8 Best Apps For Learning Tagalog Quickly In 2024

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Are you finding a surge of interest in the Filipino language? Get access to the best apps for learning Tagalog today and teach yourself to focus on learning the basics or the most advanced concepts in this unique Asian language! By using different applications all at one time, you can seriously progress and reach at least the conversational level. To make things interesting, our list will only focus on the best apps to learn Tagalog available for download today! And yes! This includes the tried and tested Ling app!

You see, Tagalog is an easy language to master since there are tons of opportunities to use the language. Unlike other native speakers, Filipino people can be seen almost everywhere globally. This makes it possible to come across or work with people who speak the Tagalog language.

Quick Summary:

Our Top Picks for Best Apps for Learning Tagalog
Best For
Ling logo


  • Grammar explanations
  • Audio by native speakers
  • Writing system education
Spoken Tagalog
best apps for learning Tagalog - A photo of Simply Learn Tagalog logo

Simply Learn Tagalog

  • Spaced repetition learning
  • Native speaker audio
  • Real-life phrases categorization
Vocabulary Building
best apps for learning Tagalog - A photo of Vocly Tagalog app logo


  • Flashcard usage
  • Educational games
  • 100+ vocabulary categories

Why Learn The Tagalog Language?

If you have ever heard a full-blown conversation using only this new language, you must have distinguished certain features, such as Taglish and some words related to Spanish. This makes it easier for English speakers to learn the basics as the pressure of being unable to express yourself fully is no longer there. In fact, you can visit the Philippines and use English throughout your journey to survive.

But why, right? Because English is the second most widely used language in the country. Interestingly, not all people can speak Tagalog, but almost everyone can speak English! But of course, to fully immerse yourself in the country, it will be helpful for you to learn some of the most basic sentences, phrases, and vocabulary words you can use for everyday conversation.

Learners from across the world have always been in search of Google for practical courses, websites, and tools for language learning. However, most of the free online resources available today are just not good enough… some of the materials have not even been updated since it was published. Additionally, some materials or websites only show the dictionary meaning of a particular word with no actual examples of using it for real sentences.

At a glance:
Our Top 8 picks for Best Apps for Learning Tagalog

1. The Ling App: Best For Grammar Mastery

The Ling app is a language learning app built to support learners in over 60+ languages. Instead of just bombarding you with word-based lessons, it teaches about critical grammar rules and the contextual meaning of vocabulary words and guides you in pronunciation.

For languages with certain writing systems, the Ling app will also help you master it right away! Additionally, this tool will give you fun games based on a specific lesson category so that you can check your level and review, too! Without a doubt, the Ling app is by far the best among the best apps for learning Tagalog today.

Devices: Android, iOS, Web

Ling App Overview

The Ling app helps you with grammar and speaking. It gives you games to make learning fun and uses real-life examples so you can understand how to use words in different situations.


  • Over 60 Language Lessons.

  • Over 200 Courses in Each Language.

  • Vocabulary, phrases, and topics for all skill levels.

  • Resources for the course were developed in collaboration with native speakers.

  • Grammar explanations and real-world examples.

  • Audio lessons recorded by native speakers.


  • Monthly: $14.99

  • Six Months: $39.99

  • Yearly: $79.99 (7-day free trial)

  • Lifetime: $149.99

2. Simply Learn Tagalog: Best For Spoken Tagalog

Tagalog learning will get much more manageable with Simply Learn. Why? It’s because this app deals with sets of 100% Tagalog phrases, vocabulary, and expressions perfect for spoken interaction. It also showcases several new slang, which can be truly useful in blending in with the native Tagalog speakers.

Are you finding yourself a bit scared when it comes to speaking the Tagalog language? This phrasebook tool is an ideal solution for total beginners who are finding themselves in a situation wherein they need to do spoken interactions right away. The phrases and expressions are chunked based on real-life categories (emergencies, dating, and even conversation starters). Every entry has a combined audio file so that you can practice Tagalog pronunciation and mimic the speaking techniques of native speakers.

Devices: Android, iOS

Simply Learn Tagalog Overview

This app is packed with phrases you’ll need to talk to people in Tagalog. It plays clear audio clips from Filipino speakers, which is super helpful for learning how to say things just like a local.


  • Free access to over 300 useful Tagalog words and phrases.

  • Audio lessons recorded by native Filipino speakers.

  • A method of learning based on spaced repetition.

  • A review test of your Tagalog abilities.


  • Free with basic and limited features.

  • Monthly premium: $9.99

  • In-app purchases: $1.99

3. Vocly: Best For Vocabulary Building

Ready to impress a Filipino whenever you speak the Tagalog language? Vocly can help. While paid lessons or courses can teach you only a few things here and there, Vocly can upgrade your knowledge in terms of vocabulary words.

If you want to use highfaluting words in spoken or written interactions, using a dedicated tool will move you from the basic kumusta and salamat to some of the most complex words in Tagalog. The best part? This free platform will make sure that you get to learn over 100 words per category that you can ever think of.

Device: iOS

Vocly Overview

Vocly helps you learn lots of new Tagalog words. It’s got a big list of categories, so you can choose what kind of words you want to learn, like things about the house or feelings.


  • Study vocab from 100+ categories.

  • Use flashcards to sharpen your memory.

  • Play educational games.


