19+ Best Korean Tutors Round-Up

Learning Korean can be a very difficult process, especially without any help. If you are also finding it hard to learn Korean on your own, then this article is for you. We are going to talk about Korean tutors whom you can get in touch with. Let’s get started!

Korean Tutors

We have hand-picked some of the most amazing Korean tutors out there who can upgrade your Korean skills. We have mentioned the key feature of each Korean tutor including their teaching style, certifications, location, and working hours along with a link to their profile.

You can choose the tutor who seems perfect according to your learning style.

Note: these images have been obtained from public accounts and thus would be modified/removed in case of any request. The $ denotes to USD (United States Dollar).

Jenny Lee

Korean Tutors

Jenny Lee completed her certificate program teaching Korean to foreigners as a second language.

She enjoys instructing Korean lessons and wants to support foreign learners in their endeavors. Numerous pupils received TOPIK certifications with her help.

  • She employs efficient teaching strategies and tries to hold engaging Korean lessons, ensuring a comfortable learning environment.
  • Most of the reviews she gets are positive.

Suebeet Kim

Korean Tutors

Suebeet is a competent Korean teacher, born and raised in Seoul, who recognizes her pupils’ personalities and characteristics. The best part is that she changes her way of teaching accordingly.

She teaches online through Skype, and students can customize their course schedules to suit their needs.

  • Learning objectives from textbooks include improving Korean pronunciation, greetings, vocabulary, grammar, reading comprehension, etc.
  • She is warm and accessible, well-versed in Korean, and communicates simply and easily.
  • Teaching hours: Tuesday to Saturday from 12 PM – 8 PM PST.

Amy Kim

Korean Tutors

Students searching for a private Korean tutor will look forward to every lesson after attending Amy’s classes. She is a fantastic and passionate teacher, and her classroom environment is comfortable and enjoyable.

Above all, she is patient and makes every Korean lesson special. She uses what she recollects about her pupils’ preferences in class. Students will love learning with her if they prefer a blend of knowledge and fun.

She has TESOL(Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages) certificate and a Korean Teacher’s Certificate Level 2.

  • Every week, she gives online lessons through Skype. These weekly sessions with Amy mainly comprise personalized lessons such as conversation practice, followed by grammar and vocabulary instruction.
  • Although Amy follows a test prep, set curriculum, she nevertheless takes the time to learn about her student’s needs and adapt her lesson plans accordingly.
  • Location: Seoul, South Korea.

Seong Hoon

Korean Tutors

There are many online Korean tutors, but Seong Hoon is an exception; a devout and honorable educator. He has a great deal of patience.

He consistently strives to make Korean lessons fascinating by engaging pupils with his teaching approach. 

Every student is urged to speak up during class and ask questions. Preply and Zoom are the two platforms where he prefers teaching. Check out the testimonials of his students on his profile.

Students may learn to read most Korean words in just two to three categories. Don’t believe us? Test iy out yourself.

Eom Kwangho

Korean Tutors

Eom Kwangho has been teaching Korean for more than thirteen years and is a licensed Korean language tutor-an expert in TOPIK test and Korean grammar.

His teaching methods are excellent, and his schedule and classes are flexible. You will find “Certified Licensed Qualified Korean Tutor” on his profile.

He has thirteen years of teaching experience. “Flexible and supportive” is how he likes to talk about himself.

  • Students can learn to think critically and creatively with his assistance.
  • He makes studying enjoyable.
  • He assigns Korean readings, additional study, and revision.
  • Students can swiftly advance their Korean speaking and writing abilities with his help and advice.

Hae J. Kim

Hae J. Kim is currently living in America and has taught more than 3500 Korean language classes, including those at Verbling. Through clear and comprehensive conversational Korean with an experienced native Korean teacher, students can raise their level of Korean quickly. 

Since 2009, she has taught Korean in America to students of all ages and confidence levels. Her seven years of teaching online Korean have resulted in most of her students becoming devoted customers.

  • She can help students learn Korean in an enjoyable way and make students comfortable.
  • She also has experience as an English teacher, so students will not have difficulty understanding.
  • She is dedicated to her work and manages time according to her pupil’s needs.

Byeongho Mun

Korean tutors

Byeoung Ho Mun is the best online Korean teacher if students want helpful and enjoyable Korean lessons. He was educated in a state university in Minnesota, USA, and worked as a Korean instructor at a Korean language school for two and a half years, instructing students in grades four through six. 

In terms of his lessons, he primarily focuses on teaching students Korean through dialogues. To help them become fluent in Korean, he assists them with speaking, listening, and Korean grammar.

  • Students can book their trial lessons with him for thirty minutes. 
  • He responds to his students’ queries within a day.
  • His average rating is five.

