Health In Tamil 15+ Easy & Common Words

The Indian Southern State, Tamil Nadu, has become one of the most preferred health care destinations for Indians and expats over the last several years. Chennai, the capital of Tamil Nadu State, is currently attracting a large number of tourists. These tourists are mostly people arriving for the excellent health care services. Tamilians take health care very seriously and you can expect great results. If you happen to visit the country and need medical assistance, knowing the easy and common words for health in Tamil will come in handy.

So, here is an overview to get you started!

Healthcare System In Tamil Nadu

Tamil Nadu has very advanced health care facilities. It also has several reputed medical schools, which help the country’s progress. Tamil Nadu is focused on public health and improving the country’s health care systems. 

They also focus more on rural people to ensure access to health care is received, and health education is given to all levels of people.

Even before the 19th century Chennai, the capital of Tamil Nadu, had patients coming from across the nation for treatment. Initially, in 1664 a general hospital was made to care for the British soldiers at that time. 

Chennai also has one of the oldest medical colleges in India. This is why it has been one of the best destinations for anyone in India wanting to start a career in medicine.

Vocabulary For Health In Tamil

Vocabulary for Health in Tamil
Vocabulary for Health in Tamil

Here is a list of words for health care, their pronunciation in Tamil, and the word in Tamil script. This vocabulary list is just a brief one. But it will help you get started in understanding Tamil words related to health.

  • Healthy life – Nōyaṟṟa vāḻvu – நோயற்ற வாழ்வு
  • Health – Ārōkkiyam – ஆரோக்கியம்
  • Sick – Uṭampu cariyillai – உடம்பு சரியில்லை
  • Cough – Irumal – இருமல்
  • Cold – Kuḷir – குளிர்
  • Fever – Kāyccal – காய்ச்சல்
  • Runny nose – Mūkku oḻukutal – மூக்கு ஒழுகுதல்
  • Headache – Talaivali – தலைவலி
  • Sore Throat – Toṇṭai vali – தொண்டை வலி
  • Body pain – Uṭal vali – உடல் வலி
  • Appetite – Paciyiṉmai – பசியின்மை
  • Safety – Pātukāppu – பாதுகாப்பு
  • Hospital – Maruttuvamaṉai – மருத்துவமனை
  • Medicine – Maruntu – மருந்து
  • Clinic – Cikiccaiyakam – சிகிச்சையகம்
  • Doctor – Maruttuvar – மருத்துவர்
  • Vaccine – Taṭuppūci – தடுப்பூசி
  • Patient – Nōyāḷi – நோயாளி
  • Illness – Uṭal nalamiṉmai – உடல் நலமின்மை
  • Pharmacy – Maruntakam – மருந்தகம்

Phrases For Health In Tamil

The Tamil language has a different sentence structure, which is why the English translation of sentences will not seem logical. They use the Subject-Object-Verb structure, which is common in many South Asian languages.

So, it will be handy to follow some of the following examples to start up a conversation.

  • Where can I get this medicine? – Inta maruntu eṅkē kiṭaikkum – இந்த மருந்து எங்கே கிடைக்கும்
  • I feel sick. – Nāṉ uṭalnilai cari illātatu pōṉṟu uṇarkiṟēṉ – நான் உடல்நிலை சரி இல்லாதது போன்று உணர்கிறேன்
  • Where is the clinic? – Kiḷiṉik eṅkē – கிளினிக் எங்கே
  • I need a doctor. – Eṉakku vaittiyar utavi tēvai – எனக்கு வைத்தியர் உதவி தேவை
  • I have a cold. – Eṉakku kuḷir – எனக்கு குளிர்
  • I have body pain. – Eṉakku uṭal vali irukkiṟatu – எனக்கு உடல் வலி இருக்கிறது
  • I have fever. – Eṉakku kāyccal – எனக்கு காய்ச்சல்

As you can see in one of the phrases above, Tamils introduce English words into their vocabulary. The word “clinic” is used the same in English – “Kiḷiṉik eṅkē/கிளினிக் எங்கே.” Tamils accept English words in their daily language because the formal term is sometimes rather complicated.

Most Tamils can understand English, so they sometimes may prefer to use English words rather than Tamil.

Medical Astrology And Health For Tamils

Siddha Medicine in Tamil Nadu
Siddha Medicine in Tamil Nadu

Tamils strongly believe in astrology. It is based on the belief that ancient pandits have foreseen people’s present life and can also predict their future. Astrology is also used for the birth chart in which the birth date, day, year, time, and place are noted, impacting one’s life, health, and future. Most households are influenced by it.

The Siddha system of medicine comes from Tamil Nadu, known to be found by Siddhars, who held unique powers. This alternative form of medicine is also widely accepted among Tamils and gaining recognition outside South Asia.

It is said to be the safest form of medicine as the ingredients are from nature. It is used to treat chronic illnesses of people of all ages.

Ayurveda medicine is also known among Tamils and is often used for patients with nerve or muscle diseases. On the other hand, the Siddha medicine is used for digestion and respiratory illness.

Learning Tamil With Ling

Learn Tamil with Ling
Learn Tamil With Ling

English is very different from Tamil, and the alphabet, script, reading, and understanding differ. Therefore, as a learner, it may be challenging to absorb Tamil if you are used to English grammar. To learn Tamil, it is recommended to make a friend, watch videos on YouTube or on the news, try a language learning website or even try out Tamil food for conversation.

Understanding health care in Tamil is also beneficial because it is a large part of society. Tamils understand their rights in health and have a good sense of how to pursue a healthy life. This is why as a Tamil language learner, it is a great idea to know certain words and the Tamil meaning of words. This is where the Ling Language learning app can support you!

Ling language app has a high volume of free lessons accessible wherever you are! You can access videos and examples on how to read, write, listen and speak Tamil and get familiar with the language at your own pace. 

Are you curious to know more? Download Ling App from App Store or Google Play today! 

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