Greetings In Ukrainian You Should Know: #1 Guide

Greetings In Ukrainian

If you have met a Ukrainian person lately, you probably want to make them feel part of your community. You might want to build deep and lasting bonds with the Ukrainian people. But to do that, you may need to communicate with them in their native tongue first. This essential guide will walk you through all the greetings in Ukrainian you should learn today.

I assure you that you will have the power to brighten the day of loved ones, friends, or even strangers if you tell them good morning in their native tongue.

A kind gesture, a beautiful smile, and a cheerful face with a warm goodnight greeting can relieve them of their exhausting worry and help them look forward to a comfortable night’s sleep.

Indeed very necessary vocabulary to learn! So let’s get to know the basics.

About The Ukrainian Language

Did you know that 40 million people speak Ukrainian? That means if you learn Ukrainian greetings, your chance of involving with a Ukrainian person becomes even higher. You should also consider that the English level in Ukraine is still considered low, so it would be best for you to learn their language. 

The Ukrainian language is the official language of Ukraine, and it’s written with the Ukrainian alphabet, which includes the Cyrillic alphabet. This language belongs to Indo European language family.

You can also see it’s pretty similar to Russian, Czech, and Polish languages globally. If you get a chance to visit Ukraine, keep a few things in mind to connect with the Ukraine people easily.

Greetings In Ukrainian For Every Occasion

Whenever someone starts learning any language, it usually begins with greetings. These terms are the most common that we use in our day-to-day routine.

Whether it’s an ordinary day greeting like a good morning, good afternoon, good evening, or good night, or greetings on special occasions like birthday Christmas or new year, greetings are used everywhere.

Wherever you go, be it your workplace, a coffee shop, a friend’s house, a railway station, or even during your first date, these basic greetings will come in handy to become more involved with Ukrainian people.

How Do You Greet In Ukrainian?

The first and most crucial greeting to say hello or hi in Ukrainian is Добрий день! (dobryi den”). You will often use this formal word when meeting new Ukrainian people.

If you are talking with close friends, however, and would like to speak informally, you can say Привіт! (pryvit), which is the equivalent of ”Hi!”.

14 Basic Ukrainian Phrases To Enhance Your Ukrainian Language Skills

If you learn to communicate with people in their own language, you get to connect with them on a higher level. It is beneficial for both parties and a very enriching experience! Greetings are the ice breaker to begin that conversation that will allow you to make a new friend, and with those greetings come some basic and essential phrases you should learn.

If you speak English and wish to hear the correct pronunciation and accent of the native language of Ukraine, watch this video.

Greetings In Ukrainian Formal

Formal Greetings

People frequently speak in various ways depending on the situation and the person with whom they are conversing.

Professional expressions and greetings can be helpful in a formal context such as a job interview, meeting your boss, teacher, or a client, attending a meeting, or conversing with a stranger. Let’s look at a few examples.

In EnglishIn Ukrainian
Good morning!Доброго ранку!
How do you do?Як ся маєш?
Nice to meet you!Приємно познайомитись!
Pleased to meet you!Радий зустрічі!
Good afternoon!Доброго дня!
Good evening!Добрий вечір!
Good night!Надобраніч!
Greetings In Ukrainian Informal

Informal Greetings

Informal greetings can be helpful while talking to friends, meeting with coworkers, or wishing a goodnight or good morning to a loved one.

Young people prefer to be casual. You can communicate with them by utilizing informal Ukrainian greetings. This will allow you to mingle with them quickly.

Are you ready to explore some of the basic Ukrainian informal greetings? Let’s have a glance.

In EnglishIn Ukrainian
Good morning beautiful soul!Доброго ранку прекрасна душа!
Goodnight you sleepy head!На добраніч сонна голова!
Good evening buddy!Доброго вечора друже!
Long time no see.Давно не бачились.
Where have you been?Де ти був?
Hello stranger!Привіт, незнайомцю!
What’s up, dear?Що, шановний?
Goodbye!До побачення!

Greetings For Special Occasions

These were some of the basic greetings that we speak of daily. But wait! Wouldn’t you like to see the standard greetings that we share on special occasions? So let’s get started!