Jihye L

Korean tutors

Jihye L is a suitable tutor because she has excellent training and learning experience. Students who enroll in her sessions learn about Korean culture and manners and polish their speaking, writing, and listening abilities.

Her English is of C1 level and Korean is of fluent/native level with around five years experience in teaching.

She has excellent teaching styles and is very adaptable. Students feel at ease while learning Korean with her. She is incredibly understanding and skilled at breaking down challenging ideas for students.

  • She offers her students a unique program by occasionally using Korean dramas and song snippets to assist students.
  • She instructs her pupils via Skype, and her working hours are 11:30 PM to 12 AM Monday through Sunday.

Youngju S

Korean Tutors

Youngju S has the highest number of years teaching Korean in the entire list i.e thirty-five years. She has been privately tutoring students in Korea, China, India, and the USA.

She has teaching credentials from the Korean Ministry of Education and is a dedicated, patient, and student-centered educator. Since she always focuses on students’ interests while studying, her students are delighted with how she teaches.

She received her degree from Seoul National University’s graduate program, the top university in Korea.

  • She has thirty years plus of experience as a certified teacher, from elementary school to college.
  • She successfully finished the program to train foreigners to teach Korean. She is, therefore, aware of the most challenging issues encountered by pupils learning Korean.
  • She provides the most straightforward strategies for learning the language rapidly at any level.
  • Online classes are delivered through real-time, one-on-one video conferences on desktop or mobile devices.

Eileen K

Korean Tutors

Almost all of Eileen’s classes are in Korean. She tries to speak as much as possible but continues instructing in English. She has an experience of more than fourteen years.

She creates individualized instructional plans. She teaches students up to the age of fifteen. Students can chat with her quickly because she is incredibly patient and committed to her work. 

Students receive her teaching materials in PDF files, text documents, PowerPoint presentations, audio and video files, flashcards, news articles, quizzes, test templates, and homework assignments.

  • She teaches online via Skype from Monday to Sunday from 4 PM-9 PM and 10 PM-12 AM.
  • Her 40$ pricing is fixed for a twenty-five minutes class, and other classes’ are charged accordingly.

Panjin T

Korean Tutors

Panjin T currently resides in California, but she is a native Korean speaker. She translates Korean movies, produces instructional materials, and instructs Korean. She enjoys discussing different cultures, including Korean culture, K-pop, and K-dramas, with students, assisting them with their Korean language skills. 

She has been teaching Korean since 2018. She helps the students in developing their confidence and understanding of grammar structure.

She also plays a role in setting up her pupils’ learning routine and encourages them to reach their goals.

  • She has been teaching since 2018 and has experience teaching all skill levels online via Skype.
  • She teaches via Skype on Tuesday from 1 AM-6 AM and 10:30 PM-12 AM. 
  • Her $35 pricing is fixed for a thirty minutes class, and other classes are priced accordingly
  • Her package: 30 minutes for $35, 45 minutes for $45 and 60 minutes for $60

Hyojung C

Korean Tutors

Hyojung C has taught Korean for more than eight years and is available for enthusiastic pupils. She designs her classes so that students gain the knowledge they want while establishing a solid foundation in language skills. 

Since she knows that all students’ learning capability is not the same, she prioritizes tailoring her instructions to each individual’s preferred learning method. Students can speak with the teacher before a session if they know they will miss the lecture or be late. 

Students can cancel or reschedule their classes, but they must contact her at least twenty-four hours in advance.

  • Homework in her sessions is mailed to the students after each session.
  • She gives handouts, audio examples, and other materials are provided at various times throughout the sessions.

Matthew K

Korean Tutors

Matthew K holds a four-year Korean degree from Seoul National University and has experience teaching Korean. Additionally, he has a degree in Korean language and linguistics from ‘New York State University at Buffalo. Furthermore, he has three years of extensive experience working, living, and volunteering in South Korea. 

He excels at making complex Korean grammar and Korean writing understandable while also assisting pupils in moving fast from beginner to intermediate and intermediate to advanced levels. Since 2019, he has been providing enjoyable and effective instructions over Skype. 

  • His English is of native level, Korean C2, and French B1 level.
  • He charges $25 for a thirty minutes class.
  • His lectures are scheduled from Monday to Saturday from noon to 10:30 PM.

Woo Chul L

Korean Tutors

Woo Chul L’s instruction relies on K-pop (Korean music), K-dramas, and K-variety shows. With all this, he examines and decides on each category that the student should know about the language, history, culture, and other topics. 

He is a Ph.D. in Linguistics and teaches the students with the help of images because he thinks visual learning is the most effective. Students learn the subject well with the help of tailored courses. He targets his pupils’ weaker areas and spends a lot of time on their pronunciation.

