No Ukrainian On Rosetta Stone: Try The 2 Best Resources

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Just find out that there’s no Ukrainian on Rosetta Stone? Hey, don’t feel down! Ling is here to lend a hand and make learning Ukrainian a breeze for you!

It can be tough for language learners to find good resources to master Ukrainian. It’s interesting to know that apps like Rosetta Stone offer a wide range of languages; however, Ukrainian is not included. Well, it’s not the end of the world. Let me tell you that you still have two Ukrainian learning apps that offer Ukrainian courses: Ling and Simply Learn

In this blog post, we will dive into some interesting stuff about Ukrainian. We’ll talk about where this language is spoken, how tricky it can be to learn, and even take a look at the Rosetta Stone app. Oh, and we’ll also figure out why Ukrainian isn’t available on that app. So, let’s get started, shall we? But don’t worry; we’ll also introduce an exciting alternative, Ling! It’s the app that’s all about helping you learn Ukrainian in the most effective way possible.

The Ukrainian Language Overview

Did you know that Ukrainian is a cool language spoken by millions of people worldwide? It’s super vibrant! The way it’s tied to its culture and history is just fascinating.

Where Is Ukrainian Spoken?

Ukrainian is the native language of Ukraine. It’s a country in Eastern Europe. Did you know that about 40 million people are native Ukrainian speakers? It’s actually the second most spoken Slavic language, right after Russian. Interestingly, Ukrainian communities are also in nearby countries like Poland, Slovakia, and Hungary. And guess what? Ukrainian communities of expats can be found all over the world too!

Is It Difficult To Learn Ukrainian?

The difficulty of learning a language depends on your native language and how much experience you have with learning languages. English native speakers might find Ukrainian a bit challenging because it has its unique alphabet (Cyrillic) and grammar rules that differ from English.

The cool thing about it is that its phonetics make pronunciation easier than other Slavic languages. If you’re dedicated and have access to incredible resources, learning Ukrainian can be a fascinating and rewarding experience!

Rosetta Stone App Review

Rosetta Stone is famous for its language learning programs. The Rosetta Stone’s teaching method is immersive! The app focuses on visual and auditory learning, which seems to work well for many people. It’s got interactive lessons, pronunciation practice, and speech recognition, so it’s a hit with new language enthusiasts. Hey, if you want to know more, don’t forget to check out a detailed review of Rosetta Stone!

It has a great variety of languages to choose from. But many Ukrainian learners have been disappointed because it’s not on the list. 

Why Is There No Ukrainian On Rosetta Stone?

There could be a few reasons why Ukrainian is not included in Rosetta Stone’s language options. One factor could be the market demand for such a Ukrainian course. Additionally, the availability of resources might also play a role in the development process. Overall, it combines various factors contributing to the complexities involved.

But don’t worry, there are many other great options for aspiring Ukrainian learners!

Use These 2 Alternatives To Learn Ukrainian!

Are you ready to dive into the fascinating world of the Ukrainian language?

No need to search any longer! I wanted to tell you about this awesome combo of two amazing language-learning apps: Ling and Simply Learn. They work together to help you learn languages in a super effective way!

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The Ling App

If you’re excited to start learning Ukrainian, Ling is a great option to consider! Ling is a user-friendly app to help you master Ukrainian. This app offers really interesting lessons, vocabulary training, and interactive exercises that are designed to help you improve your language skills in a really effective way.

Whether just starting or wanting to improve, Ling’s got you covered. Their curriculum is designed to take you through the learning process, one step at a time. Get ready for an exciting journey!


  • Over 60 Language Courses
  • Over 200 lessons in Each Language
  • Vocabulary, phrases, and themes appropriate for beginners, intermediates, and experts
  • Content developed for lessons in collaboration with native speakers
  • Real recordings made by native speakers
  • An easy-to-navigate interface
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Simply Learn

Did you know that learning a few words can help you enhance your speaking skills?

Simply Learn is one more Ukrainian app that provides courses to learn Ukrainian vocabulary anytime and from any location. If you visit the country, you can use its simple phrases and terms immediately. Despite the crisis in Ukraine, there are still plenty of opportunities for us to prepare and improve ourselves.


  • Over 300 totally free Ukrainian words and phrases
  • Audio recorded by native speakers
  • A method of learning through spaced repetition
  • A quiz to test your knowledge of Ukrainian
  • Keep track of how much you’ve learned
  • Keep note of your go-to expressions and terms

Learn Ukrainian With Ling Now!

Ukrainian is such an amazing language! It has so much to offer in terms of personal growth and understanding different cultures. Ling is here to help! 

Ling offers a complete and immersive learning experience for Ukrainian. Why not just go for it now? Ling is here to help you unlock all the treasures of this beautiful Slavic language. Go ahead and embrace those challenges, have fun while you’re learning, and dive into the amazing world of Ukrainian culture and history that’s waiting for you!

Most Ukrainian learners chose the Ling app for their language journey, so why not join them? Download Ling from App Store or Google Play Store today, and choose subscription options to access the entire course!

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