7 Thrilling Apps For Learning Punjabi Like A Pro

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Sat Sri Akaal! Confused? Let me enlighten you. It’s a Punjabi greeting, and no article about Punjabi would be complete without it. So let me guess, you heard someone speak Punjabi at a traditional wedding and fell in love with it, and now you want to learn the Punjabi language as well. 

Or maybe you have a cute Punjabi co-worker whom you want to impress with your Punjabi language skills. Whatever the reason may be for learning Punjabi, in this article, we’ll go over the best apps for learning Punjabi. Yes, the list includes the Ling app, the best overall language learning app for beginners to pros.

Sounds good? Well, then, Hadippa! (A Punjabi exclamation for “let’s go”) And let’s get started with the list. 

Quick Summary:

Our Top Picks for Apps for learning Punjabi
Best For
Ling logo


  • Spaced Repetition System (SRS)
  • Native speaker sounds
  • Chatbot conversations
apps for learning Punjabi - A photo of Simply Learn Punjabi logo

Simply Learn Punjabi

  • Flashcards
  • High-quality audio
  • Phrasebook categories
Basic Vocabulary
apps for learning Punjabi - A photo of Learn Punjabi Quickly logo

Learn Punjabi Quickly

  • Alphabet learning
  • Visual learning
  • Phrasebook

Why Learn Punjabi?

Punjabi is a gateway to vibrant traditions, flavors, and sounds. If you’ve ever tapped your feet to the rhythm of a Punjabi song or savored a plate of butter chicken, you’ve already had a taste of this rich culture.

  • Music and Dance: Punjabi music is a global sensation. By understanding the language, you can sing along to hits and even join in the energetic Bhangra dance at celebrations.

  • Tasty Cuisine: Punjab is the birthplace of many popular Indian dishes. Knowing Punjabi can enhance your cooking skills or simply make ordering at a Punjabi restaurant more fun.

  • Rich History: Punjab has a deep history, from ancient tales to modern stories. Learning Punjabi lets you explore this heritage firsthand.

  • Travel Perks: Planning a trip to Amritsar’s Golden Temple or the bustling streets of Lahore? Speaking Punjabi will make your journey more immersive.

  • Connect with People: More than 154 million people speak Punjabi worldwide. Picking up the language can help you bond with neighbors, colleagues, or friends who hail from this community.

With these reasons in mind, let’s have a look at the best tools and apps to kickstart your Punjabi learning journey.

At a glance:
Our Top 7 picks for Apps for Learning Punjabi

1. Ling

The Ling app is the best on this list since it has over two hundred Punjabi lessons, which are divided into categories from beginner to advanced. Not only that, after learning a phrase, you can test yourself on it with their quizzes, which are amazing for practice.

It is a simple interactive app that is very easy to navigate. The app gets constant updates from the developers to fix bugs if there are any. 

If you are someone who primarily speaks English and wants to learn Punjabi in a fun, interactive way with other Punjabi speakers, then this is the app for you. You can always learn something from the Ling app, even if you are a beginner, intermediate, or expert in Punjabi. 

Ling App Overview

A comprehensive app offering over 200 Punjabi lessons ranging from beginner to advanced levels, enhanced with quizzes and interactive features.


  • Spaced Repetition System (SRS): Uses a smart system to determine when you should see a word or phrase again to help you remember it.

  • Native Speaker Sounds: Provides sounds from native Punjabi speakers to ensure accurate pronunciation.

  • Gamified Learning: Uses games and quizzes to make the learning process more engaging and fun.

  • Chatbot Conversations: Features a chatbot that allows users to practice real-life conversations, enhancing their speaking and comprehension skills in Punjabi.

Devices: Android, iOS, Web

User Feedback

  • Positive feedback: “I absolutely love this app to learn a new language. It really goes to the core of how most people learned their first language…” Users appreciate the app’s unique approach and the reinforcement capabilities of the review and chatbot features.

