6 Best Malay Online Courses To Try In 2024!

Best Malay Online Courses

One of my friends visited Malaysia a year ago. Among the two of us, she’s the ‘number geek’ while I’m the ‘language nerd.’ So, I was evidently surprised to learn that she confidently cruised through her two-week sojourn in Malaysia without major language hiccups. How? “Because I had the good sense to stock up on basic phrases, thanks to some of the best Malay online courses,” she chimed.

Now, if someone as linguistically challenged as my friend can be saved by these online language courses, I’m pretty sure anyone and everyone can too! So, in this roundup, we at Ling are going to take a look at the top five online courses to learn the Malay language in all its glory.

CoursePrice Starting AtBest For
LingFree; $14.99/monthBest Gamified Course
Preply$5 to $35 per hourBest For Malay Tutors
50 Languages MalayFreeBest For Travelers
17 Minute Languages$25Best For Short Daily Lessons
Learn101 MalayFreeBest For Beginners
iTalki$5 to $10 per hourBest For Live Classes

1. Ling: Best Gamified Course

If you’re looking for a fun yet effective way to learn Malay, look no further than the Ling app. Sure, it’s not what you’d call a “traditional course,” instead, it aims to teach you Malay (and 60+ other languages!) in a way that makes the experience very engaging and much less daunting.

With exercises that focus on all four language skills –speaking, listening, writing, and reading– Ling ensures a holistic learning experience. What’s more, you’ll be able to perfect your pronunciation by listening to native speaker audio and conversing with an AI chatbot.

Ling’s courses have 50 units divided by proficiency: beginner, intermediate, upper intermediate, advanced, and expert. As a cherry on top, lessons have been designed along with native speakers, and the platform particularly excels with Eastern European and Asian languages.

Transform Your Malay Skills in a Week – Get the Ling App Today!

Stand Out Features

  1. The Ling app’s gamified teaching method uses various exercises to keep you engaged while you learn. Furthermore, leaderboards and experience points (banana points!) make things more competitive.
  2. The review section will allow you to go over all vocabulary and dialogues at the end of each lesson. This means that if you ever stop learning for a while (no judgment on our part!), you won’t have to take all the lessons again.
  3. Ling also offers a free language blog in which you’ll find tons of articles relating not only to the Malay language and culture, but to cultures from all over the world.


  • Free version with beginner lessons.
  • Monthly: $14.99
  • Yearly: $79.99
  • Lifetime access (one-time purchase): $149.99

Devices: Android, iOS, web.

2. 50 Languages Malay: Best For Travelers

True to its name, 50 Languages offers courses in many languages, including Malay. The platform’s courses target Malay vocabulary, grammar, pronunciation, and essential conversational phrases useful for everyday situations. It also frequently integrates audio recordings, which means you can improve your speaking and listening skills.

What’s more, 50 languages provides lessons in several language pairs. This means that even if you’re not an English speaker, you can study Malay from languages as diverse as Persian, Bulgarian, Catalan, or even Kannada.

Stand Out Features

  1. The platform has many phrasebooks and audio clips that are voiced by native Malay speakers.
  2. All learning materials are free of cost, which will surely be appreciated by language learners on a budget.
  3. It also includes a few games like memo and crossword puzzles for some languages, which can make your learning a bit more interactive.


  • All learning materials are free, but you’ll see ads and have no access to tests.
  • Silver plan, with no ads and no access to tests:
    • $3.00 per month
    • $6.00 per six months
    • $8.00 per year
  • Gold plan, with no ads and access to tests:
    • $5.00 per month
    • $8.00 per six months
    • $12.00 per year

Devices: Android, iOS.

best Malay online courses

3. Preply: Best For Malay Tutors

Preply has been around for some time as a dependable language-learning platform. It caters to language learners of all levels and by providing them with direct contact with tutors. At the moment, Preply has a few Malay tutors on its panel who offer a 50-minute lesson in a single session. You need to keep in mind, though, that Preply doesn’t directly offer the Malay language as an option. You’ll have to choose “Indonesian” and then find tutors whose description indicates they teach Malay.

Stand Out Features

  1. Tutors on Preply tailor Malay lessons to individual language learning objectives, ensuring that students can concentrate on their unique needs and aspirations.
  2. On the platform, you’ll find many Malay tutors who are experts not only in the language but also in Malaysian culture.
  3. The platform’s flexibility allows you to find lessons that fit your schedule, so even the busiest learners can make time to learn.


  • $5 to $35 per hour, depending on the tutor and their expertise level.

Devices: Android, iOS, web.

