30+ Sweet Phrases To Say I Love You In Georgian

I love you in Georgian

Ah, love, what’s not to like about it? It’s one of the common phrases that learners like you and me will encounter in every language. And as they say, love is a universal language, and we’ll help you find the sweetest Georgian words to describe your feelings accurately to your family, friends, and that special someone in this post. Want to be fluent and say I love you in Georgian? Let’s get to it!

Sometimes it’s hard to read someone’s emotions, especially when it comes to romance. After all, it’s one of the world’s most straightforward yet vaguest feelings! What makes it even more difficult is that not only do we have different ways of expressing our love, but we also use different languages. For this reason, learning at least the basics of a new language is essential because it’ll help you convey your messages and express your real feelings without language barriers. Yes, translations on websites or apps may help you from time to time, but your loved one will greatly appreciate it if you sound or speak like a local.

So if you have a Georgian partner, be sure to read on as we help tear down any language barriers with these sweet ways to say I love you in Georgian.


Tips Before You Date A Georgian

As soon as you meet someone, you will love for the rest of your life, you should be ready for any cultural differences or even the communication gap you’ll experience. But that won’t be a real problem once you’ve dedicated yourself to learning more about them. It’s your turn to know and check our tips before you date someone from Georgia.

It’s Common To Have A Traditional Culture For Georgian People

When we think about cliche romance scenes in movies, we always consider how outdated these gestures are. On the other hand, many people still want to experience what’s it like to be given letters or asked politely to be courted rather than have a date. In Georgia, it’s frequent for men to make the first move. But they don’t shy away from girls that want to also declare their love first than them.

Georgian Men Like Cheesy Pick-Up Lines

Don’t get flustered or frustrated if your man suddenly gives you flowers or calls you “my world” while on a date. It’s normal for the locals of Georgia to express their feelings that way. Isn’t that sweet? They are also known to be polite, so if you feel uncomfortable with the lines, tell them immediately. Who knows, you may grow into these romantic phrases and even speak the local language better than your special someone.

Georgians Like Exclusivity

When they’re in love, Georgians will only give their life and world to one person. So, if you’re dating a Georgian, it will be best not to date anyone else. Also, you might meet their family members sooner than you think. Exclusivity for Georgians means you’ll also need to present yourself as someone who will marry their relative soon. Don’t worry; many Georgians speak English, but wouldn’t it be great to impress them with your language skills? Not to mention, speaking their mother tongue will be a great plus for you too!

A Georgian Who Loves You Will Stick With You No Matter What

Loyalty is paramount wherever you are. It doesn’t matter what race, nationality, or even gender you identify as. It’s lovely to know that someone will be there for you through thick and thin. And even if you’re not feeling confident about who you are, your Georgian partner will compliment you and encourage you to be your best self.

That’s just scratching the surface of what you’ll encounter in Georgia; it’s still best to experience it yourself. Who knows? These tips may differ according to what you’ll go through, and your loving Georgian partner will be better than you expected!

I love you in Georgian words and phrases


Words That Express I Love You In Georgian

It’s time to profess your love to that special someone. And you’re in the right time to learn Georgian with us. Sometimes, it’s just not the straight I love you in the Georgian language that expresses your desire to be with that person forever. It can also be a gesture, a compliment, or an endearing quote to start their day.

I love youმიყვარხარmikvarkhar
I love you (more formal)მე შენ მიყვარხარme shen mikvarkhar
I like youმომწონხარmomtsonkhar
I love you for who you areმიყვარხარ ისეთი, როგორიც ხარmiqvarkhar iseti, rogorits khar
My joy/my happinessჩემო სიხარულოchemo sikharulo
You are my typeშენ ხარ ჩემი ტიპიshen khar chemi t’ip’i
You are beautifulᲚამაზი ხარlamazi khar
You are handsomeსიმპატიური ხარsimp’at’iuri khar
I am yoursმე შენი ვარme sheni var
I want you to be my woman foreverმინდა, რომ სამუდამოდ იყო ჩემი ქალიminda rom samudamod iq’o chemi kali
I want you to be my man foreverმინდა, რომ სამუდამოდ იყო ჩემი კაციminda rom samudamod iq’o chemi k’atsi
You are my lifeᲩემი ცხოვრება ხარchemi tskhovreba khar
You are my worldᲨენ ჩემი სამყარო ხარshen chemi samq’aro khar
Can you be my boyfriend?შეგიძლია იყო ჩემი მეგობარი ბიჭი?shegidzlia iq’o chemi megobari bich’i?
Can you be my girlfriend?Იქნები ჩემი შეყვარებული?iknebi chemi sheq’varebuli?
Will you marry me?Ცოლად გამომყვები?tsolad gamomq’vebi?