  • Room for Improvement: “There are occasional bugs and glitches…” However, users also note the developers’ promptness in addressing these issues.


  • Monthly: $14.99

  • Six Months: $39.99

  • Yearly: $79.99 (7-day free trial)

  • Lifetime: $149.99

2. Simply Learn Punjabi

You might wonder who this app is for. This app is great for someone just starting out to learn Punjabi as it covers the basics and does not burden you with the intricacies of the language. 

Another category of people we think would benefit from Simply Learn Punjabi are tourists who want to visit Punjabi-speaking regions. This app covers daily conversations in a short time, so if you are learning Punjabi for fun or traveling, this app is worth considering. 

The Simply Learn Punjabi app has more than a thousand Punjabi phrases and words and a well-sorted-out interface that is very easy to use. The content is categorized into basics, traveler basics, and traveler advanced. This will help you navigate through the app and learn the language basics relevant to you. 

Simply Learn Punjabi Overview

Designed for beginners and travelers, this app covers basic daily Punjabi conversations and offers a vast collection of phrases and words.


  • Flashcards: Uses flashcards to help users memorize new words and phrases.

  • High-Quality Audio: Provides high-quality audio from native speakers.

  • Phrasebook Categories: Organizes phrases into useful categories such as greetings, numbers, and travel.

Devices: Android, iOS

User Feedback

  • Positive feedback: “Brilliant app that does a fantastic job of gathering very useful phrases in one place.” The app’s comprehensive collection of phrases is highly valued.

  • Room for Improvement: “…the app crashes every time u click the button to go there.” Some users have faced issues accessing the pro version.


The Simply Learn Punjabi app is initially available for free, offering users a taste of its basic features. However, if you want to unlock more advanced content, the app provides in-app purchases ranging from $0.99 to $49.99 per item.

3. Learn Punjabi Quickly

This app is based on quick online courses in Punjabi, which teaches you the basic vocabulary needed to get acquainted with the language. The Learn Punjabi Quickly app primarily focuses on basic vocabulary like colors, etc. 

It has a simple interface that is easy to use. The app is mainly based on phrases and flashcards to learn Punjabi. 

While the app is great for beginners, it will not be helpful for someone who is intermediate and wants to get better at Punjabi.

Learn Punjabi Quickly Overview

Focuses on teaching basic Punjabi vocabulary through phrases and flashcards, primarily targeting beginners.


  • Alphabet Learning: Helps users understand and learn the Punjabi alphabet.

  • Visual Learning: Uses images to help associate words with their meanings.

  • Phrasebook: Contains a phrasebook that covers essential phrases needed for travel and basic communication.

Devices: Android, iOS

User Feedback

  • Positive feedback: “Great app, love using, so simple.” The app’s user-friendliness and wealth of content are highlighted.

  • Room for Improvement: “Some phrases are wrong.” There have been mentions of inaccuracies in certain phrases.


The Learn Punjabi Quickly app is a completely free app. But, for those who prefer an ad-free learning experience, there’s an option to remove advertisements for a one-time fee of $2.99.

4. Pimsleur

Pimsleur is a great app to improve your conversational skills in Punjabi. Conversational skills can be hard to learn when learning a new language or if you get a job where Punjabi is the official language.

This app is based on audio lessons that stretch to about thirty minutes daily. You can hear these lessons anywhere in your home or on the way to work.

The words in the audio are repeated after an interval to improve your pronunciation and memory. This makes you fluent in the daily interactions in Punjabi that you will have.

Pimsleur is great for someone who wants to learn Punjabi for everyday communication. While it is great for conversational skills, the app doesn’t provide many basics of the Punjabi language. So you might want to get the Ling app rather than this one. 

Pimsleur Overview

An audio-based app aimed at enhancing conversational skills in Punjabi, emphasizing pronunciation and daily interactions.


  • Graduated Interval Recall: Introduces new words and gradually brings them back to help with retention.

  • Organic Learning: Teaches grammar and vocabulary together in everyday conversations.

