60+ Wonderful Names In Ukrainian For Babies

Wonderful Names In Ukrainian

Are you looking for 60+ unique and wonderful names in Ukrainian for boys, Ukrainian girl names, and their meanings, for your newborn baby? Click to see 60+ most dazzling names like Ivana, Olena, Natalia, etc.

Are you wondering? Why do we choose the names so carefully? Names shape people’s personalities, futures, jobs, and desires to become successful. All come with a good name. Don’t you believe me? Let’s check this out.

Few studies suggest that names are powerful to influence people’s personalities. These names can influence our choices of choosing jobs, partners, residences, and the way to respond to the world around us.

To some extent, it’s pretty logical. When we hear similar names that sound like our names, we automatically get drawn toward them.

What Is The History Of Ukrainian Names?

If you observe Ukrainian names, you will see most of them originated from Kievan Rus. But once Christianity spread, Ukrainians started to adopt Christian names more, and they made few changes in them as per the Christian language.

You might choose your names from three different sources if you are Ukrainian. Whichever source you like, the article covers all of them so let’s learn about the three various sources.

  1. Orthodox church tradition: some of you might be followers of the Orthodox Church Tradition, also of Greek origin.
  2. Catholic Church Tradition: some people follow the Catholic church tradition and Latin origin.
  3. Some of you are followers of native pre-Christian, Slavic origins. So the choice of choosing a name for your little sweetheart can vary.

But no problem, whichever source you choose, we have provided you with many gorgeous names in this article.

12 Popular Names In Ukrainian And Their Meanings

Before even a baby comes into this world, the new-to-be parents eagerly look for unusual names for their baby.

A name plays a significant role in a person’s life from birth to forever. Choosing a name for your precious baby can be overwhelming, but it’s worth it.

The name itself unfolds many unique characteristics hidden inside. That’s why naming your little munchkin can be the top priority task for you. But don’t worry!

We have got you covered by providing the most unique and wonderful baby names of both boys and girls and their meanings in this article.

1. Roksolana

Have you heard about the Roksolana, the Turkish Sultan’s wife? She protected Ukraine from the deadly invasions of the Ottoman empire with her wisdom and courage.
People of Ukraine were so inspired by this lady that they started naming their little girls after her. The meaning of the name is a woman from the Roksolana tribe, hoping to give their girls the qualities she had at that time. Roksolana is a Ukrainian name that you can gift your baby.

2. Bipa

The next on the list is another beautiful name famous among the Ukrainian people. It mainly originated from the Old Slavonic language. The meaning of the name Bipa is “Faith.”
This name is linked with a historical value in the 2nd Century. Three sisters named Bipa, Hope, and Love were the martyrs. Parents want to bless their children with these three Christian virtues and call their girls Bipa.

3. Zoryana

One of the most popular female names is Zoryana, which has two forms. Zorya’s literal meaning is a clear shiny star, while Zoryana is known for dawn. Its roots originated from the Baptism period.

If you call Zoryana loudly somewhere, you can see more than two girls owning the same name because of its beautiful literal meaning.

4. Bohdan And Bohdana

This name comes from Boh, the word that is used for God. Its literal meaning is a gift from God or God’s gift. You can see how these names can help your little munchkin get guidance from your Lord.

5. Ivan And Ivanna

Ivan and Ivana are wonderful names with beautiful meanings. If you have a boy, you can name him Ivan and if it’s a girl, call her Ivanna. It has a Christian origin, and the literal meaning in Ukrainian is “someone forgiven by God.”

Wonderful names in Ukranian Mykhailo

6. Mykhailo

Mykhailo is a Ukrainian form of the name “Michael.” It has a deep meaning: “One like God” or “equal to God.” It gives a child Saint qualities, as someone who can stay away from all the evil spirits and stay protected.

7. Rostyslav And Rostyslava

People name their children Rostyslav or Rostyslav. They call their children after the name of prince Kiev Rostyslav. The name’s meaning is powerful. Rosty means “grow,” and Slav means “glory.” So the name bearer will have the benefit of increasing glory.

8. Vira

Vira is another beautiful name from the old Slavonic language. It is one of the most famous names among Ukrainians because of its spiritual meaning, “God or belief.” Some people assume this name is a universal Christian saint.

Some people think this name came from Venus or Veronica. Still, if you learn the Ukrainian language thoroughly, you will realize that this name has great significance.

9. Artem

If you have a baby boy, you can name him Artem. It is a popular variant of the Christian name Andrew. Who would not like his son to be brave and strong? Name your son Artem to make him a courageous young man. It means brave and manly.

10. Aleksander

Yes, you guessed it right! This name is a Russian and Ukrainian form of Alexander. Who doesn’t know the Greek ruler, Alexander the Great?
If you want to see the outstanding leadership qualities in your son, you can think of naming him Aleksander. This name is also famous among the people of Ukraine because of the Russian and Ukrainian poet Aleksander in the 19th Century.

11. Anna

Anna is a Ukrainian name that is self-sufficient for the baby as it has got everything that a person needs. It means “food,” “earth,” “water,” and “God.” Isn’t it amazing?

12. Danilo

Have you heard the word, Daniel? Danilo is the Ukrainian form of the same name. If you are a follower of Christ, consider the name for your baby as it means God is my judge.

