21+ Captivating Ways To Say Beautiful In Georgian Language

As an upcoming tourist destination for many, Georgia has many exciting ways to explore the country. With every animal, plant, person, or object you’ll encounter, you’ll indeed say how awe-inspiring Georgia is. Expressing beauty in Georgia is easy, and learning how to say beautiful in Georgian will make your travels memorable. What are you waiting for? Let’s get started!

Expressing emotional admiration or simply being in awe of everything beautiful is very human. It’s delightful that beauty can have a different meaning or convey translations that are only unique to those languages.

We know how much you would love to travel worldwide, so why not include Georgia? Besides, you’ll even add Georgian in languages you should check out.

Of course, before saying someone is beautiful in the Georgian language, you should introduce yourself first! But if you already have Georgian friends or just want to appreciate nature in general, we’ve got the list for you.

You should start memorizing how to say beautiful in Georgian with us then! Let’s unravel how much you can learn with Georgian words and phrases.

Beautiful In Georgian Language

Words About Beautiful In Georgian

The direct translation of beautiful in Georgian is Ლამაზი or lamazi. 

Although there are more ways to say beautiful in Georgian language than you would expect. The word beautiful is adaptable in many situations and is hard to miss in any language. Georgia is no exception, as we can even describe beauty in the five senses or through gestures and facial expressions. Sometimes there are too many phrases that we can think about

When studying a language like Georgian, it’s important to remember the rules for parts of speech. Since it’s an agglutinative language, it needs prefixes and suffixes added to a word to form a new meaning. For this part, phrases for beauty are in the form of adjectives that you’ll put before nouns. The good thing about learning Georgian is how easy it is to understand. It’s time to understand the translation and meaning of these phrases:

ᲚამაზიlamaziBeautiful, Pretty, Lovely
მშვენიერიmshvenieriWonderful, Super, Remarkable
მიმზიდველიmimzidveliAppealing, Loveable, Attractive

Related Words And Phrases To Say Beautiful In Georgian

It’s not enough just to become familiar with the Georgian word for beauty; you should also practice speaking it. What better way to learn than to use it in sentences, right? Apart from describing exciting and beautiful people in Georgia, you could also show your approval of astounding objects and items. You may even just say that აჯაფსანდალი (ajapsandali) or Georgian ratatouille is an exquisite meal. Say your compliments to the chef!

On the other hand, if you want to compliment someone for their natural beauty, brush up on Georgian vocabulary. Earn that new friend or impress your partner!

Skin Care And Beauty Products In Georgian

Taking care of yourself and your skin is another way to maintain a person’s beauty. If you want to express your love and appreciation of beauty, you can give these items as gifts to your Georgian friends. Browse a local magazine in Georgia or order from a website; it’s easy to do. But of course, you need the exact translation of the word you’re trying to recall.

Include these Georgian vocabulary related to beauty products in your daily language lessons.

Მაკიაჟი (Mak’iazhi) – Makeup

წარბის კალამიts’arbis k’alamiEyebrow pencil
თვალის ჩრდილიtvalis chrdiliEyeshadow
სახის დაბანაsakhis dabanaFacial wash
საპარსი კრემიsap’arsi k’remiShaving cream
თმის სპრეიtmis sp’reiHairspray

Describe Someone As Pretty Or Handsome In Georgian

Undoubtedly, Georgian people are lovely, so you shouldn’t miss out on saying what you think. But before you mumble your words, try repeating these words with a language partner first. Dive in and entice someone pretty or handsome with these Georgian sentences and phrases.

ძალიან ლამაზი ხარdzalian lamazi kharYou are so beautiful
ამაღამ მშვენივრად გამოიყურებიamagham mshvenivrad gamoiq’urebiYou look great tonight
Შენი თვალები მშვენიერიაsheni tvalebi mshvenieriaYour eyes are beautiful
სახის შესანიშნავი გამომეტყველებაsakhis shesanishnavi gamomet’q’velebaExcellent facial expression
ამაზი ვარ?lamazi var?Am I pretty?
ეს ფეიერვერკები მშვენიერიაes peierverk’ebi mshvenieriaThese fireworks are wonderful

More Sentences For Beautiful In Georgian

Sometimes it’s hard to translate how you feel about something beautiful in your eyes. May it be the fantastic Tbilisi architecture, their artsy wine bars, or that unparalleled Georgian food you can’t forget. Understandably, you can’t describe this growing affection for the Georgian culture.

Before grabbing that dictionary, here’s a mini list of delightful words related to saying beautiful in Georgian.

მომწონს ეს ლამაზი მუსიკაmomts’ons es lamazi musik’aI like that beautiful music
საჭმელი არ არის ამ სამყაროდანsach’meli ar aris am samq’arodanThe food is out of this world
რა ლამაზი პეიზაჟებია!ra lamazi p’eizazhebia!What beautiful scenery!
მშვენიერი ამინდიაmshvenieri amindiaThe weather is lovely
ბანაკის ცეცხლი სანახაობრივიაbanak’is tsetskhli sanakhaobriviaThe campfire is spectacular

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