for you. Plus, it allows you to access over 800 courses, which is a good deal!

Similar platforms to Cudoo regarding language learning are Utalk and Memrise, with prices being very similar for all three. For skill learning, there are LinkedIn Learning and Udemy Business. But for learners seeking a free trial, as well as a comprehensive, in-depth language course in the form of an app, Ling may be the answer! Read on to find out more about it!

Keep learning using language apps

Learn Languages Using Ling

For serious language learners, we recommend a gamified learning platform called Ling. If you know the specific language you want to learn, then we can accompany you on this journey. With it, you can choose from a range of 62 languages, from common to uncommon ones. From Latvian to Bosnian, Malayalam to Korean – numerous exercises and lessons are waiting for you.

Immerse yourself in interactive learning materials inside Ling, including videos, audio recordings, exercises, and quizzes. These dynamic resources are just the beginning! Ling goes a step further by incorporating voice recognition technology, allowing you to practice and perfect your speaking, reading, writing, and listening skills.

Don’t wait any longer to achieve your language learning goals! Choose Ling today and unlock the world of new languages. Download the app from the App Store or Google Play Store and embark on an extraordinary language-learning adventure!

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