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Are you an adventurer who’s visiting Mongolia? Or perhaps, your interest in Mongolian culture facts has been piqued by a very famous figure, Genghis Khan, whose roots are planted in the country? You came to the perfect website! We will uncover the rich culture behind the beautiful smiles of Mongolian people, their very unique way of living, and their profound love of horses. Let us proceed!

Home to its total population of 3.348 million people. Think of vast upland steppes, rugged mountains, and even a slice of the Gobi Desert under a clear blue sky! But that’s not all—it’s also the land of Genghis Khan, the fearless leader who built the Mongol Empire that stretched farther than your wildest imagination. This is the country of Mongolia, nestled between China and Russia, where within is a landscape that’s like a natural masterpiece.

Fun fact: Gobi Desert was found to contain significant dinosaur fossils.

Mongolian Culture Facts

8 Mongolian Culture Facts

Here are the fascinating and unique cultural facts about Mongolia:

1. Nomadic Lifestyle And Yurts

Imagine living in a cozy home that you can move wherever you want. That’s how some people in Mongolia live! They are called “nomads,” and they have special homes called “yurts.” These yurts are like big tents that can be taken down and set up again easily. Their heavy use of these tents is because nomads move from place to place, following the green grass for their animals, such as horses and a two-humped Bactrian camel. That way, they can also be protected against predators like snow leopards! This is a significant lifestyle that Mongolians adopted to live in the Gobi Desert or on uphill steppe mountains.

2. Mongolians’ Love Of Horses

Mongolians love horses like we love our best friends! Horses help them because they can run really fast and carry things. In Mongolia, people and horses work together like a team to travel and do important things. That’s why Mongolians think horses are amazing and treat them like special members of their big family! In fact, they celebrate horses in an event called the Naadam festival.

3. Naadam Festival

Long ago, the Naadam Festival started as a way to celebrate important things like bravery and strength. Now, it’s a big celebration where everyone cheers for horse racing, wrestling, and archery—just like a big adventure playground where everyone is happy and having a great time! People come together to play exciting games and watch cool races that take place every year from July 11-13.

4. Throat Singing And Musical Instruments

Mongolia is also home to the famous throat singing. This is a vocal technique that produces different tones, making it seem as if the mountains are singing! Of course, aside from that, the Mongols have their very own traditional musical instruments: morin khuur (horsehead fiddle) and yatga (zither). This proves that their rich culture is also expressive in the field of music!

5. Genghis Khan: The Catalyst Of The Mongol Empire

Genghis Khan taught Mongolians to be strong and united, and his teachings are still important to this day. He is widely regarded as responsible for making Mongolia a very famous nation not only today, but even in the past, and really famous at that! Because of him, the Mongol Empire of the past was one of the largest empires in the history of humanity!

Mongolian Culture Thanks To Genghis Khan: Then And Now

The culture of Genghis Khan is set in stone and is still being practiced:

Cultural TraditionsExplanation
Nomadic LifestyleMongolians still move with their yurts, just like in Genghis Khan’s time.
Horse Riding SkillsPeople in Mongolia are great at riding horses, just like Genghis Khan’s warriors!
Yurt LivingMongolians still move with their yurts, just like in Genghis Khan’s time.
Naadam FestivalThis fun festival started by Genghis Khan is still a big celebration today.
Strong UnityMongolians stick together like a team, just like Genghis Khan wanted.

6. Mongolian Cuisine And Unique Dishes

Of course, we will not forget the cuisine of Mongolia! Food is a great way to represent the residents of a country, and it is the easiest way to capture the heart of a tourist. This is worth sharing, especially in outer Mongolia: nations far beyond! Now, let’s look into some scrumptious dishes:

Khorkhog: Imagine this—tender meat, like lamb or beef, cooked with tasty veggies. But here’s the fun part: they use hot stones to make it! Yes, you read that right. They use hot, sizzling stones to cook the food, and the flavors blend amazingly, with a hint of history by cooking it the traditional way!

Buuz: These are little pockets of happiness that Mongolians enjoy with friends and family. Buuz are mini delights. Inside a soft doughy cover, you’ll find yummy fillings, like meat and spices.

Kumir: Mongolians love dairy. They have fermented horse milk that’s been turned into a fizzy, tangy drink. This is called, “airag” or “kumir”. Mongolians enjoy it as a refreshing treat in the hot summer!

7. Spirituality And Religion

Nature is very significant in Mongolia. This is one of the Inner Mongolia facts: their spirituality. It’s not just about the pretty views. For Mongolians, nature is a companion that gives them energy and happiness. They even have cool stories and songs to celebrate the land around them.

Mongolians’ spirituality is hugely concerned with nature! They believe nature is connected to their hearts and spirits. Also, their main religion, Buddhism, teaches them to respect and care for nature, making most of the country familiar and intimate with Earth.

8. Politeness, Respect, And Warmth!

Mongolians are big fans of showing respect to each other, especially to elders. It’s like a special rule that makes everyone feel happy and connected. If you visit someone’s home, get ready for a warm welcome and yummy treats—they love having guests over. Plus, families are like the heartbeats of Mongolia. They stick together, share stories, and have fun, like a big, happy party that never ends! So, remember: in Mongolia, kindness and smiles go a long way toward making friends and having an amazing time!

Here is a list of five common social etiquettes in Mongolia:

Bowing or NoddingShowing respect and greeting others politely.
Offering SnuffExpressing friendship and camaraderie.
Removing ShoesDisplaying cleanliness and showing respect in homes.
Offering Food and TeaSignifying hospitality and welcoming guests warmly.
Respecting EldersHonoring wisdom and experience in the community.

You can learn more about Mongolian greeting phrases here.

There we have it! Cultural facts about the only country in the world home to the famous Genghis Khan, the snow leopard, and the famous Gobi Desert. Visiting this country will definitely be worthwhile!

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