Romantic Phrases You Can Reply For Accepting Their Love

Accepting your loved one’s comforting and romantic words is necessary when you want to enter a relationship. Saying those sweet words back to your lover will surely make their day. Here are Georgian phrases and sentences that you can reply to when accepting their love.

I am really happy to hear thatმე ნამდვილად მიხარია ამის მოსმენაme namdvilad mikharia amis mosmena
I also love youმეც მიყვარხარmets miq’varkhar
I want to spend the rest of my life with youმინდა მთელი ცხოვრება შენთან გავატაროminda mteli tskhovreba shentan gavat’aro
Let’s be togetherერთად ვიყოთertad viq’ot
Let’s dateმოდით პაემანიmodit p’aemani
I will be your girlfriendმე ვიქნები შენი შეყვარებულიme viknebi sheni sheq’varebuli
I will be your boyfriendმე ვიქნები შენი მეგობარი ბიჭიme viknebi sheni megobari bich’i
I agree with your feelingsვეთანხმები შენს გრძნობებსvetankhmebi shens grdznobebs
I’m willing to take the riskმზად ვარ რისკზე წავიდე mzad var risk’ze ts’avide
You make me happy Მაბედნიერებmabedniereb
Let’s get marriedმოდი დავქორწინდეთmodi davkorts’inde
I enjoy being with youმსიამოვნებს შენთან ყოფნაmsiamovnebs shentan q’opna
You are my one true loveშენ ხარ ჩემი ერთადერთი ნამდვილი სიყვარულიshen khar chemi ertaderti namdvili siq’varuli
I’ll be happy to accept your loveსიამოვნებით მივიღებ შენს სიყვარულსsiamovnebit mivigheb shens siq’varuls


Georgian Phrases For Declining That Romantic Gesture

Love is always a sweet and happy moment for anyone that experiences it. Although, we also understand when you’re just not ready, not really interested in having a relationship or do not reciprocate the same feelings.

In that sense, you’ll need to speak more Georgian language to get your message through to your Georgian friend. Georgians appreciate an honest and straightforward response. Many will be happy that you’re true to what you feel. Speaking in the Georgian language works wonders if you are very sincere in your message.

Here are some terms you can say to decline and say thank you (დიდი მადლობა or didi madloba) for their appreciation.

I appreciate the gesture, but I’m not readyვაფასებ ამ ჟესტს, მაგრამ არ ვარ მზადvapaseb am zhest’s, magram ar var mzad
Thank you for your kind words, but I’ll think about itმადლობა კეთილი სიტყვებისთვის, მაგრამ დავფიქრდებიmadloba k’etili sit’q’vebistvis, magram davpikrdebi
Thank you for loving me, but I can’t reciprocate the same feelingsგმადლობთ, რომ მიყვარხართ, მაგრამ მე არ შემიძლია იგივე გრძნობების გაცემაgmadlobt, rom miq’varkhart, magram me ar shemidzlia igive grdznobebis gatsema
I’m happy to hear that, but I wish us to be friends onlyმიხარია ამის მოსმენა, მაგრამ ვისურვებ, რომ მხოლოდ მეგობრები ვიყოთmikharia amis mosmena, magram visurveb, rom mkholod megobrebi viq’ot

It would be nice to be polite in your response. Whether you’re interested in your Georgian friend or are simply on good terms, you can always talk about the best Georgian food to cool off the awkwardness. Or, if you’re going to take it to the next level, complimenting someone that they’re handsome or beautiful in Georgia might not be enough. Ask some more questions and get to know them personally. It literally depends on you!

If the feelings are starting to run much deeper, then maybe you should also consider staying in Georgia too! Before you go, look for the best app that will accompany you and help you understand the Georgian language more. And what is this best app, you may ask? Of course, the Ling app!


Swoon Your Loved One In Georgian With Ling

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