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Did you know that Hindi Day, celebrated on September 14th, marks the adoption of Hindi as one of India’s official languages? That’s right! Referred to as “Hindi Diwas” (हिंदी दिवस) in India where the word “diwas” means day in Hindi, the day is celebrated across the country, particularly in the Hindi-speaking regions of this diverse country within whose border around 400 languages are spoken!

In fact, this annual event is all about honoring the rich cultural heritage and linguistic diversity of Hindi-speaking communities around the globe. So, in this article, we’ll take a look at the significance of Hindi Day, explore its history, and discover how people come together to celebrate this Indo-Aryan language made popular across the globe by Bollywood!

So, whether you’re a Hindi language enthusiast or just curious about the celebrations, join us as we learn the reasons behind celebrating Hindi Diwas.

Why Celebrate Hindi Diwas 2023?

Since India writes in many languages and speaks in many more voices, there is no designated national language of this country. However, it does have a long list of official languages – a total of 22 – spoken in various regions or states of India. Hindi Day or National Hindi Day marks the day when the Constituent Assembly of India adopted the Hindi language as the official language on September 14, 1949. The credit for initiating this celebration goes to Beohar Rajendra Simha, a notable Hindi scholar and linguist.

But the question arises, Why? Most probably because Hindi, along with English, emerged as the lingua franca of the Indian nation. While Indian states in the north and northwest regions of the country have Hindi as their lingua franca, people from the southern and northeastern states of India deploy English to communicate with the rest of the country.

Hindi Day

Difference Between Hindi Day & World Hindi Day

Now, Hindi Day, also called National Hindi Day (Rashtriya Hindi Diwas – राष्ट्रीय हिंदी दिवस), and World Hindi Day both celebrate the Hindi language but on different scales.

While Hindi Day is all about India and its love for Hindi, the World Hindi Day (Vishwa Hindi Diwas – विश्व हिंदी दिवस) observed on January 10th, is all about spreading the love for Hindi across the world. That’s because Hindi is the third most spoken language in the world, thanks to the huge Indian diaspora thriving vivaciously across the globe!

In fact, the latter is a way to connect Hindi-speaking communities worldwide and share the language’s beauty and diversity with the global audience.

How India Celebrates Hindi Day

Even as a school student, I used to look forward to the Hindi Day celebrations in school as we would have an array of exciting literary activities to participate in. Every year, I would diligently prepare an essay on my favorite Hindi writer or poet, participate in debates and quizzes related to Hindi literature, or religiously attend the Hindi language plays put together by my schoolmates.

Similarly, on a macro level, the country celebrates Hindi Day in a myriad of ways. Let’s take a look at some of them.

Government Celebrations

Government offices, schools, and institutions across the country commemorate Hindi Diwas by organizing special functions, seminars, and cultural events that focus on Hindi language promotion and its history.

Hindi Recitation & Competitions

Schools and colleges organize competitions such as Hindi poetry recitations, essay writing, and debates to encourage students to engage with the language. These competitions help nurture linguistic skills and foster a love for Hindi literature.

Cultural Programs

Cultural organizations and communities host events featuring traditional music, dance performances, and theatrical plays in Hindi. These performances are reflective of the diversity of Hindi culture and its artistic expressions.

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Awards & Honors

On Hindi Diwas, prestigious awards like the Rajbhasha Gaurav Awards are presented to individuals and organizations who have made significant contributions to the promotion and development of Hindi in the form of book writing.

Public Lectures & Workshops

Many educational institutions and language enthusiasts organize lectures and workshops to discuss the historical, social, and cultural aspects of Hindi, creating awareness about its importance.

Hindi Pledge

Government officials and students often take a pledge to uphold the use and promotion of Hindi in their respective roles, emphasizing its importance in national integration.

Language Competitions

Various Hindi language competitions, quizzes, and crossword puzzles are held to engage people of all ages in fun and educational activities.

Book Fairs

Special Hindi book fairs are organized where avid readers can explore and purchase Hindi literature, fostering a reading culture.

Community Celebrations

Communities and residential societies may organize their events, including cultural performances, food festivals, and art exhibitions, to celebrate Hindi Diwas in a more localized manner.

Hindi & Its Evolution

Hindi, a descendant of Sanskrit, evolved over centuries. It emerged from Shauraseni Prakrit around the 5th to 7th centuries AD, eventually becoming Old Hindi. Influences from Persian and Arabic during the Mughal era gave rise to Hindustani, which later split into Hindi and Urdu.

Hindi adopted the Devanagari script and leaned towards Sanskrit vocabulary, while Urdu incorporated the Persian-Arabic script and vocabulary. Despite these differences, spoken Hindi and Urdu remain mutually intelligible, emphasizing their shared linguistic roots.

This relationship highlights the intertwined history and cultural ties of these two languages. And Hindi cinema, or Bollywood as it is popularly known, is a thriving testament to this vibrant linguistic heritage of the Indian subcontinent.

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