  • Monthly subscription: $8.99

  • Yearly subscription: $34.99

  • Lifetime subscription: $129.99
Best Apps For Learning Tagalog - A photo of a happy girl using her laptop while learning the Tagalog language

4. Translate Me: Best For Instant Translation

Sometimes, learning a foreign language may be too difficult, even if you use remarkable apps. If you do not have much time to learn the complex Tagalog grammar rules and slang, you can use a free innovative translate platform to decipher anything you want instantly. This differs from Google Translate because real native speakers actually update the Translate Me app. So, if you’re going to say something in an informal manner, you can get suggestions in casual and slang translations.

Devices: Android, iOS

Translate Me Overview

If you need to understand or say something in Tagalog quickly, Translate Me is a big help. It can listen to what you say and then tell you how to say it in Tagalog, even using the latest slang words.


  • Real-time translation of spoken dialogue. Pick any two languages and have natural talks without touching the device.

  • Set a language pair, begin talking, and the app will automatically determine your language.

  • Type into 100+ different language options.


  • Free with basic and limited features.

  • Monthly premium: $7.99

  • Yearly premium: $42.99

  • Lifetime subscription: $119.99

5. Mondly: Best For Daily Learning

With Mondly, you can get daily free lessons in a language you want to learn. You’ll be able to recall essential vocabulary, construct sentences, master key phrases, and join in discussions in minutes. Like the Ling app, Mondly’s fun language lessons help Tagalog language learners understand grammatical structures and pronunciation.

Devices: Android, iOS, Web

Mondly Overview

Every day, Mondly gives you new things to learn in Tagalog. It mixes different ways to learn, like listening and speaking, so you can get better at conversations.


  • 5500 quizzes and 240 engaging lessons

  • 2,000+ fresh phrases and words


  • Free with basic daily lessons.

  • Monthly premium (one language): $9.99

  • Yearly premium (one language): $47.99

  • Lifetime (all languages): $89.99

6. Pimsleur: Best For Spoken Fluency

Unlike many other language applications, Pimsleur is only dedicated to helping you become fluent in spoken language. You won’t waste time matching words and images on a computer. Instead, you’ll learn to speak the language from the very first lesson onward. And within 30 minutes, you’ll be having your first conversation. They have assisted individuals in learning languages in just 30 days for the past 50 years. Additionally, the hands-free feature adds to the convenience of learning a new language anytime, anywhere!

Devices: Android, iOS, Web

Pimsleur Overview

Pimsleur is all about getting you to speak Tagalog. You start talking in your very first lesson, and they say you can have a full conversation in just a month.


  • 30-minute conversational lessons.

  • Review conversation transcripts by role-playing.

  • Use flashcards to study new words.


  • Free with basic and very limited features.

  • Monthly premium: $19.95 (one language), $20.95 (all languages)

  • Yearly premium: $164.95 (all languages)

7. iTalki: Best For Personal Instruction

Private instruction with native speakers is a great way to start studying or progressing in Tagalog or any other language. You can learn Tagalog through genuine human interaction with a native teacher on iTalki and experience an immersive learning environment. They’ll tailor each session to your strengths and limitations to speed up your learning process.

Devices: Android, iOS, Web

iTalki Overview

On iTalki, you can learn Tagalog with a teacher who focuses just on you. They figure out what you’re good at and what you need to work on, and then they make lessons that are perfect for you.


  • Pick a time that works for you from 30, 45, 60, or 90-minute sessions.

  • Language lessons are adapted to students’ skill levels.

  • Free question and answer community.

  • One-on-one lessons.


  • Community tutors: $4 – $30/hour

  • Professional teachers: $10 – $80/hour

  • Lesson packages: Varies
Best Apps For Learning Tagalog-ling-app-study online

8. Rosetta Stone: Best For Intuitive Learning

Rosetta Stone is a smartphone app that allows you to learn a language without needing books, a translator, or a dictionary. It incorporates audio and visual cues to teach you new vocabulary, while advanced voice recognition tools ensure you pronounce everything correctly. Rosetta Stone’s approach to language learning is successful and supported by research.

The app creates an approach to learning a new language specifically for you, considering your interests and goals. In addition, its extended learning capabilities allow you to save lessons for offline use and provide access to various quizzes.

Devices: Android, iOS, Web

Rosetta Stone Overview

Rosetta Stone teaches you Tagalog by showing you pictures and sounds. It helps you learn new words and makes sure you say them right.


  • Keep your language study on track with a strategy designed just for you.

  • Learn how to pronounce words correctly and have them analyzed in real-time.

  • Lessons can be saved and accessed later.


  • 3-month premium: $47.97

  • Yearly premium: $126.88

  • Lifetime subscription: $399

Which Of The Best Apps For Learning Tagalog Stands Out?

Contrary to common belief, you do not have to settle for paid apps to access the best language lessons today! Just by using your browser or mobile devices, you can start learning, practicing, and reviewing during your free time. Some of the applications may need you to be online, but there are literally other ones that you can use that feature an offline mode.

But honestly, with all the best apps for learning Tagalog listed in this roundup, the Ling app is the most capable. Even if you check out the app reviews about the Ling app, there’s no doubt that this gamified language learning app is very effective and convenient. Experts craft it to help language learners be fluent in any 60+ languages the Ling app offers.

You don’t believe me? Why don’t you try it yourself by downloading the Ling app from Google Play and the App Store right now? I assure you that in just 15 minutes of using it, you’ll learn new Tagalog words and phrases.

Do you have questions or clarifications? Feel free to drop a comment below. We’d love to help you anytime!

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