What Is A Popular Ukrainian Name?

If you are looking for some of the most famous Ukrainian names, scroll down to see the list. You can easily choose a name from the most commonly used. These names got popular over time and are loved due to their excellent meanings.

Some of them are listed below.

Ukrainian Names For Girls

Girl Names Meanings
DashaGift of god
IvannaGod is gracious
LeraTo be strong
LilyaLily flower

Ukrainian Names For Boys

Boy NamesMeanings
KrystianFollower of christ
KuzmaUkrainian origin of Universe
KyryloGod or the lord
LavraCrowned with laurel tree leaves
MaximThe greatest one
MykolaVictory of the people

What Are Some Pretty Rare Names?

If you are someone who likes to call your little munchkin a unique and rare name and don’t want to go after a popular Ukrainian name, then you can select from some of the rare names in Ukraine. We have created a list for you from where you can choose some of the pretty Ukrainian girl names and Ukrainian boy names.

Ukrainian Names For Boys

We have shortlisted some rare names for boys in Ukraine. I am sure you would swoon over these beautiful names.

1. Anatoliy

This name is a Ukrainian form of Greek origin which means “sunrise.”

2. Borys

Borys has Bulgarian language origin, but it is common to find people with this name in Ukraine as well. The meaning of Borys is “successor.”

3. Fedir

This name is from ancient Greek, and it means a “gift given by God.”

4. Orest

Orest is a name of Greek origin that means “one who stands on the mountain.”

5. Syvastoslav

This name is derived from the Ukrainian form of Slavic origin of Ukrainian. It means “One who worships the light.”

6. Pavlo

The name Pavlo means “small.”, and it is a variant of the Latin “Paul.”

Wonderful names in Ukranian For Girls

Ukrainian Names For Girls

Let’s check out some pretty rare names of girls in Ukraine.

1. Adele

Adele is derived from the form of German. It means “noble”, “kind”, “soft”, and “tender”. If you want your little girl to be kind-hearted and innocent, you can think about this name.

2. Amvyrosiy

Amvyrosiy is a Ukrainian and Russian form of Ambrosius.

3. Anastasiya

This name is a Ukrainian and Russian form of Anastasia.

4. Bohdan

This name is also considered a polish variant. It means “resurrection.”

5. Daniela

Daniela is a feminine variant of “Danielo” which means “God is my judge.”

6. Daryna

Daryna is a Ukrainian form of “Darya” which means wealthy or someone who owns a lot.

7. Aneta

Aneta comes from Christianity. This name means “God is gracious; He has favored me.”

8. Aleksandra

This name is a feminine variant of Aleksander, and it means “defender of man.” It’s also the Russian form of Alexander.

9. Bodashka

Bodashka Is a name given to Ukrainian boys which means “gift of God.”

Watch this video if you wish to see the correct Ukrainian pronunciation of these names.

What Are The Traditional Ukrainian Names?

From the list mentioned earlier of names, You’ve probably noticed that Ukrainians are traditional people who adhere to their customs and culture religiously.

They go to great lengths to name their children after holy protectors, saints, pious guardians, monarchs, and fearless warriors.

Their efforts are well worth it, as this name will be associated with them for the rest of their lives and will significantly impact their lives.
So, if you’re looking for traditional Ukrainian names for your children, take a look at this.

Many names are of Ukrainian origin or Russian origin. Your child is a gift of God. Some Russians and Ukrainian can help you in thanking your Lord. Have a glance at some of the traditional holy names of the primary origin.

You can even see and learn some traditional Ukrainian girl names and Ukrainian boy names given below.

1. Davyd

The Ukrainian name Davyd means “favorite” and comes from David.

2. Dmytro

Dmytro comes from the ancient Greek “Dēmḗtrios” (Demeter). One of its meanings is “follower of Demeter.”

3. Grygoriy

This name is known for its vigilance. The name Grygoriy can be given to a watchful and alert boy.

4. Leonid

The boy name Leonid will have outstanding qualities. He will be famous for being courageous as it means son of a lion.

5. Oleg

Oleg has roots of Ukrainian origin and is considered to have all the qualities of saints and monarchs. It means holy and divine.

6. Oleksiy

This name of Ukrainian origin is popular among Ukrainian people because of its meaning. If you wish to see your son become the defender of humanity, name him Oleksiy. This name has a very deep meaning.

Your son will have the qualities that will eventually make him the defender of humanity and the world.

7. Vasyl

One of the most traditional Russian names is Vasyl. The name is prestigious as it has got all the qualities of a king. It is of Greek origin. It means “kingly or royal.”

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Choosing a name for your child is an exciting experience when you learn Ukrainian. However, it might be overwhelming when you have many appealing options.

I hope this article has provided you with all the excellent names in Ukrainian you can find. To learn and understand these names, you can check the most innovative Ling app that will help you grab the real meanings of these words in the Ukrainian language.

Choose your baby’s name carefully, as it will significantly impact the baby’s future career, friends, and personality. Ivan, Aleksandra, Vira, and Bohdana are all possibilities. It’s up to you to decide how you want your baby to be. Best of luck with your language-learning journey!

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