4. iTalki: Best For Live Classes

iTalki can be an excellent choice for Malay language learners who prefer live lessons. The platform lets you find your ideal Malay tutor through filters such as lesson type, available time, and whether the teacher is a native speaker, and it has the option to choose between professional teachers and community tutors. In a few minutes, you’ll be all set to say hi to your new Malay teacher.

What’s more, a feature that makes iTalki particularly appealing is the option to have a trial lesson with the teacher. This allows you to gauge your compatibility with them before committing any further.

Stand Out Features

  1. With iTalki, you can access teachers from different countries and with different proficiency levels. Each has its own teaching methods, so you have the freedom to choose which one works best for you.
  2. Scheduling lessons on iTalki is very flexible, so it’s perfect for learners with a busy schedule.
  3. iTalki’s one-on-one method means lessons are customized to the strengths, weaknesses, and objectives of each student. This is ideal for those who want a personalized learning experience.


  • The Malay tutors on iTalki charge anywhere between $5 to $10 for an hour-long Malay class.

Devices: Android, iOS, and Web.

5. 17 Minute Languages: Best For Short Daily Lessons

17 Minute Languages‘ Malay course is specially designed for users with busy schedules who can’t dedicate much time to learning. After all, as the name suggests, the course’s lessons are designed to take only 17 minutes per day. What’s more, it frequently integrates multimedia, quizzes, and interactive exercises to make things more engaging.

Stand Out Features

  1. The site’s short, daily lessons are perfect for people who can’t commit much time to language learning.
  2. The courses focus on all language skills: speaking, listening, reading, and writing, giving students a well-rounded language learning experience.
  3. It also has progress-tracking features so learners can see how far they’ve come and adapt their studies if needed.


  • Malaysian Beginner’s Course: $25
  • Malaysian Complete Package (Beginner’s Course + Travel Course): $46

Devices: Web.

best Malay online courses

6. Learn101 Malay: Best For Beginners

Learn101 provides free language learning materials in many languages, including Malay, with short and pretty straightforward lessons. They cover all fundamental aspects of the Malay language, such as vocabulary, greetings, and basic grammatical concepts.

In addition, Learn101 offers a phrasebook that’s quite useful if you’re traveling to Malaysia and seek practical phrases to get by without any hiccups. And finally, their content is very user-friendly, with standard text lessons and audio recordings, which can work well for learners who prefer a more traditional approach.

Stand Out Features

  1. The website’s simple and basic interface is easy to navigate. It’s ideal for those who prefer self-directed learning. All you need to do is log in and start your lesson.
  2. It also has a clear and user-friendly format for the lessons, making them easier to understand.
  3. Since it has a self-paced model, learners have the liberty to complete the course on their own time, with no pressure whatsoever.


  • The platform offers all materials for free.

Devices: Web.

best Malay online courses

Why Learn The Malay Language Online?

If you’ve ever considered learning a new language, let me tell you why picking up Malay through online language courses is a brilliant idea. First off, online Malay courses bring the classroom to your couch, or perhaps to your favorite coffee shop, or wherever your Wi-Fi reaches. No need to commute or stick to a rigid schedule because it’s you who is setting the pace.

Now, picture this: Malaysia, a stunning country with diverse cultures and stunning landscapes, and you are standing at its airport arrival, bursting with excitement to explore this beautiful country. Suddenly, you are accosted by taxi drivers and local vendors. How are you going to respond to them?

Learning Malay will give you the confidence to connect with locals and fully immerse yourself in their way of life. With online lessons, you can grasp the essential vocabulary and phrases in a shorter period of time. Besides, an online Malay course is designed by a language expert and caters to all skill levels, from beginners to advanced learners. So, whether you want to nail down basic Malay words or become fluent, you’re not going to be left high and dry.

And the best part? Malay is the official language in Malaysia, Indonesia, Brunei, and Singapore. By learning it, you’re opening doors to connect with diverse cultures in different countries. Even better, you’re tapping into a vibrant community! With your upgraded language skills in this beautiful language, you can even learn to speak like native Malay speakers.

Learn With One Of The Best Malay Online Courses: Ling

Now that we’ve listed some options for Malay online courses, you’ll have to choose the one that works best for you. If you’re looking for free lessons that will teach you the basics, perhaps Learn101 Malay can help. Or maybe you’d prefer to learn with specialized tutors. Then you could consider iTalki.

But if you’d rather learn Malay with an app that makes the process much more interactive and fun, then I suggest trying out the Ling app. As we mentioned, it uses gamified exercises to develop your language skills in Malay and 60+ other languages. You’ll even find a chatbot to practice your pronunciation with and earn experience points that will motivate you to keep learning.

So don’t wait any longer! Start your Malay learning journey by downloading the Ling app from the App Store or Play Store today!

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