20+ Best Ukrainian Love Words And Phrases To Know

Have you ever wanted to learn Ukrainian love words and phrases? Well, now’s your chance because in this blog post, we’ll be telling you all the romantic phrases in Ukrainian to know in order to step up your dating game.

By learning Ukrainian phrases, you can also become more familiar with the beautiful language!

What Are The Dating Customs And Traditions In Ukraine?

A country’s dating culture is heavily influenced by its surrounding culture, customs, and traditions. That being said, it’s important to know some of the customs and traditions in Ukraine so that you can better understand and blend into the dating scene.

In Ukraine, dating is definitely more expensive and costly. This is because most Ukrainians, particularly women, want to be properly courted when a man wants to be in a relationship with her.

Similar customs and traditions also mean that the man is the designated person who pays the bill, no matter what the date is. In other words, there’s no “going dutch” when you’re on a date in Ukraine!

Ukrainian Love Words And Phrases

However, it’s important to remember that Ukrainian women are actually very financially independent and can pay for themselves. It’s all comes down to long-standing traditions and customs in the country, so it’s likely these won’t change anytime soon. All you can do is be aware of them and find a way to best fit them into your own life if you’re currently in Ukraine.

Ukrainian Love Words And Phrases To Make Others Swoon

Interested to know some romantic Ukrainian phrases and words? If the answer is yes, we got you! Learning these phrases will without a doubt help you communicate yourself and your feelings better, as well as increase your overall Ukrainian language skills.

Even if the Ukrainian language seems difficult or intimidating, nothing is impossible! If you want to speak perfect Ukrainian, you can do it. No matter the language, it all comes down to the amount of effort, time, and dedication you’re willing to put into learning that language! So, enough talking, let’s start learning now!

Ukrainian Love Words To Know By Heart

Girlfriendподруга (Podruha)
BoyfriendБойфренд (Boyfrend)
HusbandЧоловік (Cholovik)
Wifeдружина (Druzhyna)
CrushРозчавити (Rozchavyty)
SweetheartЛюбий (Lyubyy)
LoverКохана (Kokhana)
DarlingЛюба (Lyuba)
My loveМоя любов (Moya lyubov)
DearШановний (Shanovnyy)
My dearestМоя дорога (Moya doroha)
MarriageШлюб (Shlyub)
MarriedОдружений (Odruzhenyy)
MarryОдружитися (Odruzhytysya)
DateДата (Data)
BelovedКоханий (Kokhanyy)
LoveЛюбов (Lyubov)
HugОбійми (Obiymy)
KissПоцілунок (Potsilunok)

Ukrainian Love Phrases To Know By Heart

If you want to learn more than just words, these Ukrainian romantic phrases might come in handy. Trust us, if you put in the time and effort to learn these phrases, we’re sure that the Ukrainian person you meet will be very impressed! Or, if you’re already in a relationship with a Ukrainian, they will appreciate the effort you’re putting in to learn their native language.

I love youя тебе люблю (Ya tebe lyublyu)
I love you so muchя вас так кохаю (Ya vas tak kokhayu)
I miss youя сумую за тобою (Ya sumuyu za toboyu)
Will you marry me?Ти вийдеш за мене заміж? (Ty vyydesh za mene zamizh?)
You are specialТи особливий (Ty osoblyvyy)
Can I date you?Чи можу я зустрічатися з тобою? (Chy mozhu ya zustrichatysya z toboyu?)
I like youти мені подобаєшся (Ty meni podobayeshsya)
Love of my lifeЛюбов мого життя (Lyubov moho zhyttya)
Will you be mine?Ти будеш моєю? (Ty budesh moyeyu?)
Can I be your boyfriend?Чи можу я бути твоїм хлопцем? (Chy mozhu ya buty tvoyim khloptsem?)
Will you be my girlfriend?Будеш моєю дівчиною? (Budesh moyeyu divchynoyu?)
I admire youя захоплююсь тобою (Ya zakhoplyuyusʹ toboyu)

These words and phrases in Ukrainian will not only allow you to build your vocabulary of such a beautiful and culturally-rich language, but you might even find yourself a romance along the way.

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