3 Best Apps To Learn Swahili: Ultimate Guide!

Interested in learning Swahili? Don’t worry, we have narrowed down all the best apps to learn Swahili, especially if you are a beginner.

These apps will not only help you widen your vocabulary through common phrases and words, but you’ll be able to practice your pronunciation as well! You’ll be fluent before you know it!

So, let’s get started!

The Swahili Language

Want to learn how to say more than just hakuna matata? If so, we have some good news for you! The Swahili language is actually one of the easiest languages to learn as an English speaker. This is because, unlike in other languages, the words are presented exactly how they should be pronounced! That being said, you should be able to communicate, write, and understand the grammar quite easily. Isn’t that great news?

best apps to learn swahili

If you plan to travel to Swahili or have friends that speak Swahili, learning a couple of words from time to time through a simple Google search is definitely the way to go, especially if you don’t have time to learn actual phrases.

However, utilizing language learning apps is a great way to practice any language for as little as 10 minutes a day! Whether it is through fun lessons or mini-games, you should be able to grasp the language easier through these apps than through rigid language classes or even intense tutoring sessions!

The Best Apps To Learn Swahili

Alternatives to learn Swahili

Now, it’s time to reveal the best apps to learn Swahili!


Drops is a good language learning platform if you enjoy a learning process that doesn’t take up too much of your time, especially if you are always on the go. With this popular app, you can have access to multiple sets of lessons that are made easy.

If you are a beginner that wants to start by widening your vocabulary or building a strong foundation when it comes to speaking the language, Drops is a great app to use! If you’re a language learner that wants to learn a new language, you might want to consider using this platform.

Not only that, this application has illustrations to help you better understand the words and retain the information better. The app even provides learning statistics to help you assess what areas you need to keep working on!


If you learn and work best when you have someone there to teach and guide you, you might want to check out Preply! Not only does this platform offer multiple languages for you to be fluent in, but it connects you to native speakers of your target language to help you learn even more!

Best for intermediate learners or beginners that still don’t know where to begin, Preply enables its students to set out their own language goals with their tutors. Whether you want to practice speaking the language or master the writing techniques of the language, this language learning application can help you do just that.

This app is also a great tool to learn a new language because you’ll be immersed in how the language is actually spoken, the correct pronunciation of words, and even how locals stress certain areas of a word. These are all things you can’t get with just any language learning app.

Ling App

The Ling App is definitely a must! With its game-like features and mini-games, you will be able to learn Swahili words and the Swahili language in no time!

This application is committed to making language learning as easy as possible, which is obvious in its lesson format and structure. With Ling, not only will you be able to build your vocabulary, but you’ll be given extensive grammar tips and instructions to help you improve your language skills even more.

With the app’s gamified lessons and bite-sized content, learning the language of your choice not only became easier, but these methods are highly effective. Whatever goals that you have as a language learner, you can achieve them with Ling!

Not to mention, the app runs smoothly and you can bring it with you anywhere. This means that you can learn anytime and anywhere you want. For example, when you’re waiting in line, eating your favorite meal, or when you’re just looking for a way to relax!

The Ling App also has a free language blog with tons of useful posts! The blog covers topics such as language tips, culture, food, and so much more!

Learn With The Ling App!

With just a few clicks and taps on your phone or your laptop, you can be exposed to a whole new world of language learning! By using the Ling App, you can learn a new language effectively and use your language skills to help you make meaningful connections and bridge yourself to lasting relationships all around the globe.

learn Swahili with Ling App

The Ling App offers lessons in over 60 languages, so, no matter what language you want to learn, Ling is there for you! Whether you want to start speaking or writing Ukrainian or Korean, you can do it all on the Ling App! Did we mention that this is also one of the very few language learning apps that features a chatbot? This means that you can practice speaking in real-time directly with the app’s interactive AI software.

So, if you are looking for a sign to check out the Ling App today, this is it! We wish you the best of luck on your language learning journey!

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