Sports Vocabulary In Swahili: Your #1 Best Guide

Are you interested to learn Swahili? If so, start your language learning journey with sports vocabulary in Swahili! Not only is this a great way to get acquainted with the language, but you can learn the vocabulary you’re actually interested in!

We know Swahili might seem complicated at first, but we’re here to tell you that the language is actually really easy. Keep reading to find out why!

The Only List You Need For Sports Vocabulary In Swahili

If you want to build up your knowledge of languages, keep reading to learn more about Swahili!

BasketballMpira wa Kikapu



VolleyballMpira wa Wavu


HockeyMpira wa magongo




Track and fieldKufuatilia na shamba

CyclingKuendesha baiskeli


Table tennisTenisi ya Meza

SkiingMchezo wa kuteleza kwenye theluji



CyclingKuendesha baiskeli

ArcheryUpigaji mishale


These are just a few of the many sports translated into Swahili. These are definitely great if you want to build your Swahili vocabulary and get more familiar with the sounds of the language!

However, it might be hard to get the hang of Swahili, especially if you are a beginner. That’s why we’ve included some examples sentences below for you to practice. If you really want to learn Swahili, then you should know entire sentences rather than just individual words!

Swahili Sport Sentences To Know

With these sentences, not only will you be able to see how the words are used in a complete sentence, but you can get an idea of the overall sentence structure of Swahili.

Yesterday the girls in our neighborhood invited me and my sister to play tennis with them.Wasichana wa mtaa wetu jana walinialika mimi na dada yangu kucheza tenisi pamoja nao.

I grew up playing volleyball as a kid which is one of the reasons why I love the sport.Nilikua nikicheza mpira wa wavu nikiwa mtoto ambayo ni moja ya sababu kwa nini ni moja ya michezo ambayo ninaipenda sana.

My boyfriend plays basketball with his friends quite a lot, so I try to watch his basketball games whenever I have time.Mpenzi wangu anacheza mpira wa vikapu na marafiki zake sana na kwa hivyo ninapokuwa na wakati, mimi hujaribu kutazama michezo yake ya mpira wa vikapu pia.

If it wasn’t for swimming, I would be very scared of the ocean and would not have confidence in myself.Ikiwa haikuwa kwa kuogelea, nitaogopa sana bahari na sitakuwa na imani ndani yangu.

Volleyball and fencing are the top sports that my university offers.Mpira wa wavu pamoja na uzio ndio michezo bora ambayo chuo kikuu changu hutoa kufundisha.

My friends and I bond by playing golf whenever we have the time.Marafiki zangu na mimi huungana kwa kucheza dhahabu wakati wowote tunapopata wakati wa kufanya hivyo.

At first, fencing did not really interest me until I practiced with people that really loved it.Mwanzoni, uzio haukunivutia sana hadi nilipoweza kuwa na watu ambao waliipenda sana.

Here’s Why You Should Learn Swahili!

Sports Vocabulary In Swahili

Aside from the fact that Swahili is spoken by a lot of people and, therefore, it’s a great language to use to connect with people and form meaningful relationships, there are so many resources out there to make learning the language easy!

From language learning applications to online courses, the resources are endless. This makes learning Swahili not only accessible, but easier! If you ask other Swahili language learners, Swahili is actually a very easy language because the words tend to be pronounced exactly how they are written.

This makes Swahili less complicated to learn and easier to remember. This also makes translations and grammar rules rather straightforward. If you dedicate some time and effort to learning the language, your progress as a language learner should be so fast! Imagine that!

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