No Slovenian On Busuu: Try The #1 Best Alternative

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Are you having trouble finding the perfect language-learning app because there’s no Slovenian on Busuu? You’ve reached the right place. You can learn Slovenian with the assistance of Ling and wow your friends and family!

Slovenian is a diamond among languages because of its extensive past and fascinating culture. Those interested in exploring this linguistic gold mine should carefully consider the language study app they ultimately choose on. Although Busuu is a popular option for learning a foreign language, it does not yet provide Slovenian lessons.

But don’t worry! Here we’ll look at where you can find excellent lessons in Slovenian, how challenging it is to pick up, what I thought of the Busuu app, and how you can get started with an even better Slovenian learning resource: the Ling app!

The Slovenian Language Overview

Alright, let’s get started with the intriguing aspects of Slovenian so you can learn more about the language you’re interested in!

Where Is Slovenian Spoken?

Slovenia is such a stunning European country! It’s nestled right between Italy, Austria, Hungary, and Croatia. The official language there is Slovenian. 

There are pockets of Slovene speakers in Italy, primarily located in the northeastern region of Friuli Venezia Giulia. Slovene-speaking people are in several regions of Hungary, especially close to the border with Slovenia. Also, there is a little Slovenian-speaking community in several parts of Croatia, notably close to the Slovenian border too.

It’s pretty cool that over 2.5 million people speak Slovenian. This means there’s a big part of Slovenian society. That’s why there are Slovene communities in Italy and Austria too. It’s pretty cool because the language is protected as a minority tongue in those places.

Is It Difficult To Learn Slovenian?

How difficult you find learning Slovenian can be influenced by your native language and previous experience learning new languages. Learning Slovenian can be quite challenging for native English speakers due to its unique vocabulary and complex grammar.

But hey, the phonetic character of the language definitely comes in handy when it comes to pronunciation. It makes it a lot easier to communicate verbally, you know? And definitely! If you put in serious effort and use great language study tools, you can master Slovenian. It’s all about dedication and finding the right resources to help you along the way.


Busuu App Review

Busuu provides well-organized language lessons for students of all skill levels. The curriculum in these lessons is well-structured, and students are led systematically through the various units.

Even though Busuu is widely recognized as a popular language-learning platform, they don’t offer Slovenian courses. But Busuu stands out because it focuses on real-life language use, cultural knowledge, and personalized study plans. Even if it’s not made specifically for people learning Slovenian, it’s still an excellent option for anyone wanting to broaden their language skills.

Why Is There No Slovenian On Busuu?

There could be a few reasons why Busuu doesn’t offer lessons in Slovenian. One possibility is that there might not be enough people interested in learning Slovenian on their platform. Another reason could be that they lack the resources to develop a comprehensive Slovenian language program. Lastly, it’s also possible that creating a complete Slovenian language course is challenging for them.

I understand this restriction might discourage some folks from studying this target language, but other alternatives exist!

Use The Ling App To Learn Slovenian!

Busuu’s failure to offer Slovenian lessons is unfortunate, but many other resources are available for anyone interested in expanding their linguistic horizons. Now that you have Ling as an effective option learning Slovenian is within grasp.


The Ling App

If you want to get a head start on learning Slovenian, I highly recommend checking out Ling. It’s an outstanding option! It’s awe-inspiring how this language application stands out from all the others!

Ling is perfect for learners at any skill level. It offers interactive courses and personalized learning paths. This app is a great choice for learning Slovenian because it has a simple user interface, fun activities, and focuses on helping you improve your pronunciation. Plus, it’s a great place to learn a new language and have fun simultaneously!


  • Ling provides over 60 language courses, covering beginner, intermediate, and expert levels of language study.
  • Learn a new language with 200+ courses and audio lessons made by native speakers.
  • Interactive games that improve your language skills quickly
  • Games and exercises to help you learn a new language, such as those in which you match pictures to words, put together dialogue using a word bank, and engage in simulated or actual conversations with a chatbot.


Ling’s free beginner courses are great if you’re just starting with the language. In addition, monthly subscriptions are available for $8.99. If you’re serious about your study, you may pay $79.99 for an annual subscription. Along with the yearly plan, Ling offers a free 7-day trial. A lifetime subscription is also available for $149.99 for those who are committed to the application for the long term.

Now that you know about this fantastic Busuu alternative, you can start studying Slovenian without missing a beat!

You’re going to love Ling’s expertise! They’ll help you dive deep into Slovenian society, language, and history. It’s going to be an amazing experience.

Learn Slovenian With Ling Now!

You know, learning a new language is such an exciting journey! There’s so much potential and possibilities waiting for you. Why not give Ling a try and start learning Slovenian? You’ll be amazed by the beauty and charm of the Slavic language.

Ling’s mission is to make learning a new language enjoyable by providing various languages and up-to-date knowledge in an engaging format. Learn a new tongue without leaving your phone!

Most Slovenian language learners chose the Ling app for their language journey, so why not join them? Download Ling from App Store or Google Play Store today, and choose subscription options to access the entire course!

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