3+ Best And Fun Ways To Say Cheers In Ukrainian!

Are you planning to drink alcohol with your Ukrainian friends? Then you have to know these fun ways to say cheers in Ukrainian! 

After reading through this quick guide, we can guarantee that you will know various ways to toast with your friends and family in Ukraine and get to know the Ukrainian language better.

Aside from that, we also have some interesting facts about the drinking culture of this charming country that you do not want to miss. If this is something that you want to know more about, then buckle up because you are indeed in for a treat!

These Are Interesting Facts About The Ukrainian Drinking Culture!

Before we dive into how to toast or say cheers in Ukraine’s native language, let us warm up with these interesting facts about their drinking culture first!

Cheers In Ukrainian

Aside from knowing the ins and outs of what happens when you drink with your Ukrainian loved ones, you will also know more about Ukrainian hospitality. This is a part of the Ukrainian culture that will make you fall in love with the country even more. 

Ready? Let’s get started!

Ukrainians Like To Drink A Lot Of Alcohol

By a lot, like really a lot. In Ukraine, whatever excuse they have to drink alcohol is accepted.

People drinking is a common sight when you find yourself exploring Ukraine. Its people love to drink. Not only to unwind but also to strengthen their relationships. Similar to other cultures that rely on these kinds of social activities to connect.

And because Ukrainians are very hard drinkers, you might want to level up your alcohol tolerance before even stepping foot at a Ukrainian party!

They Have Their Own National Liquor!

Yup, you read that right. Ukraine has its own national liquor called ‘Horilka.’ This shows that the country’s drinking scene is something you don’t want to miss out on, and you should try once in your life. If you want a sign to do so, this is it!

Ukrainians Have Their Own Way Of Saying Cheers!

The term they use for this is будмо (Budmo).

If you plan to propose a couple of toasts when you are out drinking with your Ukrainian friends, you might want to consider using this, the most popular Ukrainian toast, to say cheers.

Aside from how you might sound like a local, this is also certainly a great way to impress the people you are out with!

This Is The Only Guide You Need To Know How To Say Cheers In Ukrainian!

And now, for the main event, these are the various ways that you can say cheers or propose a toast in the Ukrainian language.

With these words, you will surely be unable not to have drinks and have a fun time with your friends while building your Ukrainian vocabulary.

After all, these words are sometimes hard to pronounce, and they will surely come in handy when you need them!

A toast to that!Тост за це! (Tost za tse!)
Bottoms up!До дна! (Do dna!) 
Cheers!Ура (Ura) 
Cheers to you!здоров’я тобі! (Zdorov’ya tobi!)
Here’s to you!Ось тобі! (Osʹ tobi!)
Let us drink to that!Вип’ємо за це! (Vyp’yemo za tse!) 

Say goodbye to the tedious ways of proposing a toast or saying cheers because this list is here to level up your game now!

Aside from that, continue reading down below if you want to know a couple of useful words related to cheers!

cheers in ukrainian

Some Ukrainian Words Related To Cheers That You Might Want To Keep In Mind!

CognacКоньяк (Konʹyak)
DinnerВечеря (Vecherya) 
DrinksНапої (Napoyi)
Gatheringзбір (Zbir)
PartyПартія (Partiya)
ToastТост (Tost)
WhiskeyВіскі (Viski)
WineВино (Vyno)

Whether you learn a word or two, these ways of saying cheers in Ukrainian will surely save you the trouble of saying the wrong words that might cause a misunderstanding or miscommunication!

Aside from that, you will be able to share your wishes with the party’s host, in case you are ever invited to a Ukrainian party! Get ready to be the one to say the first or the last toast of the night!

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Cheers In Ukrainian

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