10 Basic Ways To Say Thank You In Bulgarian

Saying your appreciation for someone’s gesture lets that person know that you have respect for them. Especially, if you’re a tourist in a foreign country like Bulgaria. If you’re learning Bulgarian, knowing how to express your gratitude is essential, apart from knowing how to say hello in Bulgarian. In today’s blog, we’ll look at the basic and useful ways to say thank you in Bulgarian.

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What Is The Bulgarian Language?

Before proceeding further, do you know who uses the Bulgarian language? Bulgarian is a South Slavic language which is the official language in Bulgaria and spoken by some in the parts of Greece, Ukraine, and Romania. This language is closely related to the Macedonian language and is regarded as one of the most difficult languages to learn all around the world.

As you’ll see later on in this blog, this particular language is written in the Cyrillic alphabet. Plus, many Bulgarian words and vocabulary are actually loanwords from the Russian and Old Slavic languages. Bulgaria has also had past historical experiences with Russia – causing the reason why some Bulgarians, especially people who are in their 40s and above, are eloquent Russian speakers.

How To Say Thank You In Bulgarian

Now we learn the historical background of the Bulgarian language, let’s see some useful phrases and expressions the locals use in Bulgarian greetings.

1) Благодаря

The most basic way of saying thank you in Bulgarian is by uttering this particular word – blagodarya, which means thank you. This is the standard, formal way of saying thank you.

2) Благодаря ти (много)!

Excited or you’re just way enthusiastic over something? You can thank a friend by saying blagodarya ti (mnogo) which means thank you (very much)!

3) Благодаря ви много

If you want to add more depth to your gratitude and translate it into the local language, you can say Благодаря ви много (blagodarya vi mnogo); thank you very much. This phrase is typically followed by the preposition for, as in thank you very much for the comments and feedback.

4) Благодарим ви за xxx

If any Bulgarian complimented you and you want to respond in return, this phrase can be useful. You can speak Bulgarian and say Благодарим ви за милите думи (blagodarim vi za milite dumi). These words translate to thank you for your kind words!

5) мерси

мерси literally means merci – yup, that’s a French word for thank you. What is it doing then in the Bulgarian culture? In the past, the French used to be a part of the greatest European influences, in which using and incorporating French vocabulary in one’s native language was deemed as progressive and advanced.

From there, мерси has always been in the Bulgarian vocabulary. It’s another typical way that the native Bulgarians say thank you, particularly in a not-so-significant context.

If something minor is done for you, you can just say merci and get on with your life. The locals use this word casually, in an informal context. Be careful when it comes to formal setting – say Благодаря (blagodarya), instead.

6) благодаря ви

 This phrase is an expression of gratitude or politeness. You can use it to note a response to something done or given to you; thank you for inviting me. It’s also fitting if you say Благодаря ви, че дойдохте днес (blagodarya vi, che doĭdokhte dnes), which means thank you for coming.

thank you in bulgarian

7) благодаря за оказаното ми доверие

If any person in Bulgaria invited you as a guest speaker or even confide in you, you can use this particular phrase to appreciate and convey your gratitude by saying blagodarya za okazanoto mi doverie.

The translation for this phrase in English equates to thank you for trusting me!

8) Добре съм, благодаря!

If people ask you how are you and you’re wondering how to answer in the Bulgarian language, this phrase is what you need! You could say Dobrye sʲm, blagodarya, which means I’m fine, thank you!

9) Благодаря за вниманието, което отделяте

You applied for a job in Bulgarian and wanting a way to say thank you formally? You can try this one. In the Bulgarian language, this particular expression, in which the pronunciation sounds blagodarya za vnimanieto, koeto otdelyate, means thank you for your consideration.

It has that formal tone to it, so feel free to say this phrase to thank people in formal situations and contexts. Feel free to say good luck in Bulgarian to your co-applicants to cheer them on.

10) Научих толкова много, благодарение на вас

This one, in particular, is a bit different from the other thank you phrases in the vocabulary list today. This expression just pushes your gratitude and appreciation for someone to the top. Nauchih tolkova mnogo, blagodarenie na vas means I learned so much thanks to you.

Yup, impressive expression to add to your vocabulary. Feel free to use this phrase with your teacher, friends, colleague, or whoever you feel indebted to, because thanks to their help and guidance, you’re a more knowing person!

How Do I Respond To Thank You In Bulgarian?

Wondered how you could respond to someone’s thank you? Here is the useful word you need!


Molia! It’s the casual, quick you’re welcome response. If you just speak Bulgarian, you might be confused – doesn’t molia means please? Depending on the context, it does. If you say it after someone says thank you, it definitely means you’re welcome.

Other Important Bulgarian Phrases

It might take days and months to learn Bulgarian. However, the first step starts now. Now let’s learn what are other important words, basic phrases, and useful expressions in the Bulgarian language that beginners must know:

Добър ден!Doh-bur dehn!Good Day/Hello!
Здрасти ZdrastiHello
Аз не говоря български.Az ne govorya bŭlgarski.I don’t speak any Bulgarian.
Това не го разбирам Tova ne go razbiramI don’t understand this
Говорите ли (английски/български)? Govoritye li (angliyski/blgarski)?Do you speak (English/ Bulgarian)?
ИзвинетеEez-vee-neh-tehExcuse me
Как ще кажеш “thank you” на български?Kak shtye kaʐyesh “thank you” na blgarski?How do you say “thanks” in Bulgarian?

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