20 Useful Mongolian Words For Picnic


Got your feet in Mongolia and looking for some words to supplement your adventure? Look no further because we have everything you need in this article! We will not only talk about Mongolian words for picnics but also about their significance! And hey, we’ll also have fun along the way.

I must say that having a picnic is one of my favorite activities. That is because it gives an untroubled and peaceful time for talking with our loved ones. It is like a bottle of cold water, a thirst-quenching break from the busy pace of the world. Moreover, it gives us a moment to connect with nature itself. I love to think about it as being “present” in the world—like saying, “You are still here, and you are part of this” to my restless mind. It is a meaningful moment for winding up and bonding.

That said, pack up everything you need to your ‘сагс’ (basket) because we will now begin our refreshing trip!

What Is “Picnic” In Mongolian?

In Mongolian, ‘picnic’ is translated as “пикник” (piknik). If we pronounce picnic, we will learn that they sound the same. The only difference is the accent. That’s because the word ‘picnic’ has no unique term in Mongolian; it’s a direct derivation.

Mongolians have picnics to have fun with their friends or families while appreciating nature, much like we do. This way of connecting with their loved ones is called “холбох” (kholbokh – connect)—bonding together and deepening their relationships.

If we think about it, Mongolians have been enjoying “пикник” (piknik) throughout history. How? Technically, they are always eating outside because of their nomadic lifestyle—for the most part, they are having adventures while enjoying the beautiful landscapes of nature! So yes, a picnic is kind of a common occasion for some of them.


Essential Mongolian Words For Picnic

We wouldn’t want to enjoy an occasion without getting to know what it’s called, right? Fortunately, that won’t happen because we will now dive headfirst into the pool of essential Mongolian words associated with picnics. Let’s go!

Food – Хоол хүнс

What makes a пикник (picnic) delightful and worth attending to? Yes, you’ve guessed it right: food, usually known as xоол хүнс (khool khüns)! It is certainly one of the most important components of a picnic.

And oh! Mongolia never fails to provide the best delights that our taste buds can receive: Digging in with some smokey umami of the khorkhog flavor, a meaty buuz (please don’t mistake it for booze) dumpling along with its juicy surprise, and finishing it off with a refreshing delicacy called airag. It seems like a glimpse of heaven!

Umbrella – Шүхэр

Unfortunately, a glimpse of heaven can turn into a disaster if we are unprepared. That is why, ladies and gentlemen, let us not forget to bring a шүхэр (shükher), or umbrella! With these, you will be confident while sitting comfortably in your picnic spot when the rain falls. Do not let the rain steal your enjoyment from eating your khorkhog, buuz, and airag!

Blanket – Хөнжил

Ever found your pants (or shorts) to be dirty after a long and comfortable sit? Prevent it from happening by bringing a handy xөнжил (khönjil), or blanket. Expect a long and good conversation while sitting on an xөнжил with your friends!

Friends – Найзууд

The real star of a picnic day is your friends, or найзууд (naizuud). We feel enjoyment whenever we do stuff with our friends. How much more in a picnic! You could do tons of activities to have fun and strengthen your relationships without even knowing it. So make sure to invite your buddies!


Other Mongolian Words For Picnic

Of course, our Mongolian words for the picnic trip have not concluded yet; we still have a lot of words to identify. These words will not only jazz up your vocabulary stash, but the locals will also find your communication skills clearer, making your Mongolian trip much more fun! Let us begin this Mongolian vocabulary dive!

English TranslationMongolian Words For PicnicPronunciation
Plate ТавагTavag
Basket СагсSags
Drink УухUukh
Bread ТалхTalkh
Cheese БяслагByaslag
Yogurt ТарагTarag
Meat МахMakh
Fruits ЖимсJims
Vegetables Хүнсний ногооKhünsnii nogoo
Water УсUs
Nature Байгаль Baigali
Forest ОйOi
Mountain УулUul
Lake НуурNuur
River Гол Gol
Sunshine Нарны туяаNarny tuyaa

Make your Mongolian picnic trip fantastic by not only learning these words but also using them! Surely, you will find the faces of locals shining up with amazement when hearing you speak their native language. And most importantly, you will experience a more intimate and fun-filled vacation!

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