The Amazing Mongolian Cuisine: 9 Dishes You Must Try!

Ever wondered how it feels to dine amidst the vast open steppes of Mongolia? Mongolian cuisine, deeply influenced by its nomadic culture, is a blend of rich flavors, hearty ingredients, and tradition. Far from the fusion trends of modern-day cooking, Mongolian cuisine preserves its originality for centuries.

In this blog, we are going to take a look at some popular Mongolian dishes and related vocabulary. So, are you ready to savor the flavors of Mongolia, virtually? Let’s go!

The Mongolian Cuisine

Traditional Mongolian dishes have their way of invading tourists’ tastebuds and having them crave more meat dishes that aren’t just flavorful but also healthy. Nearly every dish on this list has meat, dairy, and animal fat in it, and these recipes are mainly from nomadic Mongolians who have kept their rich and savory cuisine long-preserved.

The seasonal changes also bring forth various delights. In summer, fresh dairy products dominate, while in winter, preserved foods make a comforting meal. Salivating already? Then chop, chop now! Take a quick look at the popular Mongolian cuisine that you should try once you visit the country!

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Important Mongolian Food Vocabulary

Wait! Before we get onto these salivating dishes, let’s introduce some words that you’ll need to remember later on. You wouldn’t want your most hated ingredients to be added to your meal accidentally, would you?

EnglishMongolianRoman Transcription
Oyster SauceХясаан сумсKhyasaan sums
Hoisin SauceХойсин сумсKhoisin sums
Dark Soy SauceХар шар буурцаг сумсKhar shar buurtsag sums
Peanut SauceГазрын самрын соусGazryn samryn sous
MuttonХонины махKhoniny makh
BeefҮхрийн махÜkhriin makh
Goat MeatЯмааны махYamaany makh

Popular Mongolian Cuisine You Shouldn’t Miss

Mongolia, with its harsh climate, relies heavily on its livestock. And guess what? It’s reflected in their cuisine! From sheep to yaks, the use of livestock goes beyond just meat. Even their milk is creatively used in various dishes and drinks. Cool, right?

1. Buuz

Prepare your tastebuds as they get blessed with juicy flavored dumplings that you’ll keep on craving for! This meat-filled dish is perfect for chilly nights in Mongolia. Imagine yourself wrapped around your thick hoodie as you devour them. Traditionally, it’s often enjoyed during the Lunar New Year but loved all year round.

2. Khorkhog

The smokey taste of barbeque is something you can never say “no” to— well, that’s if you’re not a vegan or vegetarian. The tenderly cooked meat on scorching hot rocks would have you salivating in seconds. You may often hear this dish as a genuine Mongolian barbecue. The meat is usually lamb or goat and is layered with vegetables seasoned to perfection.

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3. Bansh

Meet Buuz’s little cousin, Bansh. These are mini dumplings that are either boiled or fried, this really depends on your preferences. However, whichever it is that you choose, this traditional Mongolian food won’t fail to capture your taste.

4. Boodog

Adventure on a plate! This dish comes from a unique preparation wherein people use whole goat or marmot and fill it with hot stones; this method slowly cooks it from the inside, giving it a smokey yet savory taste. As the meat softens, its exteriors get crispier, giving you the chance to experience that good crunch from its golden brown skin!

5. Aaruul

Want to get a taste of a traditional Mongolian snack? Taste the sun-kissed plains with these dried dairy strips. This snack is made from boiled yogurt that is dried to produce a unique treat you can chew on whenever you’re craving a tangy-sweet taste. It has a chewy to hard texture, but this depends on how it’s prepared.

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6. Guriltai Shul

One of the many Mongolian soups that can save you from the harsh winters would be the Guriltai Shul. It is made from tender meat, and hand-pulled noodles fused with flavorful spices and vegetables. This noodle soup offers warmth and comfort in every spoonful.

7. Uuts

Imagine getting your hands on perfectly boiled meat that falls off its bones easily as you slowly shred it apart. Oh, that sure is heavenly to your sight! Uuts is made from succulent lamb ribs that are infused with different local spices and seasonings. The cooking process would have you sleeping on your kitchen table, but the tasty flavour it’ll offer you once it’s served would surely make it worth the wait.

Moreover, it’s typically served during special occasions like ceremonial events, honoring guests, and other important gatherings in Mongolian culture.

8. Tum

Have you ever got a taste of a dish that has a simple yet remarkable flavor? Introducing a pot filled with mutton or beef combined with the perfect harmony of dough, water, and different spices– Tum. This delicacy is prepared by boiling its ingredients giving it a rich and flavorful taste. You’ll enjoy this meal during the cold season in Mongolia, and it also makes a good comfort food for most Mongolian people.

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9. Khuushuur

Does the sound of deep-fried dough sound appealing to you? Khuushuur’s a popular Mongolian dish that you shouldn’t forget to try once you visit. It’s a cuisine made from pastry dough that envelops a flavorful and well-season mutton or beef meat. Once it’s assembled completely, it then dives into a pot of boiling oil, giving it a golden-brown color.

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