No Bulgarian On Duolingo? 2023’s 2 Best Alternatives

No Bulgarian On Duolingo

Interested to learn but unsure of how to do so now that there is no Bulgarian on Duolingo? Whether you are a beginner or a professional learner, you do not have to worry anymore, as we have two amazing applications that will make learning Bulgarian possible! One of them is Ling, so make sure not to miss that part!

If you are ready for apps that are fun, flexible, and easy to use, then be sure to continue reading and learning Bulgarian below.

Why Is There No Bulgarian On Duolingo?

Duolingo has a great track record of creating courses well-suited for native English speakers. That being said, it seems that Duolingo hasn’t created a Bulgarian lesson yet. However, there is potential for it to be created in the future as the demand for it grows. But will you eagerly anticipate the future, even though you can’t know what it holds?

Fortunately, the world is a big place, and there are tons of other tools that can make learning languages much easier! One example of a company that is quickly becoming a trailblazer for people who want to learn Bulgarian is Ling. Thanks to its team of professionals, they provided free and totally flexible language learning resources, which we will learn more about below.

2 Epic Apps For Language Learning

Want to learn a language but cannot find free tools to use? We totally recommend Ling app and Simply Learn. These are the two best free apps, easy to use, and provide impressive language lessons for Bulgarian and over 60+ other foreign languages. So whether you are a beginner who is in search of something fun or you are on the lookout for a simple app that will teach you basic sentences, phrases, and words, these tools got you covered!

Ling App

If there is one app that is committed to making language learning fun, then that would definitely be the Ling app. Unlike other resources, this one is available for free and provides professional-grade Bulgarian courses that are guaranteed to help you become a confident speaker in no time. Since it is equipped with challenging quizzes, immersive course content, and puzzles and games, you will never be bored and demotivated when learning!

Simply Learn

Instead of diving right into complex Bulgarian grammar points, you can immediately interact with confidence by beginning with common Bulgarian phrases used in everyday situations. If you want to get the boost that you need, then downloading the Simply Learn app for Bulgarian is a solid choice, as it is a phrasebook where you can get sentences/expressions depending on the situation.

Why Learn Bulgarian With A Language App?

Have you ever wondered why many are motivated to learn a language far from their mother tongue? Undeniably, a foreign language can significantly help not just in communicating effectively when traveling but also helps in refreshing their skills in their own language and maintaining mental fitness. Using some of the best apps to learn Bulgarian can help you greatly in this aspect.

In fact, a study even showed that several cognitive functions might have a chance to be improved if we only challenge our brains consistently. And, of course, one of the best challenges you can ever take upon yourself is learning a new language.

Fortunately, there are tons of available languages that you can choose from, and all you need to do is to connect with your inner self and understand which one suits your needs and matches your interests. After all, you do not ever want to start learning a Slavic language if your interest lies in Asian languages, right? Not only will that keep you from progressing, but it will make the whole learning process significantly harder.

Now, if you are looking for one specific language you can focus on, then we highly recommend that you check out the Bulgarian language.

Where Is Bulgarian Spoken?

The Bulgarian language is from the South Slavic language family that is written in the Cyrillic alphabet and is spoken by over 15 million people across the world. What is interesting here is that out of those 15 million speakers, only 8 million are actually native speakers!

Bulgarian is wonderfully spoken in Bulgaria! Additionally, vibrant Bulgarian-speaking communities thrive in neighboring countries like Greece, Turkey, Romania, Serbia, and North Macedonia. This suggests there must be reasons why learning Bulgarian seems to be a popular choice for many.

And perhaps this is also the reason why you landed on this post. You probably want to know if taking Bulgarian language courses is even worth your time, money, and effort. To provide you with the basics of why you should learn this and how you can progress using innovative language learning resources, we tailored-fit this post just for you. You can even use an alternative language learning app like Ling to make your effort worth it. Let’s learn more in the next sections below.

No Bulgarian On Duolingo Why Learn Bulgarian Language

Why Learn The Bulgarian Language

Did you know that about half of the world’s population is bilingual? If you are interested in joining the other half and holding a conversation in a new and meaningful way, mastering a foreign language is a no-brainer. However, what usually comes to mind when we say “learning languages” are the popular ones like Mandarin Chinese, Spanish, Russian, or even German, and only a few will instantly think of learning Bulgarian. But here’s the truth: Having the ability to speak Bulgarian can open new opportunities for you! Still not convinced? Allow us to walk you through the reasons why this can be the next best language to learn!

3 Reasons Why You Should Take A Bulgarian Course

The first reason why you should take Bulgarian lessons is that it can be a great introductory language to other Slavic languages. Bulgarian is part of a huge Slavic language family which means that certain language features (grammar, pronunciation, spelling, etc.) are somewhat similar to other languages under the same family. This means that having expertise in Bulgarian can aid you in understanding Serbian, Bosnian, or even Slovenian. In fact, many language enthusiasts even believe that this is one of the easiest languages to master as compared to other Category 4 languages.

Secondly, being serious by taking on a Bulgarian course can help you prepare for unique career opportunities. Since most companies are interested in hiring bilinguals, having mastery in a quite different language can give you a competitive edge. Moreover, a skill in Bulgarian (no matter what level you are in) can help you land positions as a translator, over-the-phone interpreter, language teacher, or even a marketer since you understand the language quite well!

The third reason why you should challenge yourself to take a Bulgarian lesson is that it will definitely help you travel to Bulgaria without any hassle. Of course, every traveler wants to connect and start a meaningful relationship with the locals. If you start learning their language before your trip, the locals will see how sincere you are in getting to know them since you have tried to speak with them in a truly close language to their hearts.

Is There No Bulgarian On Duolingo

Want To Learn Bulgarian Today?

Perhaps one of the top applications that you downloaded to start learning the basics is Duolingo. Unfortunately, there are currently no Bulgarian lessons available for learners within the app. Based on tons of forums on the internet, there are tons of beginners wondering if the language learning company will ever create resources for this language. Unfortunately, as of writing this post, there is no sign of whether they will assemble a team and create a Bulgarian course anytime soon.

Learn More Bulgarian With The Ling App

Now that you have a few choices to make, it’s time to give the best choice. None other than the Ling app, of course! It’s filled with hundreds of lessons that can make you sound fluent and familiarize you with basic vocabulary, how to do the grocery, and even other necessary sentences and phrases.

So, what are you waiting for? Continue learning Bulgarian with the Ling app today! Download it now on the Play Store or App Store. Now we can really say good luck in learning Bulgarian!

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