7+ Funny Georgian Phrases: Casual Conversations

Casual conversation is commonly used by a particular group, faction, or company in one country. Though most people prefer to use formal language in conversing with someone, having the use of informal language is the most comfortable way of describing what is inside your thoughts. For today’s blog, let us find out what are informal languages or phrases does Georgian uses for casual conversations, like different funny Georgian phrases!

The Georgian language is rich in various sayings, proverbs, and idioms that reflect and represent their culture and history. Georgian are often described as one of the unique, hospitable cultures in the world. Also, some of the Georgian sayings, proverbs, and idioms have symbolic meanings.

Furthermore, the story from the past is preserved and developed because of the influence of the Europeans. That’s why some of the writers and poets in Georgia have changed their styles of writings. Also, some of the proverbs and sayings were adapted from other countries cultures and beliefs and used in their everyday lives.

Due to these, the characteristics of the people in Georgia have become secular as time goes by. The Georgian language adopted some of the words, idioms, and other phrases of other neighboring countries. They often used the adapted phrases in casual conversation while talking to their Georgian friends.

As a language learner of the Georgian language, you should first need to understand and discover more about Georgia, specifically its local language. You should need to determine first their local language before the formal language because it will guide you in discovering the different meanings of that language. These local phrases also describe the culture and history of Georgia. Through learning this, it is now easier for you to use the Georgian word or Georgian sayings when talking or listening.

Here are some of the funny Georgian phrases that you should learn and use for casual conversations:


7+ Best Funny Georgian Phrases


Below are the top 10 Funny Georgian phrases that are commonly used in a particular situation for casual conversations. Some of them came from regional sayings and are technically related to one’s region’s historical and cultural background:

  • ყურების ჩამოყრა (khurebis chamokhra)

The word-for-word translation of this Georgian proverb is, ‘to drop one’s ears.’ We, as an individual, wanted to hear good news every time we woke up in the morning. But what if we hear unexpected news? We feel disturbed, right? So you could use this Georgian saying. This saying is commonly used when someone feels anxious after hearing a sad story or news.

  • კენჭს იყრის (kenchs ikris)

The translation of this saying is ‘to pour pebbles on yourself.’ This is commonly used when a particular person is running for local elections or a seat in any administrative position that requires individual votes.

  • ქალაქში საცობია (qalaqshi satsobia)

Since people in Georgia likes to use symbolic meaning or popular knowledge when they have casual conversations, this one is the common sayings that they used. The translation of this saying is, ‘[there’s] a cork in the city‘. This means ‘there’s a bad traffic jam in the city.’ In addition, they used this to express popular knowledge.

  • თავი გადადო (tavi gadado)

This saying is translated as ‘to put away one’s head’. If you are a committed and passionate person, these proverbs describe you. This Georgian proverbs describes a person who is determined and passionate about doing something. A person who is goal-oriented and focused-oriented.

  • ენის მიტანა (enis mitana)

If you know a person who likes to backstab or a betrayer, this proverb may describe him/her. The literal translation of this saying is  ‘to bring a tongue to someone.’ This can be used in a situation where the owner of the tongue loves to betray someone. This is a very dangerous person to have with.

  • თავჩარგული (tavcharguli)

If you know a person who is selfish and doesn’t care about what’s going on around him/her. This proverb translates to ‘to have one’s head buried’.

  • ბედში ჩავარდა (bedshi chavarda)

Are you a lucky person? This saying describes you! The literal translation of this Georgian proverb is ‘to fall into a fate.‘ This phrase means a ‘person has good luck.’

  • სახელი გაუვარდა (sakheli gauvarda)

If you know a person who has a bad character or image and he or she doesn’t care about it, this suits himself/herself. This saying translates to ‘to drop one’s name.‘ This usually describes a particular situation when a person is not ashamed about his or her bad reputation.

  • ცეცხლშუა ჭავარდნა (tsetskhlshua chavardna)

If you know a person who is in a difficult situation, this proverb describes the noteworthy event. The literal translation of this is ‘between two fires’. In Georgia ‘between two fires’ means that a person is in a difficult situation. That specific person who is being between two fires has two or more options or decisions to make, which is difficult to choose.


Other Funny Georgian Phrases And Their English Translation And Meaning

Some of the given funny Georgian phrases below are also presented in my other Georgian blog about Proverbs, but here is the simple translation and meaning of these funny Georgian phrases:

GeorgianPronunciationTranslation and meaning
გააჯვიgajviGeorgians used the phrase shit off instead of fuck off.
ბედნიერ ვარსკვლავზე ხარ დაბადებულიbednier varsk’vlavze khar dabadebuliGeorgians used “you were born on a happy star.” rather than “you are lucky”
ნიანგის ცრემლებniangis tsremlebGeorgians say “that’s the tear of a crocodile.” rather than “that’s a fake tear”
აფრები აუშვაaprebi aushvaGeorgian used the phrase “you let your sails up.” instead of ‘you are crazy’
ენები შეკრულიenebi shek’ruliGeorgians have their ‘tongues tied up’ rather than ‘stutter
ვირზე შეჯდომაvirze shejdomaThis funny Georgian saying ‘sit on a donkey’ is used instead of ‘stubborn.
შვიდი პარასკევი გაქვს დღეშიshvidi p’arask’evi gakvs dgheshiGeorgians use their famous phrase ‘seven Fridays in a day‘ instead of undecided.
ვარდი უეკლოდ ვის მოუკრიფავსvardi uek’lod vis mouk’ripavsThis Georgian phrase means’ who has ever plucked the rose without spikes‘ like ‘no pain, no gain‘ in English translation.
თვალის მოტყუებაtvalis mot’q’uebaThe phrase ‘lie to their eyes‘ is used in Georgia instead of ‘take a nap.’
დაიკიდეdaik’ideInstead of using the phrase ‘fuck it‘ they say ‘to hang it [on your balls].’ 
ყურები ჩამოყარაq’urebi chamoq’araThe Georgian people are saying to have their ears dropped instead of sad.
მარცხენა ფეხზე ავდექიmartskhena pekhze avdekiGeorgians use this phrase ‘I woke up on a left leg’, not ‘I’m having a bad day
თვალს წყალი დაალევინაtvals ts’q’ali daalevina)Georgians commonly use the phrase ‘my eyes drank water’ rather than ‘I saw something beautiful’


Casual Conversations In Georgia


As you can observe, the various idioms, sayings, proverbs that are used by Georgians are very common for casual conversations. If you are about to compare to other countries, they have the same English translation but in Georgia, they have their own opinion and meaning in every funny proverb that they used. They used it in a particular situation wherein the informal language is appropriate to use. They consider the context, the scenario, and the people are they with.

As language learners of an unfamiliar country, we must know first the meaning behind every word and phrase that they used. All words must make sense if you want to have a peaceful conversation with someone. If you want to use these funny Georgian phrases for casual conversations, try to learn and have some background knowledge first about the Georgian language. Through this, you may be familiar with the simple alphabet, vocabulary, and other grammar in the Georgian language.

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