#1 Best Guide For Telling The Time In Georgian

Time is a gift, and we shouldn’t be wasting it. No matter what country you visit, everyone values time, so learning the concepts of telling the time in Georgian is a must. In today’s post, we will walk you through the best words and phrases to use so that you can easily say out the time like a total native speaker. If you are ready for that, then let’s get started!

Time In The Georgian Language

Telling the time in the Georgian language is unique to other foreign languages. For instance, in the English language, when the clock displays the time 10:45, it is translated to ‘ten forty-five,’ meaning it has the exact translation and interpretation.

In the Georgian Language, telling time is influenced by the British system. For example, instead of telling the time of 2:45, Georgians will say ‘quarter till 3’. This means that the right and left halves of the clock are interpreted and distinguished in another way. Below are simple explanations on how the Georgian speak or say the time in their language:

  • The first half of the clock (2:01-2:30) adopts the name of the next hour.

Example:  2:10 (two ten) is 3’s 10 minutes (სამის ათი წუთი – samis ati tsuti) in the Georgian language

  • In telling the half-past hour, they say ‘_____ half’

Example: 2:30 (two thirty) is ‘3’s half

  • The left half of the clock (2:31-2:59) is different from the first half of the clock. Georgians use the phrase ‘that lacks’ (რომ აკლია – rom aklia) in between the hour and the minutes.

Example: 2:35 is 3 that lacks 25 minutes (სამს რომ აკლია ოცდახუთი წუთი – sams rom aklia otsdakhuti tsuti)

  • The Georgian time is different from the Georgian words for numbers. Instead of saying ‘oერთი’ (one or erti) for one o’clock, they called it პირველი (first or pirveli).

Basic Time-Based Concepts In Georgian

TimeGeorgian WordPronunciationEnglish Word
1:00პირველი საათიp’irveli saatione o’clock
2:00ორი საათიori saatitwo o’clock
3:00სამი საათიsami saatithree o’clock
4:00ოთხი საათიotkhi saatifour o’clock
5:00ხუთი საათიkhuti saatifive o’clock
6:00ექვსი საათიekvsi saatisix o’clock
7:00შვიდ საათზეshvid saatzeseven o’clock
8:00რვა საათიrva saatieight o’clock
9:00ცხრა საათზეtskhra saatzenine o’clock
10:00ათ საათზეat saatzeten o’clock
11:00თერთმეტი საათიtertmet’i saatieleven o’clock
12:00თორმეტი საათიtormet’i saatitwelve o’clock

Telling The Time In Georgian Language

Telling The Time In Georgian Language
Georgian TimePronunciationEnglish Translation
დილითdee-leetin the morning
შუადღითshoo-ah-dgheetin the afternoon
საღამოთიsah-ghah-moh-teein the evening
ღამითhah-meetat night
შუაღამეაshuaghameait’s midnight
შუადღეაshuadgheait’s midday

Other Georgian Expressions Related To Time

Other Georgian Vocabulary Related To Time
Georgian PhrasesPronunciationEnglish Translation
რომელი საათია?romeli saatia?What time is it?
თორმეტის ნახევარიაtormet’is nakhevariaIt’s half-past twelve
მეოთხედის ერთიაmeotkhedis ertiaIt’s quarter to one.
საღამოს ცხრა საათიაsaghamos tskhra saatiaIt’s nine o’clock in the evening
ის ხვალ დილით მოვა iskhval dilit movaHe will come tomorrow morning.
მოგვიანებით გავაკეთებmogvianebit gavak’etebI will do it later.
პირველი საათიაp’irveli saatiaIt is one o’clock.
ორი საათიაori saatiaIt is two o’clock.
სამი საათიაsami saatiaIt is three o’clock.
ოთხი საათიაotkhi saatiaIt is four o’clock.
ხუთი საათიაkhuti saatiaIt is five o’clock.
ექვსი საათიაekvsi saatiaIt is six o’clock.
შვიდი საათიაshvidi saatiaIt is seven o’clock.
რვა საატიაrva saat’iaIt is eight o’clock.
ცხრა საათიაtskhra saatiaIt is nine o’clock.
ათი საათიაati saatiaIt is ten o’clock.
თერთმეტი საათიაtertmet’i saatiaIt is eleven o’clock.
თორმეტი საათიაtormet’i saatiaIt is twelve o’clock.
სამის თცუთმეტი წუთიაsamis ttsutmet’i ts’utiaIt is two fifteen.
სამის ნახევარიაsamis nakhevariaIt is two-thirty.
სამს აკლია თცუთმეტი წუთიsams ak’lia ttsutmet’i ts’utiIt is two forty-five.

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Telling The Time In Georgian

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