  • He has been teaching since 2008 to beginners and intermediate students aged up to fourteen.
  • His teaching styles are mind-blowing. 
  • His Korean sessions are scheduled from Monday to Sunday from 12 AM to 3 AM. Students can arrange their classes according to their needs.
  • His package: 30 minutes for $25, 45 minutes for $40 and 60 minutes for $50

Christina P

Korean Tutors

With Christina, students can expect high-quality instruction since she combines professional one-on-one attention with Korean speaking, writing, reading, and conversational practice. 

If non-native students want to feel more confident speaking Korean, Christina can help. She has a solid grasp of the language and can help students practice having real-world conversations.

  • Since 2008, Christina has started giving private seminars and singing training. She is highly passionate and driven to support her pupils in realizing their full potential.
  • After the first lesson evaluation, Christina decides on a custom lesson plan for each student based on their skill level.
  • Students should enjoy every stage of the learning process and, most importantly, advance significantly in each lesson, according to this teacher’s objectives.

Helena K

Korean Tutors

Helena K is a native Korean speaker living in the US. She assists numerous students with different difficulty levels. She has faith in her ability to support students in achieving their objectives. She designs the course materials, manages the class, and develops the curriculum regularly.

She provides students with content tailored to their requirements and skill level.

  • She assists students in Korean, Japanese, and ESL in college settings. She has a B2 level of English and native level in Korean.
  • Due to her experience instructing Korean to her students since 2014, she can teach at all skill levels.
  • In addition, she instructs ESL students at the University of Nevada, Los Vegas.
  • She provides instruction over Skype at students’ designated times from Monday through Sunday, according to their needs.

Juhee K

Juhee a.k.a Joohe is a native Korean with 18 years of teaching experience and a bachelor’s degree in education. She is aware of the challenges and fun of learning a new language. Joohee likes to teach Korean and enthusiastically tries to give exciting classes.

Students enrolled in her classes have a great time and accomplish their objectives. She has taught Korean and Japanese for the past eighteen years in Korea, Japan, and Canada in junior high schools, language academies, private classes, and other settings. 

  • She is a Korean native speaker and a C2 level in English.
  • Her private lessons are tailored according to each student’s level and purpose by using different kinds of textbooks, her original materials, and activities such as pictures, role plays, and games. 
  • Her schedule is flexible, and she can adjust to students’ schedules. The indicated rate for online lessons is $40 per hour. 

Eun Young

Korean Tutors

Eun Young has been teaching the Korean language to English speakers for over six years.

If someone is interested in learning K-pop or K-drama songs along with knowing the Korean language, they shouldn’t hesitate to contact her. She provides students with a thirty minutes free trial.

Before the lessons, she asks her students about the area they want to focus on. She prepares material for every student according to the student’s goals and needs. 

  • Korean level; native and English level; C2
  • She uses pdf files, mp3 files, flashcards, images, video clips, and some textbooks when necessary. For beginner-level pupils, she prefers to use text with additional resources.
  • Lectures can be scheduled to fit any student’s schedule. She tries her best to make classes interesting and useful. In Every lesson, she assigns homework and occasionally gives an exam as a review.


Korean Tutors

David has taught Korean to various ethnic groups for over ten years and is a native Korean speaker with a Ph.D. He is currently employed as a Korean instructor by HanGul Hakkyo, a Korean language school.

He uses a customized strategy based on the level, aims, and other demands, as well as visual and audio aids. He is currently accessible online via Zoom, but in the future, he will provide lessons at clients’ homes, libraries, and public cafes.

  • His lecture timings are flexible, and students can easily adjust their classes according to their needs. 
  • He charges $30 for one hour.


Korean Tutors

Sugyeong is the best online tutor, as she holds a teaching certificate, a license to teach Korean, and a master’s degree in teaching Korean to foreign students. 

She used to instruct numerous overseas pupils in Korean in a private language school in Seoul. Her lessons are tailored to meet the interests and goals of each learner, with an emphasis on the use of the language in practical and humorous ways.

  • Her course materials include reading and writing assignments, quizzes, examinations, and homework.
  • She served as a Korean instructor at the EF International Language Campus in Seoul, Korea, and has excellent teaching experience.
  • Every lesson begins with her bright smile, enthusiasm, and energy! 
  • Her lessons are very high caliber, carefully planned, and organized. She employs a wide range of instructional techniques and learning methodologies.
  • Korean level; native and English level: C2.


Korean Tutors

Eunsoo has resided in Nakseongdaero, teaching Korean since September 2021. She is a friendly and laid-back individual who enjoys assisting students in learning the Korean language and culture teaching. 