  • Active Participation: Requires users to actively participate in the learning process, ensuring better retention.

Devices: Android, iOS, Web

User Feedback

  • Positive feedback: “You get a good foundational vocabulary.” Users appreciate the app’s solid foundational vocabulary and its effectiveness in teaching conversational skills.

  • Room for Improvement: “Occasionally, the speaker goes too fast…” Some users found the pace of certain lessons challenging.


  • Free with basic and limited features.

  • Monthly premium for one language: $19.95

  • Monthly premium for all languages: $20.95

  • Yearly premium for all languages: $164.95

5. iTalki Best For One-On-One Private Lessons

iTalki is based in a community setting where you can get one-on-one Punjabi lessons from any tutor you want. There are many options on iTalki, from novice to professional teachers, and you can set your own rates for the lessons.

When you select a tutor, you can schedule your private lessons with them in the iTalki virtual classroom or Skype. This differentiates it from all the other language-learning apps we saw earlier.  

If you are new to iTalki, you will get discounted rates, too, which is great.

If you are someone who learns better by having a tutor and a classroom setting, then you may want to read our iTalki review. Personalized lessons about basic words and phrases in Punjabi would help you overcome your difficulties and focus on yourself primarily. 

Before selecting a tutor, you can view the introduction videos that they have uploaded and look at their reviews to make sure you get the best tutor. After that, you can get a personalized lesson plan from the tutor and practice your speaking skills over video as well. The app has many native speakers who can help you with your speaking skills, but the interface is quite outdated.

iTalki Overview

A community-based platform where users can take one-on-one Punjabi lessons with tutors ranging from novices to professionals.


  • Personalized Lessons: Tutors can customize lessons based on the learner’s needs and goals.

  • Instant Tutoring: Allows users to find a tutor and start a lesson immediately.

  • Notebook Section: Users can write journal entries, essays, or other content in Punjabi and get corrections from the community.

Devices: Android, iOS, Web

User Feedback

  • Positive feedback: “This app is so useful. There are a lot of options.” The app’s versatility and the option to take sample classes are praised.

  • Room for Improvement: “…she keeps reading the material and inventing examples at the moment without prior preparation…” Some users felt that certain teachers lacked effective teaching methodologies.


  • Community tutors: $4 – $30/hour

  • Professional teachers: $10 – $80/hour

  • Lesson packages: Varies

6. Memrise

Memrise doesn’t offer any official Punjabi lessons as it is not an official language listed there. But some free courses are community-based lessons you can take. Don’t be so quick to judge the community-based lessons, as they are very thorough, and you can learn much from them for free. 

Their app is loaded with free books, courses, mini-games, and quizzes which you can go through for practice. The lessons are divided into different skill sets, like speaking, reading, and writing, to cater to your learning needs. You can learn anything from the community courses, from vocabulary to grammar to dialogue.

Memrise Overview

While not offering official Punjabi lessons, Memrise has community-based courses that cover vocabulary, grammar, and dialogue.


  • Native Speaker Videos: Offers videos of native speakers for authentic language learning.

  • AI-Powered Learning: Uses AI to curate and recommend content based on the user’s level and interests.

  • AI Language Partner (MemBot): Provides an AI-powered language partner for conversation practice, adapting to various roles to make the practice more realistic.

Devices: Android, iOS, Web

User Feedback

  • Positive feedback: “The app offers different ways to remember words and phrases.” Users value the app’s varied methods and its usefulness for pronunciation practice.

  • Room for Improvement: “The new format of videos can be fun… but that’s the only thing that works without multiple glitches!” Some users have faced challenges with the new video format.


  • Free with basic and limited features.

  • Monthly premium: $14.99

  • Yearly premium: $89.99

  • Lifetime subscription: $199.99

7. Mango Languages

Mango Languages probably has one of the most thorough Punjabi courses next to the Ling app out of all the other language-learning apps. It emphasizes every part of the language, from vocabulary to grammar to listening and speaking skills. You name it, they have it!

