15 Best Georgian Slang Words To Learn This Year

During your trip to the Republic of Georgia, you talk with native speakers but still can’t sound like a local. Do you relate? Then we suggest you start learning Georgian slang words today! 

The country has a lot to offer, from amusing tourist attractions and delicious foods. If you are genuinely passionate about impressing the locals with your linguistic skills, then be sure to take note of these best words to use in daily interactions.

Remember that you shouldn’t use these in a professional setting since these are slang words. So, start practicing them with your close Georgian friends! 

Ready? Let’s begin!

15 Georgian Slang Words

15 Georgian Slang Words

1.პრივეტ (Pri-vet)

Direct translation: hello/hey

This term came from the Russian word that means ‘Hello’ or ‘Hey!’ and is often used when talking informally to the locals. This greeting is commonly used in everyday life of Georgian people such as family, relatives, or acquaintances.

2.ნაგლი (Nag-li)

Direct translation: being ungrateful (noun)

This Georgian slang word describes an individual who lives on someone’s liability or demands a favor without being grateful in return.

3.ბაითი (Ba-i-ti)

Direct translation: a place of living

This term originated from the Jewish word that describes a place of living.’ Because the country adopted the Southern hospitality tradition, Georgians often used this slang word to invite their acquaintances to their house or shack (to have a party or a good time).

4.გოიმი (Goi-mi)

Direct translation: old-fashioned or old-school (noun)

Most of the people in Georgia used this term to characterize a person who used to be outdated in fashion. Also, they used this slang word to describe an individual with a conservative mindset who doesn’t shift their perspective quickly.

5.ევასება (E-va-se-ba)

Direct translation: have a preference for something or someone

This Georgian slang word is ordinarily used to assert and convey their state of preference and affection for something or someone. For instance, some Georgians use this term when a person talks about their interest in someone, such as musicians, actors, or politicians.

6.ნაშა (Na-sha)

Direct translation: chick

This term is similar to the English slang word ‘chick.’ Also, this term is commonly used by men to refer to a woman as beautiful with an alluring physical appearance, dresses elegantly, and looks classy all the time.

7.რავი (Ra-vi)

Direct translation: I don’t know

This describes the Georgian phrase ‘ra vitsi’ that means ‘I don’t know.’ ‘Ravi ‘is the short version of the Georgian phrase with the same meaning.

8.ბაზარი (Ba-za-ri)

Direct translation: for sure or alright

This term is commonly used to answer when there’s an agreement between the community, partners, or acquaintances. For instance, you can hear several Georgian groups saying ‘bazari’ when they agree to do something jointly.

9.ცვეტში (Tsvet-shi)

Direct translation: agreed 100% or for sure.

Similar to ‘bazari,’ it has the same meaning, but this saying is frequently used by youngsters from the street regarding fashion and style.

10.დაგრუზვა (Da-gruz-va)

Direct translation: you made me gloomy.

If you have a bad day or are feeling dejected and tell the situation to a Georgian friend, he or she may give comments and say ‘dagruzva.’

11.დაკიდება (Da-ki-de-ba)

Direct translation: I don’t care or f*ck it

This slang word can also be pronounced as ‘daikide,’ often used when a person doesn’t care about a particular person or situation. Moreover, people in Georgian use this term in various situations that connotate the phrase ‘at ease.’

12.არა (A-ra)

Direct translation: No

Knowing the basic words when communicating to the locals as a foreigner may surprise them. Using the Georgian term for ‘ara’ when they ask you something that you do not want, like act unlawfully, is a good defense from the abusers (if there is). This term can also be used for foreigners for their safety.

13.ვერ გავიგე (Ver-ga-vi-ge)

Direct translation: I do not understand

If you are a foreigner in the country and want to hear the complete truth but do not understand what Georgians are saying to you, you should say ‘Ver Gavige’ so that they can explain it again to you.

14.გემრიელი (Gem-ri-eli)

Direct translation: Delicious

Eating traditional Georgian foods with your friends is more meaningful if you give worthy and appreciative comments like telling the cooks that the foods they prepared are ‘Gemrieli.’

15.რა ღირს? (Ra-ghirs?)

Direct translation: How much is this?

You should be careful when buying particular goods and products in Georgia so that they (not all of them) may not take advantage of your financial gain. Use this Georgian term to save some money and avoid a crime like overpaying.

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