Ukrainian Phrases: Your #1 Best Guide

Do you want to learn Ukrainian? Start by learning these Ukrainian phrases! Not only are these a great way to get you acquainted with the language, but they will definitely come in handy on your next trip to Ukraine!

If you are a beginner language learner, don’t worry! We have a great app to recommend when it comes to learning everything you need to know in Ukrainian, from greetings to clothing vocabulary. Interested? Be sure to read on!

Brief Background On The Ukrainian Language

Did you know that there are actually about 20 different languages spoken in Ukraine? However, Ukrainian is the official language of the country. The language is classified as an East Slavic language and is part of the wider Indo-European language family. There are currently over 40 million Ukrainian speakers around the world!

Ukrainian Phrases

As the language is part of the Slavic language family, it has a reputation of being a harder language to learn. Since it uses the Cyrillic alphabet, the process of writing, reading, and pronouncing certain words and phrases to be difficult, especially for native English speakers. But, don’t let this get you down!

Why Should You Learn Ukrainian?

First, despite its difficulty, there’s no denying that the language of Ukraine is beautiful. If you’re a history buff, chances are that you’ll fall in love with the rich history, culture, and heritage associated with Ukrainian.

Second, by learning Ukrainian, which is a part of the Slavic language family, you’ll be able to learn other Slavic languages more easily. This is because Slavic languages have similarities when it comes to sentence structure, the alphabet, pronunciation, and so on.

Third, seeing as there are 40 million Ukrainian speakers globally, being able to speak the language will open up more opportunities for you, both career-wise and educationally. Not to mention, you’ll be able to build stronger relationships and connections with some of the most kind-hearted, supportive people in the world.

Remember These Basic Ukrainian Phrases

Whether you’re planning a trip to Ukraine or you just want to learn more about the Ukrainian language, you can definitely get started with these words and phrases.

Good morningДоброго ранку (Dobroho ranku)
Good afternoonДоброго дня (Dobroho dnya)
Good eveningДобрий вечір (Dobryy vechir)
Good dayХороший день (Khoroshyy denʹ)
Excuse meПерепрошую (Pereproshuyu)
I’m sorryвибачте (Vybachte)
HelloПривіт (Pryvit)
WelcomeЛаскаво просимо ( Laskavo prosymo)
Well doneМолодці (Molodtsi)
PleaseБудь ласка (Budʹ laska)
Thank youДякую (Dyakuyu)
Please speak EnglishБудь ласка, говоріть англійською (Budʹ laska, hovoritʹ anhliysʹkoyu)
Please speak slowlyБудь ласка, говори повільно (Budʹ laska, hovory povilʹno)
Long time no seeДавно не бачились (Davno ne bachylysʹ)
Please speak to me in UkrainianБудь ласка, розмовляйте зі мною українською (Budʹ laska, rozmovlyayte zi mnoyu ukrayinsʹkoyu)
Get well soonПоправляйся швидше (Popravlyaysya shvydshe)
See you soonДо зустрічі (Do zustrichi)
How are you?Як ти? (Yak ty?)
Are you okay?З вами все гаразд? (Z vamy vse harazd?)
I’m fineзі мною все гаразд (Zi mnoyu vse harazd)
Where are you from?Звідки ти? (Zvidky ty?)
What’s your name?Як вас звати? (Yak vas zvaty?)
My name is…Мене звати… (Mene zvaty…)
I am from…Я з… (YA z…)
Nice to meet youприємно познайомитись (Pryyemno poznayomytysʹ)
How old are you?Скільки тобі років? (Skilʹky tobi rokiv?)
I am…Я… (YA…)
Are you lost?Ти загубився? (Ty zahubyvsya?)
Do you need help?Тобі потрібна допомога? (Tobi potribna dopomoha?)
Please help meБудь ласка, допоможи мені (Budʹ laska, dopomozhy meni)
How much?Скільки? ( Skilʹky?)
Where is…?Де…? (De…?)
GoodbyeДо побачення (Do pobachennya)
See you laterПобачимося пізніше (Pobachymosya piznishe)
May I?Чи можу я ? (Chy mozhu ya ?)
What’s that?Що це? (Shcho tse?)
What do you want?Що ти хочеш? (Shcho ty khochesh?)
The pleasure is mine!Насолода моє! (Nasoloda moye!)
Don’t worryНе хвилюйся (Ne khvylyuysya)
Take careПіклуватися (Pikluvatysya)
Good luck!Удачі! (Udachi!)
Cheers to youЗдоров’я вам (Zdorov’ya vam)
Pleased to meet youРадий познайомитися (Radyy poznayomytysya)
Have you eaten?Ви їли? (Vy yily?)
Are you sick?Ти хворий? (Ty khvoryy?)
Where does it hurt?Де болить? (De bolytʹ?)
Do you want to leave?Хочеш піти? (Khochesh pity?)

Extra Facts About Ukrainian

Did you know that the estimated time for the average learner to become fluent in Ukrainian is about 1100 class hours or 44 weeks? This information should motivate you to keep trying and practicing! Also, you can’t expect to become fluent overnight.

If you want to learn Ukrainian, or any other language for that matter, it’s very important that you use the right materials. This will depend on your learning style and the language you want to learn.

Only you know what your learning style is, but we do have a great language learning application recommendation that can make the entire process not just easy, but fun!

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