10 Interesting And Unique Bulgarian Words To Discover Today

Unique Bulgarian Words- Featured Ling App

Have you ever come across a foreign word that just made you wonder what it means in the English language? The beauty of foreign languages is that some words can really make you feel like you’re lost in a maze. They can confuse you and amaze you at the same time because it’s such a mystery how people come up with intricate words. In this post, we’ll be rummaging in a vault filled with unique Bulgarian words!

Unique Bulgarian Words You Probably Never Heard

There are plenty of words out there that don’t have an English translation, and that alone makes it such a unique term. After learning some useful Bulgarian phrases and mastering their Cyrillic alphabet, you’re probably on your way to expanding your vocabulary. Here are some unique Bulgarian words that will put you in awe!

Unique Bulgarian Words (Merak)- Ling App

1. Merak (Мерак)

Have you ever felt that rush of joy or pleasure? It’s not necessarily the giddy feeling in which your heart thumps loudly in your chest. This emotion can be as simple as the profound sense of comfort you find on your comfortable cushions after a long day or getting your favorite meal from your go-to restaurant.

2. Tuga (Тъга)

There are days when we’re just feeling a little under the weather. You may have encountered this yourself because Tuga moments are pretty prominent these days. The best way to describe this feeling is probably when you failed a certain quiz or got reprimanded by your boss due to an accident. It’s basically a universal emotion that we feel from time to time.

Unique Bulgarian Words (Rakia)- Ling App

3. Rakia (Ракия)

Let’s take a break from our emotions, alright? Here’s another unique Bulgarian word, and it will probably remind you of a good party: Rakia literally means “Fruit spirits” in English, and no, these aren’t entities that you’ll find at night in the form of fruits. This word refers to a local brand of alcoholic beverage that’s popular in Bulgaria. Every Sunday calls for the presence of this drink on the table alongside some fresh and juicy meat!

4. Kef (Кеф)

I have a new favorite word for you: “Kef” (Кеф). It’s all about feeling good, having fun, and just soaking up the moment. Imagine you’re dancing away at a party, jamming to a tune, or just laughing it up with buddies—that’s “Kef” for you. It’s the Bulgarian way of saying you’re on cloud nine. So, if you ever find yourself having an awesome time in Bulgaria, just shout out, “I’m in Kef!” Trust me, it’s a keeper.

Unique Bulgarian Words (Sleepover)- Ling App

5. Noshtuvka (Нощувка)

Sleepovers are probably the best part of having friends; you can stay up all night with them, watch your favorite shows on Netflix, or play board games with juicy dares. In Bulgaria, they call this overnight stay a noshtuvka. It’s not just about you staying in for the night but also creating great memories that you’ll treasure as time goes on!

6. Zdravei/Zdrasti (Здравей/Здрасти)

They’re kinda like saying “Hello” or “Hi” in English. “Zdravei” is a tad more formal, something you might use when greeting someone for the first time or in a more polite setting. “Zdrasti,” on the other hand, is more laid-back and casual, like when bumping into a pal on the street. So, if you’re ever in Bulgaria and want to strike up a chat, these are the perfect ice-breakers.

7. Aylyak (Айляк)

Don’t we all just have that moment wherein we become so chill? This term refers to a feeling of idleness, of not caring, where going with the flow becomes the main priority. The beauty of learning to master this approach to life is that we get to live at our own pace. We battle against our stressors by savoring little moments and just letting things be.

8. Rodopa (Родопа)

If you’ve seen the Rhodope Mountains from southeastern Europe, then this word probably rings a bell to you. In the Bulgarian language, this term is more than just a series of mountain ranges that are well-admired by locals. It shows a deep sense of beauty and nostalgia for most people, and it connects them to nature and their ancient traditions.

Unique Bulgarian Words (Sunshine)- Ling App

9. Slunce (Слънце)

Upon learning this new language, you’ll probably come across this word a lot. It basically means “Sun” in English. But did you know that for a native speaker, this unique Bulgarian word also serves as a sweet endearment? So, if they call you Slunce, they basically refer to you as their sunshine, as they appreciate the joy and brightness you bring into their lives.

10. Nazdrave (Наздраве)

Ever raised a glass in Bulgaria? You’d likely hear “Nazdrave” (Наздраве). It’s the Bulgarian way of saying “Cheers!” But you know what’s cool? It literally means “To your health!” It’s not just about clinking glasses; it’s a heartfelt wish for well-being. So, if you’re ever at a Bulgarian party or dinner and someone says “Nazdrave,” know they’re wishing you all the best!

Did You Enjoy This List Of Unique Bulgarian Words?

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