Important Punjabi Numbers: #1 Guide By Ling

Punjabi numbers

We all understand the importance of numbers since we utilize them daily. As a result, knowing them while learning a new language would be beneficial. In this lesson, you will practice and learn Punjabi numbers from 1-40 and other important Punjabi numbers and ordinal numbers.

Memorizing Punjabi numbers can be complex, owing to Punjabi’s peculiar counting methods. The great news is that you need a little mental math and a lot of repetition to master Punjabi numbers. Consider generating flashcards or printing out a cheat sheet that you can refer to on the move. Ready to make the next step in learning Punjabi? Let’s start with learning Punjabi numbers!

How Do You Say Number In Punjabi?

Depending on the language you wish to pursue, knowing how to count is essential. Although we may not always recognize it, numbers or Giṇatī (ਗਿਣਤੀ, as called in Punjabi) are vital in our daily lives. They indeed are one of the most basic and crucial language skills. From buying to setting up a meeting, telling the time, or telling someone your mobile number – numbers are everywhere. So, let’s solve the puzzle and find out what happens following “Ikk, do, hor tinn” (1, 2, and 3).

What Are The Punjabi Numbers?

NumbersNumeral In PunjabiPunjabi Numbers Pronunciation
2ਦੋ do
6ਛੇ che
7ਸੱਤ satt
8ਅੱਠ aṭh
9ਨੌੰ nauṃ
10੧੦ਦੱਸ dass
11੧੧ਗਿਆਰਾਂ giārāṃ
12੧੨ਬਾਰਾਂ bārāṃ
13੧੩ਤੇਰਾਂ tērāṃ
14੧੪ਚੌਦਾਂ chaudāṃ
17੧੭ਸਤਾਰਾਂ satārāṃ
18੧੮ਅਠਾਰਾਂ aṭhārāṃ
19੧੯ਉਨੀ unnī
21੨੧ਇੱਕੀ ikkī
22੨੨ਬਾਈ bāī
23੨੩ਤੇਈ tēī
24੨੪ਚੌਵੀ chauvī
25੨੫ਪੱਚੀ pachchī
26੨੬ਛੱਬੀ chhabbī
27੨੭ਸਤਾਈ satāī
28੨੮ਅਠਾਈ aṭhāī
29੨੯ਉਣੱਤੀ uṇttī
30੩੦ਤੀਹ tīh
34੩੪ਚੌਂਤੀ chauntī
35੩੫ਪੈਂਤੀ paintī
36੩੬ਛੱਤੀ chhattī
37੩੭ਸੈਂਤੀ saintī
38੩੮ਅਠੱਤੀ aṭhttī
39੩੯ਉਣਤਾਲ਼ੀ uṇttī
40੪੦ਚਾਲੀ cālī
50੫੦ਪੰਜਾਹ paṃjāh
70੭੦ਸੱਤਰ sattar
80੮੦ਅੱਸੀ assī
1,000੧੦੦੦ਹਜਾਰ hajār
100,000੧੦੦੦੦੦ਲੱਖ lakhkh
1 million੧੦੦੦੦੦੦ਦੱਸ ਲੱਖdass lakhkh
10 million੧੦੦੦੦੦੦੦ਕਰੋੜ crore
Ordinal Punjabi Numbers

Ordinal Numbers In Punjabi

Ordinal numbers are numbers that represent the exact location of something or someone. If the number of objects/people is stated in a list, the order of the objects/people is determined by ordinals. The Punjabi adjective words used to indicate the order of anything are first, second, third, fourth, and so on.

Ordinal NumbersPunjabiPronunciation
1st/ FirstਪਹਿਲਾਂPahilāṁ
2nd/ SecondਦੂਜਾDūjā
3rd/ ThirdਤੀਜਾTījā
4th/ FourthਚੌਥਾCauthā
5th/ FifthਪੰਜਵਾਂPajavāṁ
6th/ SixthਛੇਵਾਂChēvāṁ
7th/ SeventhਸੱਤਵਾਂSatavāṁ
8th/ EighthਅੱਠਵਾਂAṭhavāṁ
9th/ NinthਨੌਵਾਂNauvāṁ
10th/ TenthਦਸਵਾਂDasavāṁ
11th/ Eleventhਗਿਆਰ੍ਹਵੀਂGi’ār’havīṁ
12th/ Twelfthਬਾਰ੍ਹਵਾਂBār’havāṁ
13th/ Thirteenthਤੇਰ੍ਹਵਾਂTēr’havāṁ
14th/ Fourteenthਚੌਦ੍ਹਵਾਂCaud’havāṁ
15th/ FifteenthਪੰਦਰਵਾਂPadaravāṁ

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