  • She introduces Korean culture to students interested in it. She is fluent in English, and Korean is her native language.
  • She attempts to assist students in developing their communication skills and learning more about the vocabulary used by locals in daily life.
  • Her package starts from 35000 KRW per hour which is 26.85$.


Korean Tutors

Youngkeun holds teaching credentials in the Korean language and is a certified professional Korean tutor. 

Youngkeun offers online lessons and has tutored students for over three years. He provides students with a thirty minutes free trial which is a plus point.

He is pretty versatile, evident since the corporation employed him as an educator, trainer, teacher, and choir conductor in the church. 

  • He has expertise and interest in teaching a sizable number of students.
  • His method of instruction is excellent because he mainly uses the King Sejong Institute textbooks and helps students slowly if they feel difficulty in their subject.
  • Timezone: GMT+09:00
  • His package starts at 22.5$ per hour.


Korean Tutors

Grace focuses on translating and interpreting Korean text in English to teach her students. She genuinely enjoys sharing knowledge of Korean with her students. 

  • She has been teaching since 2018 and is the ideal Korean tutor for students since she imparts knowledge of Korean culture and language.
  • Students can study and experience many Korean cultural things in Grace’s class. 
  • Her teaching approach is adaptable and thus molds her strategies based on students’ needs, goals, and interests.

Ji-in Yoon

Korean Tutors

Ji-in has been a long-time English instructor in Korea who is now teaching the Korean language. She has been teaching since 2020 and is eager to teach and learn about different cultures. 

  • She works attentively, providing a comfortable studying environment.
  • She is adaptable and trusts her ability to support students in achieving their objectives.
  • Time: 8:30 PM to 11:30 PM (KST).
  • Her package starts from 30000 KRW per hour i.e almost 23.01$.


Korean Tutors

Christopher is a professional private Korean tutor, currently employed in Korea as a middle school educator and translator. He is a native Korean speaker with fourteen years of experience in learning English. 

  • He can provide tutees with various organic study techniques useful in real-world settings. He may hold students’ hands through the process no matter the difference between their level at the moment and the level they hope to attain. 
  • He has credentials in business, accounting, and finance. He is the ideal choice for students looking for a private Korean tutor if they want to learn the correct Korean terminology for the above subjects.
  • His package starts from 25000 KRW per hour i.e 19.18$.


Korean Tutors

Koo studied “Korean language and literature” along with “Korean Language Education”. She holds a first-grade Korean Language Education Certificate and a Master’s degree in Korean Language Education. 

  • She has extensive expertise in teaching the Korean language, having done so for more than six years while working at numerous language schools in Singapore. She has been teaching since 2019.
  • She is more suitable for adult learners. She enjoys instructing students in Korean and is constantly pleased to see progress in her pupils.
  • Her package starts at 50 SGD i.e 36.18$ and 47,175.42 KRW.

How To Choose The Best Tutor?

If you don’t want to rely on a ready-made list and instead wish to choose a tutor, then we encourage you to do so.

How do you do so? Here are some unbeatable tips for finding the best Korean tutor for yourself.

Identify Your Reason

Before hiring a tutor, you must settle your goals and priorities for learning it, and you should know your learning level. You may learn Korean for different purposes like:

  • Business management
  • Studying in Korea or living there
  • Travel Korea for tourism 
  • Entertainment purpose for K-pop 
  • Learning for your Korean spouse 

Then you should hire your tutor according to your need to get skills of your desired level.

Start Your Own Search

Once you have cleared your goals and learning level, your next step should be to search for tutors online. However, before signing up for any website, you should keenly check out their services and tutors.

Helpful Pointers

We will share some leads with you, which will lend a helping hand in discovering the finest instructor

  • Check out the website reviews and ratings. Check out the Language Tips Blog of Ling App if you want to compare different language learning apps and websites.
  • Go ahead and have a thorough inspection of student feedback.
  • Take a trial lesson and see if they have a good personality and premier training skills.
  • Have a look over their course and session services and whether they complete them punctually.
  • Keep an eye over their activity level, which is the most significant thing for your learning.

Once you have taken a trial, you will know a lot about any website, and following these tips will lead you to choose the best tutor.

Wrapping Up

That’s it for today’s blog post. A tutor is not always enough for learning since relying on a tutor solely can be a huge gamble. Besides learning from a tutor you need other resources too and the Ling App is a perfect place to start.

Why would you save countless bookmarks and go to so many different websites which only make you feel exhausted and overwhelmed when you can find it all under one umbrella? So download the Ling App now and start learning the Korean language like a pro!

Also, if you liked this, check out our best guide on how to start learning Korean on your own.

Happy learning!

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