5+ Best Bulgarian Desserts You Must Try Today

5+ Best Bulgarian Desserts You Must Try Today

Let’s be honest: who doesn’t love a good dessert? There’s a certain joy in tasting something so exquisite that it brings a nostalgic smile to your face while also surprising your taste buds with an irresistible taste they’ve never known before. It’s time we start exploring the world one dessert at a time, more specifically, let’s dive mouth-first into Bulgarian desserts!

When we think about Bulgarian cuisine and its culinary traditions, salivating images from dreamy kavarma to richly seasoned tarator often steal the spotlight. But it’s the country’s vibrant past and diverse influences from nations like Turkey and Greece (it stands at the culinary crossroads of the Middle East and the Mediterranean, after all!) that have culminated in some of the most enticing desserts around – a secret that Bulgarian homes have kept close to their chests, until now.

So, are you ready to kickstart this sweet adventure? Whether it’s a sweet tooth-induced craving or just your affection for trying out new recipes, let Bulgarian desserts charm you like never before. With each distinctive dessert, you will explore the secrets of Bulgarian culinary traditions, taste authentically distinct flavors, and feel the tug of a culture that celebrates life, one sweet treat at a time. So, hold tight—your taste buds are in for a thrilling ride!

What Are “Desserts” In Bulgarian Language?

In Bulgarian, desserts are simply called “десерти” (pronounced: deserti) or the even sweeter alternative, “сладки” (pronounced: sladki), which directly translates to sweets or sweet treats. And, oh, how sweet they indeed are! Now, if you’re wondering how to throw in this newfound knowledge (or ‘sladki’) into a sentence, worry not. Here are a couple of examples:

  • English: “I always save room for desserts after dinner.”
    Bulgarian: “Винаги запазвам място за ‘десерт’ след вечеря.”
    Pronunciation: Vinagi zapazvam myasto za ‘desert’ sled vecherya.
  • English: “The ‘сладки’ in Bulgaria are irresistible.”
    Bulgarian: “Сладките’ в България са неотразими.”
    Pronunciation: Sladkite’ v Bŭlgariya sa neotrazimi

Slipping into the linguistic specifics further, let’s look at a few synonyms for ‘сладки.’ If you want to describe something sweet or sugary, several Bulgarian words come in handy. You might use ‘захарно‘ (pronounced: zaharno) when referring to something sugary, and ‘сладко‘ (pronounced: sladko) when describing something sweet in general.

Types Of Desserts In Bulgarian

Types Of Desserts In Bulgarian

Before we dive right into your favorite dessert, let’s first enrich our minds by getting to know the translations for every dessert in the Bulgarian language.

Cakes And Pies

Cakes and pies are beloved desserts worldwide, and Bulgaria is no exception. This category includes a variety of sweet baked goods made from ingredients like flour, sugar, eggs, and butter. From the classic ‘Torta’ (cake) to the delicious ‘Yagodova torta’ (strawberry shortcake), Bulgarian cuisine offers a delightful assortment of cakes and pies that are perfect for any celebration or just a sweet treat at the end of a meal.

EnglishBulgarian ScriptBulgarian Pronunciation
Honey CakeМеденкаMedenka
Biscuit CakeБисквитена тортаBiskvitena torta
Fruit TartПлодова тарталетPlodova tartlet
Strawberry ShortcakeЯгодова тортаYagodova torta

Frozen Desserts

Frozen desserts are a popular choice to beat the heat during the summer months in Bulgaria. This category includes all desserts that are served frozen, such as ‘Sladoled’ (ice cream) and ‘Dzhelato’ (gelato). Worldwide, Bulgarian ice cream is considered a delicious and refreshing treat enjoyed by people of all ages, and it comes in a variety of flavors.

EnglishBulgarian ScriptBulgarian Pronunciation
Ice CreamСладоледSladoled

Chocolate Desserts

Chocolate desserts are loved by people all over the world, and Bulgaria has its own special treats to offer. This category includes desserts made primarily of chocolate, such as ‘Shokolad’ (chocolate), ‘Shokoladov mus’ (chocolate mousse), and ‘Shokoladov fondu’ (chocolate fondue). These rich and decadent desserts are perfect for satisfying any chocolate craving.

EnglishBulgarian ScriptBulgarian Pronunciation
Chocolate MousseШоколадов мусShokoladov mus
Chocolate FondueШоколадов фондюShokoladov fondu

Pastries And Baked Goods

Pastries and baked goods are a staple in Bulgarian cuisine. This category includes a variety of desserts made from dough or batter that is baked or fried. From ‘Biskvitki’ (cookies) to ‘Baklava’, a sweet pastry made of layers of filo filled with chopped nuts and sweetened with syrup or honey, there is something for everyone to enjoy. Other popular items include ‘Ekleri’ (eclairs), ‘Kapkeiks’ (cupcakes), and ‘Donati’ (donuts).