In EnglishIn Ukrainian
Happy birthday!З Днем Народження!
Best wishes!Найкращі побажання!
Many happy returns of the day!Багато щасливого повернення дня!
Congratulations on your promotion!Вітаємо з підвищенням
All the best!Все найкраще!
I am proud of you.Я пишаюся тобою.
Excuse me, could you repeat that?Вибачте, не могли б ви це повторити?

How Do You Say Best Wishes In Ukrainian?

People usually send their best wishes whenever their loved ones need them. Whether they are starting something new or trying something for the first time, saying best wishes to them becomes a significant part of the day.

If you are willing to say best wishes in this beautiful language, say найкращі побажання.

Are you meeting your new boss, your girlfriend’s father, or a client who is a native Ukrainian speaker for the first time? Don’t worry; we’ve got you covered with the most significant way to practice 100+ basic Ukrainian phrases so you can easily survive your first conversation with a native speaker.

Sounds tough?

Research suggests acquiring any new language will help you learn about various cultures, which will help you expand your vision. You become more tolerant and understanding, making you a better human being.

But don’t worry, we have the most fantastic language learning application, the ling app, which is incredibly free to use.

This will make it easier for you to learn Ukrainian and other languages. You can practice and learn as many phrases as you like with Ling App. Get a hold of this free app and explore the fun ways to learn different Ukrainian words, phrases, and greetings in no time.

Thanks to its wonderful gamification aspects, you may even see how far you’ve progressed through various learning stages, which will allow you to track your development and enhance your confidence in speaking with any native speaker.

How To Say How Are You In Ukrainian?

Saying how are you to someone after greetings are also included in the basics of conversation. If you are wondering how to say how are you in the Ukrainian language, say Як справи?

  • People of Ukraine greet guests with their utmost polite and friendly words and phrases, so don’t be anxious; you’ll get along pretty smoothly with them.
  • Expect to eat a lot of pancakes; Maslenitsa (Pancake week) will keep your tummy filled.
  • If they invite you to their Christmas party, bring gifts because they enjoy gift exchanges among their friends and relatives.
  • Pack your luggage with embroidered shirts, as this attire will make them feel you value their customs and traditions.
  • Prepare to celebrate the new year twice a year.
  • If you refuse to eat something, they may become offended.
  • If you drink, there’s a good possibility you’ll gain their confidence. We hope that these things will be helpful for you to get along quickly.
  • Tak means yes, and Hi means no in Ukraine.
  • If you wish to say bye, say “па-па “as people in western Ukraine like or say (“пака”) which people in Eastern Ukraine like.
  • To attend all these gatherings smoothly, learn the greetings in Ukrainian you must know!

What Are Some Ukrainian Sayings?

Borrowed Bread Lies Heavy On The Stomach Позичений хліб тяжко лежить на животі (Pozychenyy khlib tyazhko lezhytʹ na zhyvoti)People will not be able to appreciate what they have if they do not go through difficult times.
Wise Men Learn From Other Men’s MistakesМудрі люди вчаться на чужих помилках (Mudri lyudy vchatʹsya na chuzhykh pomylkakh)Experience is the best teacher. Learn from your mistakes.
The Fear Of Death Takes Away From The Simple Joy Of LivingСтрах смерті позбавляє простої радості життя (Strakh smerti pozbavlyaye prostoyi radosti zhyttya)Live life to the fullest.

Learning languages will help you open doors in appreciating the deeper meanings of words, vocabulary, and phrases no matter what your preference is. If you’re interested in learning more, check our extensive article on Ukranian sayings. You’ll impress your newfound friends along the way!

Learn Ukrainian Ling App

Start Learning Ukrainian Today

The trip to any city or place becomes more enjoyable if you know its native language. Your journey to Ukraine will become easier if you start your conversation with Привіт as the first word.

If a person speaks English and doesn’t know the words used in Ukraine, practicing the standard greetings used in Ukraine can surely help. You can practice more by learning how to say yes/no/ok in Ukrainian!

If you are willing to learn the Ukrainian language, or you simply want to practice the formal and informal greetings used in daily life or on special occasions, make sure to practice with the Ling app.

Since Ling app supports Ukraine, the app is both free for Ukrainians and those who want to learn Ukrainian!

Download the Ling app on the Play Store or App Store and search for the best ways to learn Ukrainian on your own or with a friend!

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