The app has color-coded text highlighting important vocabulary and grammar words. Not only that, the app has specific memory exercises and other reading activities so that you can test yourself. It never gets boring to learn languages with Mangoes languages.

The app also offers review sessions based on your learning progress and some grammar and cultural notes from native language speakers, which are a plus. 

Mango Languages Overview

A language-learning app that emphasizes all aspects of Punjabi, from vocabulary to grammar, complemented with memory exercises


  • Intuitive Language Construction™: Mango Languages focuses on building vocabulary, grammar, pronunciation, culture, comprehension, and retention.

  • Daily Review System: The app has a review system that uses virtual flashcards to reinforce and retain learning.

Devices: Android, iOS, Web

User Feedback

  • Positive feedback: “Mango has been helpful in building my confidence in learning another language.” The app’s comprehensive approach and audio lessons are particularly valued.

  • Room for Improvement: “The worst app to learn from, it limits how much you learn…” Some users felt the app was restrictive in its free content.


  • Free for the first lesson only.

  • Premium for single language: $79.99/year ($7.99/month)

  • Premium for all languages: $179.99/year ($17.99/month)

  • Enterprise plan: Contact Sales

How To Choose The Best Apps For Learning Punjabi

Language is one of the most important and basic elements of our lives. Through language, different cultures, ideas, and people are connected. 

As you know, more than seven thousand languages are currently spoken worldwide. You may have to learn a new language, and you need the best tutor and website online for this purpose.

If you are trying to acquire knowledge of the Punjabi language, you must search for an app or a tutor. We will guide you on how to choose the perfect apps for learning Punjabi in these easy steps.

  1. Set Your Goals First: Before choosing any app, clearly define why you want to learn Punjabi. Whether it’s for business, relocating to Punjab, tourism, or personal interest, understanding your motivation will guide your learning journey.

  2. Search For Top Apps: Once you’ve set your goals, start by researching and listing down the top-rated Punjabi learning apps available online.

  3. Check Out For Reviews And Feedback: Don’t just rely on app descriptions. Go through user reviews and ratings to gauge the effectiveness and reliability of the app. Positive feedback is a good sign, but also pay attention to any recurring issues mentioned by users.

  4. Go And Get A Free Trial: Before committing to any app, take advantage of free trials. This allows you to assess the teaching methodology, quality of content, and other features. If possible, interact with tutors, especially native speakers, to get a feel for the learning experience.
apps for learning Punjabi - A photo of male friends studying using a tablet

Have You Decided Which Apps For Learning Punjabi You Will Use?

There are tons of other resources on the internet that you can use to learn Punjabi. You may even watch YouTube videos or enroll in an online class. But if you’re a busy person and want to start learning right now, then a language-learning app should be your choice.

If you have ever tried to learn any language, you would be familiar with the Ling app. The Ling app allows you to learn multiple languages, and Punjabi is one of them. If you’re aiming to learn more on the go, at home on your own, or even with your friends, this is the right app. It contains 200+ lessons with writing, reading, speaking, and listening lessons.

The interface is very user-friendly and fairly simple to use. You start off by learning the alphabet, and then you move on to words, colors, and more. You can not only learn words, but you also get their written form in Gurmukhi script, which is great for Punjabi writing, too.

There is an in-built progress tracker in the app that lets you know how many bits of the content you have covered. The content progress is also divided into different sections of numbers, letters, etc.  

Overall, this is an amazing app for anyone from beginner to intermediate level who wants to get good at the Punjabi alphabet and words. 

Now It’s Time For You To Learn Punjabi!

Now that you know most of the dos and don’ts of choosing the best apps for learning Punjabi for you, along with a perfect review to get you started, we would like to sign off.

That’s it for this blog post. Learning with the Ling app could be your best experience, so download the app from the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store and start learning Punjabi now!

I hope this article has helped you in deciding to choose the best app for learning Punjabi. You can also contact our website for more queries and tips. Happy Learning!

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