30+ Easy Georgian Questions

Are you wondering how to construct easy Georgian questions? Well, we got you covered! In today’s post, we will walk you through the Georgian language’s unique feature on interrogative phrases. Also, we will walk you through the basic ones that you can use when speaking with the locals. If you are ready for that, then let’s get started!

Formulating Easy Georgian Questions

The Georgian questions are essential to learn since their structure is used in everyday situations. The more you master it, the closer you will come to mastering this epic language. But before that, we must understand the function of constructing questions in the Georgian grammatical framework.

The following are some of the basic grammatical guidelines in the Georgian Language:

In Georgian, questions rely heavily on intonation to elicit a Yes or No response.

  1. You select the affirmative statement and say it with the appropriate intonation, then add a question mark at the end to show that the sentence is interrogative. For example: es wigni ninosia. – es wigni ninosia? ეს ვინი ნინოსია? (This book is Nino’s?)
  2. The auxiliaries do and does are not utilized, as they are in the English Language.
  3. Using the question phrases, or the General quest, is another way for forming a WH questions. Some of the examples are below: 
  • რა – Ra (What?)
  • ვინ – Vin (Who?)
  • რისა – Risa (Which?)
  1. The statement begins with a question mark, yet the whole of it is written as if it were in the affirmative. For example: visia es wigni? ეს ვისი წიგნია? (whose book is this?)

You may also construct a question by adding a tag question towards the end of a statement–take the positive sentence and add the –ara? or gana ase ar aris? at the end of the sentence. For example, es vigni ninosia, ara? ეს წიგნი ნინოსა, არა (This book is Nino’s, isn’t it?)

The 6 WH Questions In The Georgian Language

Below is a table of the WH questions in the Georgian language:

Georgian QuestionsPronunciationEnglish Translation 

List Of Easy Georgian Questions

List Of Easy Georgian Questions: Phrases And Sentences

As promised, we are going to give you the best list of already-formulated easy Georgian questions that will help you in your quest to converse with the locals. Whether you are just briefly traveling to the country or planning to migrate, having the skills in asking questions can certainly make the whole journey easier on your part. Add to that is the fact that asking people around is a necessity if you are traveling in this country.

Georgian QuestionsPronunciationEnglish Translation
შეიძლება მოვიდე?sheidzleba movide?can I come?
რით შემიზლია დაგეხმაროთ?rit shemidzlia dagekhmarot?can I help you?
შეგილიათ დამეხმაროთ?shegidzliat damekhmarot?can you help me?
შენ იცობ მას?shen itsnob mas?do you know her?
ლაპარაკობ ინგლისურად?laparakob inglisurad?do you speak English?
რამდენად რთულია ეს?ramdenad rtulia es?how difficult is it?
რამდენად შორსაა?ramdenad shorsaa?how far is this?
რომელი საათია?romeli saatia?what time is it?
როგორ გადაიხდით?rogor gadaikhdit?how would you like to pay?
ეს რა ღირს?es ra ghirs?how much is this?
რამდენი წლის ხარ?ramdeni ts’lis khar?how old are you?
ამას რა ქვია?amas ra qvia?what is this called?
რა გქვია?ra gkvia?what is your name?
როდის შევხვდებით?rodis shevkhvdebit?when can we meet?
შეიძლება ვისაუბროთ?sheidzleba visaubrot?can we talk?
შემიძლია გესტუმრო?shemidzlia gest’umro?can I visit you?
გაიმეოეთ თუ შეიძლება?gaimeoret tu sheidzleba?can you repeat?
რატომ არის ის ასე ძვირი?ratom aris is ase dzviri?why is it expensive?
შემიძლია ვისესხო შენი კალამი?shemidzlia viseskho sheni k’alami?can I borrow your pen?
შეგიძლიათ ნელა ილაპარაკოთ?shegidzliat nela ilaparakot?can you speak slowly?
გაიგეთ რა გითხარით?gaiget ra gitxarit?did you understand what I said?
უკაცრავად?ukacravad?excuse me?
ეს სწორია?es stsoria?is that right?
ეს არასწორია?es arastsoria?is that wrong?
კარგად ხარ?k’argad khar?are you okay?
რას ნიშნავს ეს სიტყვა ინგლისურად?ras nishnavs es sitkhva inglisurad?what does that word mean in English?
ეს რა არის?es ra aris?what is this?
რა უნდა ვთქვა?ra unda vtqva?what should I say?
ამას ფრანგულად რა ქვია?amas frangulad ra qvia?what’s that called in French?
სად არის ტუალეტი?sad aris t’ualet’i?where is the toilet?
კარგი დღე გაქვს?k’argi dghe gakvs?are you having a good day?
ჯერ მშიერი ხარ?jer mshieri khar?are you hungry yet?
საიდან ხარ?saidan khar?where are you from?

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Easy Georgian Questions

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