20+ Easy Airport Words In Malay

If you plan to go to Malaysia and sharpen your language skills, this guide to airport words and phrases in the Malay language will definitely come in handy!

Many people are afraid of flying, not only because they have no control over their own safety 35000 feet above the surface of the Earth, but also because they don’t know what to say when people start asking questions, and they just aren’t sure how to answer them. If you are a flyer, you know that every word matters and the words and phrases that you know (or don’t know) on your trips can be all-too-crucial to your safety and comfort during the flight.

However, the airline industry is filled with a lot of slang and macro jargon that can be difficult to stay on top of when learning new words on your own. Therefore, we’ve researched and compiled a list of common words and phrases used in the airline industry into this easy-to-follow guide, paired with an explanation of their meaning in the Malay language.

Buckle up, and let’s get started!


Words You’ll Hear At the Airport

You might think that one word could be enough to describe an airport. The truth is that airports can be extremely complex entities, and it can be challenging to find the right word or a combination of words in your second language to describe it. People from different backgrounds come together in this special place, and we’re sure that there are a few words and phrases that you’ll probably notice everyone saying at the check-in desk or while passing through the security check that you might not understand. We have found that these are some of the most commonly used Malay words and phrases related to airports.

airport codekod lapangan terbang
arrival areakawasan ketibaan
boarding passpas masuk
connecting flightpenerbangan sambungan
inbound/outboundmasuk / keluar
airlinesyarikat penerbangan
seattempat duduk kapal terbang
flight attendantpramugari
flight crewkrew penerbangan
airplanekapal terbang
planekapal terbang
aircraftkapal terbang
cabin crewkrew kabin
international airport/airportsLapangan Terbang Antarabangsa
gatepintu gerbang
check-indaftar masuk
gate agentejen pintu


Phrases You’ll Hear At The Airport

Traveling between airports can be a tedious and nerve-wracking experience. That’s why it’s helpful to know the most common phrases you’ll hear at the airport. We will walk you through the list of different expressions in the Malay language that you’ll probably encounter while traveling around this beautiful country.

At the Check-In Counter

Whether it’s for a layover if you’re flying domestically or for a connecting flight if you’re flying internationally, there’s always the question of what to say when your boarding passes are ready. You have to navigate your way through long queues, baggage claims, and TSA checkpoints. To make those things a bit easier, check the table below for the most commonly used phrases you’ll hear at the check-in desk in an airport.

“May I have your passport, please?“Boleh saya minta pasport awak?”
“May I have your ticket, please?”“Boleh saya minta tiket awak?”
“Where are you flying today?”“Kamu terbang ke mana hari ini?”
“Would you like to check any bags?”“Adakah anda ingin memeriksa sebarang beg?”
“Would you like a window seat or an aisle/corridor seat?”“Adakah anda mahu kerusi tingkap atau kerusi lorong?”
“Your seat number is..”“Nombor tempat duduk awak ialah..”
“Your flight leaves from the gate…”“Penerbangan anda bertolak dari pintu pagar…”
“Here is your boarding pass.”“Ini pas masuk awak.”

At The Security Gate

You are required to remove your laptop, travel coat, and shoes, place them on the conveyor belt and walk through the metal detector. You will be asked to empty your pockets and remove your belt so that the security guard can search for any metal objects with his metal detector.

To make this experience a bit less painful, check out the list of the most common phrases you will hear going through security at the airport.

“Please, lay your bags on the conveyor belt.”“Tolong, letakkan beg anda di atas tali pinggang penghantar.”
“Do you have anything in your pockets?”“Awak ada apa-apa dalam poket awak?”
“Please, step back. ““Tolong, berundur.”
“Thank you, and please come through.”“Terima kasih, sila datang.”

On The Plane

“I don’t know what’s going on – my phone was working fine, and now it won’t” or “It’s fine, it’s just the turbulence” are just some of the things that you might hear on any plane.

As long as you’re cool with not having your earplugs in and being asked to turn off your electronics, you will not escape from these phrases, as they’re all pretty common.

“Please, put your seat in the upright position.”“Sila, letak tempat duduk anda dalam kedudukan tegak”
“Please, fasten your seatbelt.”“Tolong, pasangkan tali pinggang keledar kamu.”
“Please, turn off all the electronic devices.”“Sila, matikan semua peranti elektronik.”
“Would you like something to drink?”“Anda ingin minum?”
“There is no smoking on the plane.”“Tiada merokok di dalam pesawat.”


The Funny Story Of Airports

If you’re feeling a bit jet-lagged after all the traveling, hard learning with Ling App, and chatting with natives in Malaysia, but you’re up for a laugh at the same time, you’re in the right place. That’s because, as it turns out, there are a lot of ridiculous things going on at airports. They range from an airport employee who forgot his pants at a TSA pre-check checkpoint to even passengers who had their drinks spiked with laxatives during in-flight meals. From strange people to depressing announcements, we’ll share some of the weirdest things that happened at airports worldwide at the end of this (hopefully helpful) article.

Do Planes Need Engines To Fly?

Not so long ago, a woman filed a complaint against a Canadian airline company for trying to convince her that planes need engines to fly. Who would have thought?

Peacocks Are Not Allowed

Again, a few years ago, a young lady attempted to bring her peacock, Dexter – onto the US Airlines plane. She even tried to purchase a second ticket for the peacock. Still, unfortunately, because “the animal didn’t meet airline’s guidelines for several reasons,” the request was denied, and they had to drive to their final destination.

Baby On Board

So, what do you do with your child when your shoelace unties as you’re going through the airport security check? Naturally, you put the baby in the airport security tray on the conveyor belt, heading toward the X-ray machine. This mum was lucky, though, because the airport security timely removed the baby from the tray, reminding her that only laptops, phones, and change go through the machine – not babies.

“Luke, Am I Your Father?”

Talking about warm welcomes and happy endings, we’ve got a story you shouldn’t miss. In 2016, a lady at the Florida airport was seen carrying a sign saying, “Welcome, Jimmy! It’s your baby, and you can’t ignore me forever!”

Golden Scalp

A man in India was caught trying to smuggle 2lbs of gold under his wig at the Cochin international airport in India. A head-scratching incident, indeed! An incident like this is rare, but it might happen more often now that travelers have grown accustomed to metal detectors that help security personnel find luggage that may contain forbidden items.


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