FluentU Review: 3 Best Reasons For Its Success

We all want to take the route or approach that guarantees success when it comes to language learning. In this FluentU review, we will walk you through what this mobile app is all about, its interesting content and features, and what makes it truly unique against all the other popular language learning apps. After all, there must be a particular reason why the FluentU courses are such a hit among language enthusiasts and why many are being raved online. If you are ready for the juiciest details or simply wondering if you should create a FluentU account, then this post is definitely for you!

Considering how connected the world seems today, learning a foreign language should be deemed a necessity, especially if you want to connect better with native speakers, create a professional edge for yourself, and develop confidence in your linguistic capacity. While tech or media-related skills can seriously help you in your career, comprehension skills in some of the most popular foreign languages will take you far.

In fact, reports are saying that international companies are no longer just looking at the basic educational credentials but are also considering whether you are a native speaker (or at least a near-native speaker) of a specific language. While all languages are important and play a huge role in the linguistic community, we cannot deny that not all languages are as helpful (career-wise) as others. In this case, having at least the basic speaking or writing skills in Mandarin Chinese, Hindi, English, and Spanish can seriously help you lock in a position in your desired company than learning other languages.

And since you landed on this page, there is a good chance that you also agree with me that advancing in a target language should be a priority now more than ever. For this reason, there is also a high chance that you are looking for new learning methods and language apps that can help boost your language learning process. And as the search engine dictates, FluentU languages is one of the most highly recommended language learning platforms there is for beginners, intermediate, and advanced learners out there.

FluentU is basically a language learning tool founded in 2011, and it aims to provide an immersive learning experience for all types of learners. Unlike YouTube videos, textbooks, or plain-old flashcards like Quizlet, this helps absolute beginners learn languages and culture based on real-world videos along with audio clips. Moreover, all the videos from the app have an English translation, which means that you will not just try to train your ears with how a language sounds but also deeply understand the real meaning of every expression or word on just about every topic there is!

While it does have a cool feature, perhaps you are wondering whether it really is good or it’s just a flop! Well, worry no more as this post will guide you so that you won’t fall for all the nice things you can read about this app and the very enticing FluentU discount campaigns. So if you are up for that, continue reading below.


Fluentu Review: What Is This Language Learning Tool All About

Fluentu Review: What Is This Language Learning Tool All About

Tired of purchasing thick textbooks and learning passively from all your language resources? FluentU provides language learners a chance to master a target language by watching authentic and localized videos. Instead of just reading and memorizing stuff like with other language apps, FluentU’s main selling point is that it provides you the opportunity to also improve your listening comprehension and learn vocabulary based on context. Quizlet maybe your other language learning alternative, but FluentU has other features that they can offer that you might not find elsewhere.

Moreover, it also helps you learn new vocabulary and practice speaking as more videos from the app has interactable bilingual subtitles. When we say interactable, this means that there are fill-in-the-blank sentences that can help you comprehend how much you know about the language you are learning. That is a pretty cool feature as not many learning apps can provide a practice like that!

If you will ask us, using FluentU videos can be a great thing, especially if you are the type of learner who enjoys passive learning and follows a visual learning style. However, given that there are different types of learners and that no approach has a one-size-fits-all design, the video content of FluentU is not guaranteed to work for intermediate learners and above. Why? Well, their video clips are great, but in terms of real language lessons (including the intricacies of grammar and writing practice), this app falls short.

For this reason, this is a suitable app if you enjoy video lessons and your main goal is to mainly understand and learn basic usage of words and phrases. However, please do not expect FluentU to teach languages with much depth.


How Much Does FluentU Cost

Interested in starting learning Spanish, French, German, and Japanese? FluentU app offers 2 major types of access: free access and monthly-paid access. The free version is the basic plan which offers you a 14-day free trial to the full FluentU language lesson library so that you can start honing your listening skills and your speaking practice. On the other hand, the paid version is available at $239.99/year (for annual) or $29.99/month.

Given its current pricing, it is still competitive as it is almost at the same range as the other language learning tools you can find in the market today. However, you have to remember that FluentU does not really have a structured module you can follow, which means that the only way to learn here is by watching how many videos you would like. If that sounds like something that you’ll easily get bored with, then this is not the best app for you, and you can find alternatives that will offer just as much value.


3 Reasons Why Fluentu Is A Good Tool

Are you still stuck on the rut on whether you should use this or look for a FluentU alternative? Below are three major reasons why it is a great tool and why you should still consider it despite some of its cons.

  1. FluentU is a great application if you are a visual learner and you enjoy learning through seeing.
  2. FluentU has a unique way of teaching words and phrases as it helps you see how these can be used in real-life interactions.
  3. FluentU is a wonderful resource if your focus is on training your ears on how your target language sounds.


FluentU Alternatives

As we reach this part of the post, I bet you are wondering if there are alternatives that you can use if you think that FluentU is not enough for your language learning needs. Below are two alternatives you can use today.

Ling App – An All-In-One App For Language Learners

fluentu review

When it comes to learning using gamification, Ling App by Simya Solutions is a solid choice! What makes this a pretty cool app is that it comes equipped with language lessons that are all developed and perfected by real native speakers and language professionals who truly understand your needs. Instead of boring you with texts, this one is guaranteed to motivate learners with its unique approach! Download it today to find out a whole new way to crushing your target language!

Simply Learn – A Phrasebook For Your Target Language

Want to instantly get a leg up and connect instantly? By using a phrasebook app like Simply Learn, you can learn the best phrases and expressions that will help you make a niche and understand the people around you. Check it out today!

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