EnglishBulgarian ScriptBulgarian Pronunciation
PastriesСладкарски изделияSladkarski izdeliya

Other Desserts

Craving for more? Here are some of the best desserts according to the locals.

EnglishBulgarian ScriptBulgarian Pronunciation
Cream BruleeКрем брюлеKrem bryule
Fruit SaladПлодова салатаPlodova salata
Traditional Bulgarian Desserts

Traditional Bulgarian Desserts

Ready to indulge in an enticing journey through the world of traditional Bulgarian desserts? Of course, you are! Don’t forget to list down the dessert names in Bulgarian. Loosen up that sweet tooth of yours because we’re about to paint a tempting picture of seven scrumptious traditions from the heart of Bulgaria.

1. Banitsa: The Versatile Pastry

Let us introduce you to the stunning transformer of Bulgarian cuisine: the Banitsa. A classic savory recipe, Banitsa can easily morph into a dessert just by swapping cheese for sweet pumpkin filling. Sprinkled with sugar and baked until golden, it’s a true treat for taste buds!

Savor this versatile dessert with a piping hot cup of traditional Bulgarian boza, a malt drink with a slightly tangy, sweet flavor. Not a fan of the boza brew? A strong cup of coffee pairs just as well with these sweet layers of flaky goodness.

2. Bulgarian Baklava: The Flaky Wonder

Originally from the Middle East, Baklava found a beloved place on Bulgarian dessert tables too! Characterized by thin layers of flaky phyllo dough sandwiching a hearty filling of chopped nuts and drenched in sweet honey syrup, it’s as much a sight for the eyes as it is a delight for the palate.

While delicious just the way it is, Bulgarian Baklava tastes even more heavenly when served warm. Heat enhances the honey syrup infusion and boosts the dessert’s gooeyness—trust us, it’s a game changer!

3. Garash Torte: A Chocolate Epiphany

In a kingdom ruled by walnuts and chocolate, the Garash Torte reigns supreme. Defined by its walnut-soaked layers doused in rich chocolate, this Bulgarian chocolate cake is a perfect embodiment of luxurious simplicity.

Pro tip: Allow your slice of Garash Torte to sit at room temperature for a few minutes before diving in. This waiting game helps the chocolate icing soften ever so slightly, making each bite a creamy delight.

4. Kazanlak Donuts: An Aromatic Encounter

These aren’t your typical donuts! Infused with the unique Bulgarian essence of rose petals, Kazanlak donuts are a fragrant puffy delight that’ll make you say “yum” in any language!

These aromatic gems are a match made in dessert heaven with a cup of dark, strong coffee. Or, for a purely Bulgarian experience, try dipping them in a bowl of thick, creamy yogurt, the national go-to condiment.

5. Sweet Cheese Banitza: Sweet Meets Satisfying

The Sweet Cheese Banitza is where sweet and tangy unite. Imagine layers of flaky filo dough, a generous spreading of Bulgarian yogurt, and a sprinkle of sweet sugar – it’s a fireworks display for your taste buds!

A chilled Sweet Cheese Banitza is a summer dream come true. Let it hang out in your refrigerator for a while and enjoy a refreshing contrast to the warm, sunny weather.

6. Mekitsi: Bulgarian Beignets

Fried dough can do no wrong, and Mekitsi is Bulgaria’s delightful interpretation. Typically dusted with powdered sugar and served with a dollop of jam or yogurt, these fluffy doughnuts give any sweet tooth a run for their money.

These fluffy doughnuts love a good companion. Dunk them in your favorite jam, slather them in honey or enjoy with a generous sprinkling of powdered sugar. If you’re a savory fan, why not go for a dollop of Bulgarian yogurt?

7. Sutliash: Rice Pudding Reimagined

Sutliash, Bulgaria’s rendition of rice pudding, is the comforting embrace you never knew you needed. Slow-cooked with short-grain rice, sweetened milk, and topped with cinnamon or grated lemon zest, this creamy concoction is a warm hug in a bowl.

The beauty of Sutliash is in its simplicity. That said, why not jazz up this creamy rice pudding with a shake here and there of your favorite spices? A sprinkle of cinnamon or grated orange zest can add a tantalizing twist!

Tasete Bulgarian Desserts While Learning The Language

Now that you’ve got a taste of the tantalizing world of Bulgarian desserts, how about continuing this sweet endeavor with its equally intriguing language? It’s time the savory ‘Български език’ (Bulgarian language) rolls off your tongue as beautifully as that Banitsa did. Apart from learning vegetarian meals in Bulgarian, there are many other dishes to discover. You should also try to learn the Bulgarian food ingredients too.

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